Weekly Updates!

Room 27 Updates:-)
The math portion of NWEA is complete!! I was so happy to see so many students taking their time and working out problems that were extremely difficult:-) The only homework for tonight is spelling-be sure to complete at least 3 activities on the tic tac toe board. Library books are due tomorrow and we will do some practicing for NWEA reading. Math packets can be recycled-please look over the reading packets-we will be doing the reading test beginning Monday, May 20. Thanks so much for helping your students-I was so proud of their hard work today!!!
Mrs. P.

Welcome May!!

Good Afternoon!
Stay dry during these rainy days! You may have noticed that the math homework is not going in order. That is because some of the lessons are just repeating and the class has the concept. They are doing a great job with arrays and I was very happy with how they did on the mid module test. Our spelling words this week are irregular plurals. The words are: woman, women, goose, geese, mouse, mice, foot, feet,man , men and the bonus word is plural. The 5 mystery words this week will be words that I am finding misspelled frequently. These may be words such as very, beautiful, whose, people, should and those. I have been taking some time lately talking to the class about proper upper and lower case letter writing. We will continue to practice making letters correctly and not putting capital letters in the middle of words and spacing and structure of letters. Practice makes progress!! The field trip notices went home today for the Historical Museum. Students are 5.00 for this trip and their will be room on the bus for our class to go as a group together. Chaperones do not need to pay and may meet us at the Historical Museum. Please write on the permission slip if you would like to be a chaperone:-) Finally-April book logs are due tomorrow!

Thanks for all that you do!!
Mrs. P 🙂

Weekly Updates!

Thank you for the parent volunteers for tomorrow morning! I wanted to copy the Social Studies terms for our short test tomorrow. The class is doing very well on knowing these terms and a short review should be great to go over with them tonight. We also have a mid module math test tomorrow-again the class has been doing very well with arrays and repeated addition.

Social Studies Study Guide:
Review these terms:
Scarcity: When there is not enough of a product
Opportunity Cost: Second choice. I wanted to buy a video game but I didn’t have enough money so I bought a board game instead.
Good: Something you can hold in your hand-food, toys, clothing.
Service: A person who provides a service like a police officer, nurse or doctor, teacher, cook or chef, firefighter, hair stylist
Capital Resource: things we use to make goods or provide services. Factories, tools, hospitals, classrooms
Human Resources: Jobs that humans do or things people make
Natural Resources: trees, water, air, soil
We trade money for goods and services
Places like Target, Kroger, McDonalds provide goods and services.

Weekly Update

Good Afternoon!

This is a short week! Tomorrow is our spelling test. I gave everyone all of the words since this list is harder to learn and we have a 4 day week. Our words are: didn’t, they’ve, she’ll, he’s, wouldn’t, can’t, we’ve, we’ll, she’s, couldn’t, won’t, shouldn’t, I’ll, isn’t, wasn’t. I was very happy with the results of the math test!! They are adding and subtracting superstars!! The class is really enjoying the multiplication unit! Tomorrow we are doing a little painting project so just dress for that activity. Thank you for all that you do!!!
Mrs. P. 🙂

April News

Good Afternoon!
The Social Studies test for Unit 3 is inside on a sticky note in the OWL folders. Our spelling words for this week are: chore, snore, bore, board, aboard, score, lore, oar, soar, wore and the bonus word is celebration. All students have strategy group homework today so please check their book bags and make sure they are keeping up with their strategy group homework. March reading logs are due tomorrow.
Thanks and I hope everyone had a restful break!!
Mrs. P.

End of the Week Wrap Up

Good Evening!!!
Just a reminder that our spelling test is tomorrow! All students have strategy group homework for the weekend-please check and make sure to look in their book bags for their homework! I am not going to be in tomorrow (Friday) as my son is flying in from Washington DC tonight and has a graduate program seminar tomorrow at U of M that we will be attending together. (Go Blue!) Just had to slip that in 🙂 Thank you so much for the guest readers that have come in to read-I will post a few pics later of some of our guests that have come in! I was so happy with the math test scores-I will have the social studies unit test grades on Monday. Several students were absent and needed to complete the essay questions so I will grade that this weekend.
Happy birthday to Melina and Gavin!! (Go Green!!)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. P.

Updates for the year!

Good Afternoon!

It looks and feels like Spring has Sprung!!  March is reading month and we would love to have some families come in and read to our class!  I have multiple openings for people to come in.  If you want to pick a time and a day that works for you-I will put you on the calendar.  I welcome all family members so if aunts, grandmas, etc. would like to come in that would be wonderful!!!  I also wanted to include some upcoming dates for your planning purposes!   There is a letter in the folders today with dates and times available for guest readers!

March 12-BINGO for BOOKS-6-7:30

March 26-Learning Gizmos-Time to be determined

March 27-Spring Concert at Bryant

No school on April 1-5 and also on April 19.

May 21-Historical Museum Field trip-morning (only 3 chaperones)

May 22-Zoo field trip-all day-all are welcomed!!

No school on May 24 or May 27/June 3-5

End of the year picnic June 11

Hope this helps with planning!!

Mrs. P.

Our first full week back in a while!

Good Evening!

Information went home tonight about March Is Reading Month.  The reading log for this month is in the packet-the February reading log can be turned in on Monday if you did not turn it in today!  The biography projects turned out so cute!  I loved the originality that went into them!!  If you would like to read to our class during the month of March we would love to have you come in!  It can be a surprise or you can have your child part of the planning:-)  I also love having family members come in as well if they would like to!  I have availability on Monday at 9 and then at 3.  Tuesdays at 12 and 3.  Wednesdays 9 and 3.  I would like to save Thursdays for special scheduling circumstances only because we have 2 specials that day.  Fridays at 9 are available as well.  If you have a specific date or day in mind just send me a message in DOJO.  Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend!!

Mrs. P.

End of the Week Wrap Up:-)

Good Afternoon!
This week has gone by very quickly-it has been nice to see the sun shining again!! Our spelling words for this week are alone,again, agree, away, above, ago, along, idea, comma, and alike. We have been talking about our habits here at school and this week we are focusing on responsibility. We have been jumping around a little bit in our math books. The next few lessons all deal with subtraction and regrouping. Since we have already spent sometime on this strategy-we just did a few problems from each of the next three lessons. I will send home a study guide tomorrow for our mid module assessment to practice this weekend. Otherwise,we have been completing our biography assignments. Most of the class got their figures to decorate-you may use whatever craft items you would like on this assignment. They aren’t due until next week!

Have a wonderful night!!

Mrs. P.

Valentine’s Day Update

Valentine’s Day update!
We will have a celebration next Thursday, February 14 from 10:30-11:40 for Valentine’s Day! I am keeping this party very simple-it is a half-day of school and we have 2 specials in the morning. Parents are welcome to come-we will be decorating bags, having a donut and juice and playing a Valentine BINGO game. Students are welcome to bring in Valentine’s and/or a treat to pass out. Midwinter break will begin at 11:45 am next Thursday, February 14 and we will return to school on Tuesday, February 19. Please do not send in treats that contain nuts as we have a nut allergy in the classroom!
Here is our class list:
Adam B.
Adam M.

Thanks so much!!!

Mrs. P. 🙂