Stone Soup tomorrow

Thank you to those that volunteered to help for tomorrow as well as those bringing in extra supplies. There will be no snack needed tomorrow-we will eat our soup and the fixings with it! Here is the list of students and what they have volunteered to bring:
Hussam: Green beans
Zineb: Pita bread/hummous
Fatima: corn
Mia: cookies
Mohammed: mixed veggies
Ayaa: potatoes
Zayna: Potatoes
Ramez: brownie bites
Julia F. 2 boxes capri suns
Rami: Italian bread
Lila: 1 large V8 juice
Tyler: fruit tray
Dylan: green beans
Ali: potatoes
Yousef: dessert
Ibrahim: corn
Laura: carrots
Julia S.: peas
Gabriella: mixed vegetable
Adam: potatoes
Aladdin: dinner rolls
Reem: green beans
Mahdi: Carrots

Please buy either canned or frozen veggies! Thank you so much again!!
Mrs. P.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party Notes:
Tomorrow is our Halloween party! I just wanted to let you know what the plan is for tomorrow!
Parent helpers may come in at 11:40
12:00-1:00 crafts, bingo, and games-all are welcome
1:05-1:50 We have technology in our room
1:50-2:30 We will have veggies, fruit, and a treat. Students may pass out candy or treats if they would like to bring some in. (parents are not needed for this part of the party)
2:45 Line up for Halloween parade. Parents may watch from the sidewalk. We will be circling around the school weather permitting!
Students may wear a costume if they would like. Please remember that we do have gym tomorrow so send in appropriate shoes. Please no masks or weaponry associated with costumes.
Thanks so much!!
Mrs. P.



Tuesday Updates

Good morning!!
A lot of paperwork went home last night. Please look over your student’s emergency card and make any corrections or changes. Then please send that back to school. The social studies paper is about a place in our community. Examples could be places like Hype, Levagood Park, places where students like to go in our community. This is not due until Wednesday. Our spelling words for this week are ai and ay vowel combinations. The words are: main, wait, jay, play, train, gain, stay, stray, plain and hay. I will also include a picture from the board yesterday of how we are breaking apart our numbers in math to find the differences in numbers on Class DoJo. We are counting by ones, tens and hundreds to get to our target numbers. Thanks for all that you do! I will be posting a sign up genius for our class Halloween party later today!

Beautiful Tuesday!

What a beautiful day! We are finishing up Module 2 in math and will be taking a few days to review the concepts. I will send home a study guide on Thursday and the test will be next Monday. Our spelling words this week are based on long/short u sounds. The words are: cut, cute, cub, cube, jump, funny, four, under, put, and use. I sent home a letter today talking about our parent meeting for 2nd grade this Thursday, October 10 in the media center beginning at 7:50 am and ending around 8:20am. Students are welcome but please be sure that they have a book or an electronic device to keep them entertained. We hope to see you there!
Thanks for all that you do and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day:-)
Mrs. P.

Weekly Updates

Good afternoon!

Here are the spelling words for this week. I am so sorry that I forgot to include the words on the tic tac toe board. Math tests went well today-I hope to get them back to the students by Wednesday. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Spelling List 4

  1. did
  2. fin
  3. rip
  4. fine
  5. pick
  6. hike
  7. went
  8. into
  9. must
  10. were

Mrs. P.

Hello September

Good afternoon!!

We have our first homework assignment which is a spelling tic tac toe board. It is not due until Friday. I also sent home a tentative schedule for specials for this year. Hope everyone had a great long weekend!!!

Tentative Schedule for Room 27

Monday:  Lunch 11:15-11:53

               Art 1:05-1:50   Snack 2:00

Tuesday:  Music 8:55-9:40

                Lunch 11:15-11:53   Snack 2:00

Wednesday: Lunch 11:15-11:53

                    Media 1:05-1:50

Thursday: Gym 10:30-11:15  Wear gym shoes

                 Lunch 11:15-11:53

                 Technology 1:05-1:50

Friday:  Music 9:45-10:30

              Lunch 11:15-11:53

              Spelling Test!

Welcome to Room 27!!

It has been a great start to second grade!! Thank you so much for the school supplies and for bringing the OWL folders back and forth! I will send home a list of the special schedules as soon as it is finalized. Please contact me via email or through the blog if you have any questions. I will also be setting up my Class DOJO later this week!! Thanks again and I am so excited for a wonderful year in second grade!!

Mrs. Polidori