Wednesday March 25

All Classes: Sculpture/ Paint and Draw/ Advanced

Please continue reading the Stream located in Google Classroom for announcements of new assignments and examples for exercises to be completed.

All Exercises to be completed are under the Classroom Assignment Tab in Google Classroom.

Sculpture Today: Continue completing yesterday’s assignment and turn in, using the submit button. Also, continue collecting a variety of papers– For example –Recycled News paper, mail flyers, different scribbled on used sketchbook or notebook paper, random papers that have color or different lines present. YOU WILL NEED THIS PILE OF PAPERS FOR THURSDAY’S WORK> Examples will be uploaded to classwork page.

Paint and Draw/ Advanced– refer to one of the images you uploaded for your house textures. Use one image and practice drawing this image using 5 different types of LINES to create VALUE SHADE For example: I will use hatch, diagonal lines, cross hatch, stipple, and scribble to practice re-creating my image of Baxter’s cat today. Examples will be uploaded to classwork page.

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