Lunch for the week of October 14th

Monday, October 14th: Cheese Qusadilla and Grilled Cheese

Tuesday October 15th: Fish Nuggets and Ants on a Log Power Pack(sunbutter,celery,string cheese, graham crackers)

Wednesday, October 16th: Veggie Pizza and Salad Bar

Thursday, October 17th: Beefy Bean Enchiladas and Veggie Ranch Wrap

Friday, October 18th: All Beef Hot Dog and Mediterranean Hummus and Homemade Chips

Lunch Next Week

Monday, October 7th: Macaroni&Cheese and Tuna Salad Sub

Tuesday, October 8th: Beef Hamburger and Nacho’s

Wednesday, October 9th: Stir Fry Vegetable Beef Lo-Mein and Chicken Sandwich

Thursday, October 10th: Cheese Pizza and Beef Taco

Friday, October 11th: Please Bring your Child a Lunch, the Cafeteria will be CLOSED!