• Picture Day Tomorrow!
  • Diorama due Friday!
  • Box tops due Friday!
  • Dress like a 100 year old person Friday!
  • Fundraising papers coming home today.
  • Spirit week next week (February 29-March 4)- flyer attached:
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Ms. Mohamed

Week of February 22nd

Unit 7  Week 2:  SEASONS

READING: We will be reading: In the yard, A year with bear, Paul Bunyan and the popcorn blizzard, and  How the turtle flew south for the winter.  We will discuss the types of text which include: Expository, Folktale and Fiction.

C.A.F.E. Strategies:


  • Visualize, Identify Setting, Main Idea and Detail


  • CVC words, orally blending words presented in syllable segments.
  • SPELLING WORDS-We’ll work with the “an” family.

   ban   tan   plan   man  and   what   season


  • Adjectives: describing words
  • WORDS-and    What   what
  • LETTERS: Bb Ll 
  • WRITING- We will write about our favorite season and supporting details

SCIENCE: Seasons    Weather    Temperature

MATH: graphing several things

  • continuing to add and subtract fluently from 0-20

SOCIAL STUDIES: Working in Groups on posters about Seasons (cooperation and team building).

**HOME PROJECT**  Your child is to make a diorama about a season and an activity one can do in that season.  They can choose any season. I sent home a note last week. If you did not receive this note please refer to previous post.

This Home Project will be due next Friday, Feb., 26.  You can start working on this right away so the project will be completed on time. (Good Study Skills, Responsibility)

Also happening next week …

FRIDAY, FEB 26  is our 100th day of Kindergarten!!  I will have several thing planned for them to do to celebrate the day.  We thought it would be fun to dress up as  a 100 year old person.  So, check your wardrobes, garage, attic, etc for something to wear on our 100th Day on Friday.

Below is the perfect example:



-Ms. Mohamed

Homework note coming home today!

Homework Project

Due on Friday, February 26, 2016

Next week, your child will focus on the Seasons. Your child will need to make a diorama of their favorite season and activity.

Examples include: a day at the beach for summer, building snowman for winter, raking leaves for fall or gardening for spring. You may be as creative as you like. Use materials you have available at home. Please have your child label their diorama with their name and their season.

pic 3pic1pic2pic4

Have Fun!!

Ms. Mohamed




Week of February 16th


Literacy Unit: We will start a new unit!  Unit 7 WEATHER: KINDS OF WEATHER.

READING: A Rainy Day, weather poems, The frog and the Locust

C.A.F.E Strategies:

COMPREHENSION: Visualize, Identify Main Idea and Details

ACCURACY: Rhyming, word family, beginning and ending sounds, CVC patterns in words

FLUENCY & EXPANDING VOCABULARY: Sight words, letter identification and their sounds

WORDS: This   this    Do  do

LETTERS: E  e  (short e sound, like in “egg”)

SPELLING WORDS: bed  red   fled  led  this  do  Bonus word: weather

WRITING: We will be creating a weather report project. We will choose our favorite weather and write information about it.  The sentence stems are: My favorite weather is ____. The temperature is ___ degrees. It feels _____ outside. I like to ____ in this weather.

MATH: We will be working with the 100 chart, filling in missing numbers, making patterns, etc.  You can make your own grid at home so your child can practice numbers from 0-100. We will also be creating graphs and surveys using pictures, tally marks and bars.

Keep counting money too!  Dimes, nickels, and pennies…count, count, count.

SCIENCE:We will work with Landforms, mountains, rivers, etc.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue exploring and creating maps!

Looking ahead…

Next week (Feb. 22-26) our reading unit theme will be SEASONS.  Students will have a home work assignment of making a diorama of their favorite season.  Shoe boxes work great for the dioramas.  I will talk with the students this week and the dioramas will be due Thurs., Feb. 25.  More details this week.

Also, Fri., Feb 26 will be the 100th day of Kindergarten.  We thought the kids might enjoy dressing up as a 100 year old person.   Please don’t go out and buy anything special for this. Just wanted to let you start thinking about this.


  • Homework is due Tuesday. No homework will be sent home this week. Diorama home project information will be coming home this Thursday.
  • Spelling Test is this Friday (even though we have a short week, the children are doing great).

-Ms. Mohamed

Week of February 8th

REVIEW WEEK: Literacy Unit: Celebrations in Neighborhoods and Community Workers

Reading: Alicia’s Happy Day, Elves and the Shoemaker, Is this the job for you?, Why is the moon in the sky and Valentine’s Day stories

Writing: “For You” heart book. We will discuss things that will make us happy and create a book with sentence stem: “This___is for you.” It will be in a shape of a heart.

Spelling words: split, pit, hit, for we, see

Letters of the week: Review (Hh, Dd, Rr)

Word Family: -it (bit, hit, fit, kit, lit, pit, sit, wit, zit, split, slit)

Math: It’s all about coins. We will review the value of pennies, nickels and dimes. We will count coins with similar values and combine different coins and write its value. We will be adding using coins. Students need to know numbers 0-100. Students will need to know how to count by 5’s and 10’s to 100. So we will continue to practice for those who struggle. Please complete number charts that will be coming home if not complete.

Science: We will continue to discover and investigate landforms and document in our science journals. We will look at mountains, rivers,

Social Studies: We will continue to create a maps and explore different types of maps. We review compass rose and map keys. We will practice using a map and move within a map. We will differentiate among  globes and maps.

Important Reminders:

  • Late Start: Wednesday, February 10th
  • St. Valentines Day Party: Thursday, February 11th- for those who are interested in sharing valentines, we have 27 students (15 girls, 12 boys)
  • No school/Mid-Winter Break: Friday-Monday (February 12th-15th); return to school Tuesday, February 16th