Suggested Weekly Schedule for March 30-April 3

Good Evening!!

I have shared a suggested template for lessons and activities for work and play for this coming week (March 30-April 3). There is also a fun virtual spirit week that you can participate in as well if you would like too! Please understand that this is just a suggestion of activities to keep your student learning and active during this time. Thank you so very much for your help and for all of your patience and hard work!! I miss you!! Open the link below for this weeks assignments!

Mrs. P 🙂

Suggested Weekly Schedule for March 23-27

Good Evening!!! The link is now shareable!!

I have shared a suggested template of lesson and activities for work and play for this coming week (March 23-27). Please understand that this is just a suggestion of activities to keep your student learning and active during this time. The time frames suggested are to keep your students on a schedule similar to our school day. Obviously with your own individual family commitments this is just to help try to keep our students consistent with their regular school day! Thank you so very much for your help and for all of your patience during this time!! I miss you!! Open the link below for this weeks’ assignments.

Mrs. P 🙂

Some Additional Resources:-)

Please see Class Dojo for a schedule for this week’s assignments that can be completed. These are some additional resources and a technology survey from Mr. Short:-)
Check out Second Grade Fun Art Assignments from Mrs. Buenting 🙂 Post your projects for me to see!!

Remote Learning

2nd grade Parents,

Here are some resources, lessons, and activities that I would like your child to work on during this time away from school. It is important that they are still reading, writing, and doing Math over this next month. They have shown so much growth and progress this year, I don’t want to jeopardize how far they’ve come. Please contact me at any time, for any reason through Class Dojo, or email. I will be in touch weekly through blog, and dojo. Please take care of your family, we are hoping everyone stays healthy and that this passes quickly.

Eureka Math

We are in the midst of Module 5- Addition and Subtraction Strategies within 1,000. Please allow your child to log onto Zearn daily, your child’s log-in information is taped inside their Haigh folder or planner.  Most students know how to log-in automatically. I have attached a link for Module 5, that contains the workbook pages and videos of each lesson. We are on Lesson 13, and it goes through Lesson 20 before the end of the module.  Please have your child work on each lesson 13-20, watching the videos, doing the problem set and homework (if possible) and going on Zearn.  When we return, we will move on to Module 6. 

This is the link to all the lessons and videos for Module 5. 

This is the link to the entire Module 5 workbook.



Please allow your child to utilize and log-in to i-Ready each day.  This program is very beneficial and teaches the Common Core standards for Reading with follow up activities after each lesson.  Here are the directions for logging in:

Go to the Dearborn Public Schools webpage, click on Student Portal.  Then click on “Clever” on the left hand side. (It may make them log in here, or when they get to i-ready)  Once in, scroll all the way down and click on the i-Ready icon. Once here, log in with student (EX:, their password is their birthdate.  This is the same student number and password they use on a daily basis to log into their chrome books.  Please make sure to put after the student #.

Read Works 

Our students have never used this before, but we created a new class and this is a great tool for Reading various Science and Social Studies articles, vocabulary, and question sets to follow.  The multiple choice questions are automatically graded in the system, and any writing responses will be graded by me. I will assign approximately 8 articles to complete in a time frame with a due date.  Here are the directions for your child to access this program:

Go to the website:

Your student’s class code is: H4LTP4 and their password is “1234”. 

When they log in, they will see assignments that I’ve given them.  They can read the article, look at vocabulary words, and answer the questions. 

Raz Kids

All Haigh students have a subscription to Raz Kids, their log-in information is posted inside their folder or planner.  They can read stories and answer questions to follow. 


Here is a link to various templates for Writing. In the first folder you will see ideas for Personal Narratives, How To Writing, and Opinion Writing.  The other folders are templates (blue prints) for your child to use as a guide to help them organize their writing. They are familiar with these blueprints and should know exactly how to use them.


Here is a link that Mystery Science updated to make it easier for students to access and do these activities at home.

Healthy Habits Update

March 11, 2020

Afternoon Haigh Community:

 I am writing today to provide you with background on how our district is handling the Corona-Virus(Covid 19). Dearborn Public Schools is taking this very seriously and has continued to update their website with information and resources. Below is the link that shows the precautions our school district is taking. I have also attached some resources that can be used at your homes. As more information is shared I will continue to update our blog and send these items home with your students. Thank you for your understanding and support as we work together for our students and staff.


Mr. Short

Principal-Haigh School 

Please go to the Haigh’s school website and click on the links below:

What you need to know about the Coronavirus

When to keep your student home

Michigan Department of Health Letter

stopping the spreading of germs

Home information #1

Home Information #2

Weekly updates

Good Afternoon!
Looks like we will have a full week of school this week:) Our spelling words for this week are the silent letter words. They are: knee, gnaw, write, thumb, lamb.debt, doubt, grant, wrist, and knot. Words like know, wrote, wrong, doubt and gnat will probably be included in the mystery words and should be studied also. We are working on adding 100’s and 10’s to numbers using the arrow method. We will continue to practice this strategy through this week. Enjoy the nicer temperatures!
Mrs. P.

PE Club Information

Dear Haigh students and families,
Thank you everyone that applied for student participation in our Haigh PE Club. The amount of interest in club has been incredible! Unfortunately, we were only able to select 25 students in grades K-2 and 25 students from grades 3-5. All students that were selected for this club have been notified. On Friday, students that were selected for this club were given acceptance notes. If your child was not one of those selected, don’t worry! Any students not selected have been added to a waiting list and will be contacted as spaces become available.
Thank you again for all of your support,
Mrs. Lozon

PE Club Teacher

Happy Snow Day Take 2

Good afternoon!! I hope everyone is enjoying the extra days off!! Here is some information about an upcoming program that Haigh is participating in! Have a wonderful day!!

Mrs. P.

Dear families,

Haigh is excited to collaborate with Wayne State University to begin our D-SHINES program this spring. D-SHINES will convert part of the large field behind our school into a full garden, complete with massive garden beds, shed, picnic tables and benches for an outdoor classroom. The focus of this program is to promote healthy lifestyle choices, proper nutrition and the importance of physical activity. 

Before we begin this program, the D-SHINES program coordinator from WSU would like to collect information from our families to develop a program that is best suited for our students and our families. The survey takes approximately six minutes. Please take the time to complete this survey (only one survey per family is needed).

Thanks so much for your help and support as we begin this awesome program! 

D-SHINES Haigh Representatives 

Courtney Otto and Sara Sarafa (Garden Champions)

Kristy Lozon (Physical Activity Champion)

Valentine’s Day Party Information

Valentine’s Day Party Information!

I can’t believe it is here but it is almost Valentine’s Day!!  We are going to have an ice cream sundae party next week!  The party will be from 2-3 and we will have ice cream sundaes and cookies.  The class will also pass out valentines if they would like too-this is voluntary! Parents are welcome to come in and enjoy some ice cream with us!  Here is a list of the students in Room 27 this year!  We have no allergy issues so any type of candy is fine for passing out. 

Thank you!

Mrs. Polidori

  1. Hussam               13. Dylan
  2. Zineb                   14. Ali
  3. Fatima                 15. Yousef
  4. Mia                      16. Ibrahim
  5. Mohammed          17. Laura
  6. Ayaa                   18. Julia S.
  7. Zayna                 19. Gabriella
  8. Ramez                20. Adam
  9. Julia F.                21. Aladdin
  10. Rami            22. Mahdi      
  11.  Lila                     23. Reem
  12. Tyler