Yikes! Are you Confused?

If you are having trouble with Part Two of the VTS Assignment I am Adding some Clarification.

The Second portion of this exercise I use the same image located on the top of the assignment.

There is a LINK detailing information about the Painting and what Museum it is located within. VISIT the website and learn more about the artist and discover the original intention of the piece.

We you surprised by the information?

Did you see the elements the artist showed in his work

How do you view THIS ACTION today?

What would be your Favorite style of the ACTION.

Discus your thought on modern day styles, what is your favorite.. where is it seen.. street, family gathering, online, etc.

After you decide choose one image– from a magazine, personal drawing, book, video (school appropriate), etc. That illustrates this action in society today.. or modern times.

Have Fun!!

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