Agenda for the week

Reading/writing  We are learning to write by drawing a picture and labeling it.  We are learning to stretch out our words and write down the sounds we hear. Please help your child to  listen for the beginning sounds of the words when they are writing at home.  Please keep the ABC chart out when you are practicing writing with your child.  It shows how to write all of the capital and lowercase letters. We are learning about sight words.  This week’s word was to.  We wrote sentences with the word to. Please practice writing sentences with the word to at home. We are learning to use sight words in our writing.  We are learning to read sight words in our books.  We know I, a, the, and, see, like, my, am, to,can

Math    We are working on composing and decomposing numbers and number bonds.

Social  Studies  We are learning about our government.

Science   We are learning about plants and recycling.

Please make sure to empty the green folders each night! It is very difficult and time consuming to locate homework or important notes when the folder is full of papers from the day before. Remember to initial the communication

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