The five STAND Program Components

  1. Leadership and Skill Development: This component is designed to enhance social competencies that, in turn, will decrease acceptance of and involvement in school violence and drug use.
  2. Community Service: “The greatest mistake of all is to do nothing if you can only do a little.” Sir John Golding
  3. Parent Participation: We encourage parents and other caring adults to take part in all of our STAND activities. Parents are our students’ first teachers and we want them to experience the essence of STAND so that they may reinforce the STAND commitment at home.
  4. Social Activities: FUN is a key motivator in the STAND program. With the assistance of the coordinator, leaders, mentors, community leaders, parents, and students ENJOY activities that focus on Character Education and the Core Values. STAND also provides opportunities for students to have fun while learning invaluable lessons.
  5. Personal Safety: “Sticks and Stones Will Break Your Bones, But Words Will Break Your Heart” STAND promotes kindness, antibullying and teasing, the Core Values, and the Golden Rule:

Treat Others the Way You Want To Be Treated