Digital Online Learning For Music!

Hello Everyone!

Check out the link on my iBlog for digital online learning links for music. Music Play Online has excellent music games to continue your music reading skills, DSO Replay has amazing videos of performances, Chrome Music Lab has fun ways to create/explore music. And each of these sites has so much more!

William Ford Third Grade Lyrics for Concert

Attached is the link for power point slides for all of the 3rd Grade concert pieces at William Ford for 2019 except for “Great Big House”. Please use these to review and practice at home!

“Oh My Darlin’ Clementine”-

“Fifty Nifty”-¬†

“This Land is Your Land”-¬†


Welcome to iBlog

Welcome to Ms. Adkins Music Classroom!

I will be teaching at William Ford Elementary, Long Elementary and Salina Intermediate. I am so excited to meet you and make music with you this year!

I graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelors in Vocal Music Education, and did part of my student teaching in Dearborn Public Schools so I know how wonderful the community is!

I am looking forward to a wonderful and musical school year