Hello Everyone!

Glad to Welcome more students to the classroom.

Today I will look over all the work from the past 4 weeks and input grades into MiStar. They are at the moment “ungraded” in Google Classroom detailing if completed, partially completed, or missing, with feedback to everyone.

Students will receive the ART ROOM rubric in Mi Star:
4 — completed all the activity thoughtfully.
3 — completed most of the activity. One Area is missing
2 — completed some of the activity. Two Areas are missing
1 — started but incomplete activity. Most Areas are missing
0 — no evidence of activity. All Areas are blank.

In the Upcoming Weeks it is very Important to participate in the activities in order for the gradebook to show that you have been actively learning in the classroom.

The final grades determined at the end of the semester will be based on a district rubric to receive credit in the class.

I will use your grades in the class to show evidence of progression and learning within my google classroom and record in Mi Star to calculate your participation and growth.

I will begin to have Google Meets next week to see your lovely faces and discuss this to answer all questions.

I will update all of you on the final district calculation of grades on Sunday.

Please be safe, well, and happy. Continue being active and there is no reason you can’t go back and complete past work!! Please do!

Virtual Hugs! Love and Miss all of YOU

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