Sunday May 31


This week’s assignment is related to your Favorite Mentor or Impressionable Figure. Choose a Teacher/ Coach/ Mom or Dad/ Employer that impressed you by being helpful, a person who listened, funny in their efforts while teaching, taught you something you never thought you could learn, scared you with their strict rules/ routines or something else that highlights their personality or style. This person could be from kindergarten through high school.

Think “HOW” is this person important in your life. What “valuable lesson” did you learn from them?

What “ROLE” would they play if they were in a comic book. What would their name be?

What “SPECIAL POWER” would they have if they were a super hero or villain… Anime style. Research Anime/ Comic Books etc. to find exapmles.

For Instance: I might be MSK — and have paint brushes for hands and my side kick fairy angel could be BOB ROSS sitting on my shoulder!!! We could make the world a pretty place by painting houses that come to life to help homeless people!! HAHA

Describe in words, a few sentences about this person and ideas related to their super hero character on the Tuesday Thoughts Assignment. May 2

Draw your person with how they would look as this character in a comic book for the Friday Final upload on June 5.

All assignments are in Google Classroom


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