Week of April 22nd-26th

Please do not forget to complete four lessons of Zearn this week

We will have a math quiz on volume on Friday.

River rouge water Festival permission slip’s are due this Friday

Please make sure to bring in baby pictures as soon as possible with the bottom portion thank you

Earth Day t-shirts are on sale until May 8th.  The cost is $6.00 per shirt and must be paid in cash only.  Please send in the correct amount of money as the school does not have change.

Penny Wars is this week from April 22-26.

Students who sold Little Caesars pizza kits will be able to pick up their orders from the cafeteria this Wednesday, April 24th.

Reminder that we have a Late Start this Wednesday, April 24th.  The first bell will ring at 9:35 a.m.

Reminder that this is our LAST week of MStep testing!!

Our class is in need of Kleenex If you are able to help out and donate a box, it would be greatly appreciated! 


Week of April 15th-18th

Reminder that Spring Pictures are tomorrow (Tuesday).

This week and until the end of the year students are required to complete 4 lesson a week on Zearn.

We begin M-Step testing for math tomorrow- Thursday. Please do not schedule any morning appointments to pull your child out of school for the next two weeks so your child will be able to complete the test on time.

On Thursday service and safety (only) will be going to the Tigers game from 12 to 4:30pm

Thank you to the chaperones that are coming with us a note will be going home today for you. Please make sure to be here Thursday before 12pm.

Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL this Friday, April 19th.


Spring picture tomorrow

Spring Pictures are tomorrow, Tuesday April 16th.  Only students who have pre-paid will have their pictures taken.  Order forms were sent home over a week ago.  If you need another order form, please stop by the office.


Week Of April 8th-12th

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Spring Break!

Students should continue to complete at least 2 lessons on Zearn.org each week.

Students should continue to read for at least 30 minutes every night and fill in their Reading Logs daily.  Reading Logs must be signed by a parent

Students should be filling out their Student Planners every day according to what is displayed on the board.  It is the responsibility of the child to show their planner to a parent, and it is a parent’s responsibility to sign the planner every day.

5th grade will be starting M-Step tomorrow.  Please refrain from scheduling any appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for this week. It is important that students have eaten a healthy breakfast, gotten a good night’s sleep, and are at school on time during these important testing days.


MStep testing

Dear Snow Families

It’s that time of year again! We will begin the M-Step assessment (which is state mandated) after the break. To ensure an optimum testing environment, we need your support. Here are some suggestions:

Ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep

Have your child eat a healthy breakfast

Please get your child to school on time

Send a healthy snack to school with your child

Encourage your child to do their best

We want your child’s M-Step experience to be as relaxed and stress free as possible. Students will not be tested for long periods of time. Testing sessions will be short and breaks will be given as needed.

Fifth graders will begin testing the week of April 8th

Fourth grade will begin the week of April 29th

Third grade will begin testing the week of May 6th

Thank you for your support!

The Snow Team

أولياء أمور طلاب ابتدائية سنو الكرام،

في هذا الوقت من السنة مرة أخرى! سنبدأ تقييم M-Step (امتحان الولاية الأساسي) بعد عطلة الربيع. لضمان بيئة اختبار مثالية ، نحتاج إلى دعمكم. هذه بعض الاقتراحات:

تأكد من حصول طفلك على نوم جيد ليلاً.

اجعل طفلك يتناول وجبة فطور صحية.

يرجى إحضار طفلك إلى المدرسة في الوقت المحدد.

إرسال وجبة خفيفة صحية إلى المدرسة مع طفلك.

شجع طفلك على بذل قصارى جهده.

نريد أن تكون تجربة M-Step لطفلك مريحة وخالية من الإجهاد قدر الإمكان. لن يتم اختبار الطلاب لفترات طويلة من الزمن. ستكون جلسات الاختبار قصيرة وسيتم توفير فترات راحة حسب الحاجة.

سيبدأ طلاب الصف الخامس الاختبار في أسبوع الثامن من نيسان\ أبريل

سيبدأ طلاب الصف الرابع الاختبار في أسبوع التاسع و العشرين من نيسان\ أبريل

سيبدأ طلاب الصف الثالث الاختبار في أسبوع السادس من أيار\ مايو

شكرا لدعمكم!

فريق سنو


Spring Break

Beside Friday reading and math….

There is no homework over Spring Break. I highly encourage students to go on zearn, Iready, reviews their notebook, and quizlet to practice/ prepare for MStep testing.

Testing starts April 9th with ELA.

Thank you for all your help/ support


Morning line up

Good morning,

There are students who are at school prior to 8:25am without supervision.  For the sake of safety, please drop your child off no earlier than 8:25am.  There is no ball playing before school. If your child comes for breakfast, please make sure they go straight to the cafeteria no earlier than 8:15am.  Thank you in advance.  

Have a safe Spring Break.

Thank you,

Amal Alcodray


Snow School


Week of March 25th- March 29th

Just a reminder there is no school April 1 through the 5th for Spring Break.

Just reminder all missing work is due tomorrow. I will not grade any missing assignments after Tuesday March 26th.

There’ll be a science test on Tuesday March 26th.

Reminder that students should be completing at least 2 lessons on Zearn.org per week.

Students should be reading at least 30 minutes every night and filling out their Reading Logs.  Students must do their Reading Bag assignments daily to keep up on class.

There will be no homework over spring break. I do expect everyone to go on zearn and Iready to keep them practicing for our testing when we return.

On Tuesday, April 9 we will be doing our first session of MSTEP testing.

If you received a paper for parent teacher conference, please make sure to sign up on the sign up genius link I sent home. If you did not receive one I do not need to meet with you. I do not have any extra room only the ones that I am requesting to see are the only time slots I have available.