Tiger Game

Hello Families,

I want to make sure you understand that students will need to be picked up from the school and not from the stadium.  This is a FUN field trip and we are hoping for good weather.  More information will come next week.

Take Care,

Mrs. Jen Venis

Field Trip to Lansing

There is a note in your child’s backpack about the trip.   Please have your child here by 7:15 am. We leave at 7:20 am to start our tour at 9:00 am.  Pack a disposable lunch, have the student’s name and teacher’s name on the bag.  Students can bring sling backpacks, the lightweight ones.   They can bring a camera to take pictures, however Ipads, gameboys etc are not allowed.  Students should wear comfortable shoes, we will be walking around the Capitol Building and the Museum.   Should be a FUN DAY!!!


Lansing Field Trip / Math Test Monday

Good evening families,

We will be going to Lansing on March 29th.  Sorry, I forgot to fill in the date before I made copies.  Please excuse the typo, we are not going to the Creature Conservancy.  After three sets of eyes reading it and we all missed it.

We will be leaving at 7:20 am to be there by 9:00.  While we are there, we will be visiting The Capitol Building and get to see where our governor works with the senators and representatives.  Also, our class will tour Michigan’s History Museum and make connections to our learning in social studies.   The tours will go until about 1:30-1:45, so we can get back to school by 3:30.

Looking forward to the adventure!

Monday is our Module 4 Math Test on Area.  The study guide they have to do over the weekend is similar to the assessment.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs. Jen Venis