November Dates

November 14–  Hungary Howie Pizza Fundraiser Due

November 2o & 21- Little and Mini Scholar’s Thanksgiving Feast

November 22, 23, 24-  School Closed for Thanksgiving Break

November 27-  Money for  Curious George Play in March due

November 27-  Ages and Stages Assesment due

May News Letter

Dear Parents,
Your students have been very busy the last couple of weeks.  This month we have been learning how flowers and plants grow. We  planted seeds and flowers of our own for Mother’s Day. The students were able to plant the seeds mix the dirt and water their seeds each time they came to class.
We have also been learning about farm animals as well. The sounds they make and what types of animals live at the farm. The students are very excited for their up coming trip.
After a long winter we finally have nice weather and the students have been excited to go outside.  We have participated in many gross motor activities outside such as picking flowers and nature walks around the school. We have also brought a little bit of our classroom outside as well. We have done this by doing music and story time with students outdoors as well as some of our art projects and worksheets.
The students have also been practicing songs for their end of the year graduation. The students have been working hard and are very excited to have their families come next week for the graduation celebration.
We have enjoyed working with your families this school year 🙂 We  wish all of you a great summer!!
May 22- 1:30 Graduation/Picnic
May 25- Field Trip/Heritage Farm
May 26 & 28- No school
June 2nd Last Day
Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Naamat

Upcoming Dates

May 22- Little Scholars Graduation and picnic 1:30 (Howard)

May 23- Mini Scholars picnic 12:45 ( Howard)

May 25- Field Trip to Petting Farm (Howard & Snow)

May 26&29th- No school (Howard & Snow)

June 1- Mini Scholars last day of school

June 2- Little Scholars last day of school (Howard)

June 2- Little Scholars last day of school and graduation/picnic (Snow)

Welcome to iBlog

Welcome to iBlog Teacher Websites Sites. This is your brand new classroom website.  There are some things you should do to get started.  Hopefully you have been following the Getting Started Tutorials and Step Sheets.

It is important that you edit your profile so that you can choose your school and grade level as this will help parents and students find your website.  Look for the link in the upper right when you are logged in.