Winter Wonderland!

Good Afternoon!

I hope that everyone will stay warm and safe this evening with the winter weather.  Many students left early today and we did not have a chance to review estimation fully today-so if there are any questions about the Home link for tonight don’t worry they can do it tomorrow.  Our spelling words for this week all end in ch, th, tch and sh.  They are: each, which, match, dish, teeth, switch, peach, teach, watch, inch and the bonus word is condensation.  Notes will be coming home about our next field trip which is January 30.  Please stay warm and have a great evening!!

Mrs. P.

Week so far!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and break!  I had all of my “chicks in the nest” which was a wonderful feeling!  This week we have been busy with opinion writing, mapping skills in social studies, and learning about cause and effect in reading.  Our spelling words for this week are:  meat, meet, queen, beet, beat, baby, mean, stream, please, street and the bonus word is community.  Thank you so much for the supplies that were donated for the stone soup and butter!!  Our Thanksgiving soup was delicious!!!  I am very thankful for all of my wonderful families here at Haigh!!!

December is upon us!  I can hardly believe it!!

Have a wonderful rest of the day and week!

Mrs. P 🙂

Monday 11/13

Good afternoon!

We have the book fair tomorrow (Tuesday Nov. 14 ) at 2:30.  There are also family nights on Wed. and Thurs. this week if you would like to come later on those nights.  Our spelling words for this week are: crow, low, doe, goes, soap, roast, know, row, roam, show and the bonus words are Thanksgiving and vacation.  Bonus words do not count toward the final spelling score, but the class does get a hoot if they spell the bonus word correctly.  

Please be sure that all students are coming to school with gloves, hats and heavier coats now that our cold weather has come to stay!

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. P 🙂

What a Week!!!

Wow!  What a fun week this was!  Thanks to everyone who volunteered, contributed goodies and just came to take pictures of our adorable second graders during Halloween!  I especially would like to thank our homeroom parents and volunteers who provided crafts and snacks for our class, and Pizza Place (Mrs. Alaouieh!) for the delicious lunch!  The class will get their graded homework papers and the social studies test on Monday!  Here is the conference schedule so far-I will send home reminder notes this Monday, Nov. 6.  Thanks for everything that you do-have a great weekend!  Go Blue!

Mrs. P.

Conference Schedule for Thursday, November 9

8:00-8:15 am Sofia Hadjem

4:00-4:15-Zain Salamey

4:20-4:35 Noah Makled

4:40-4:55 Ziad Elfakhory

5:00-5:15 Kareem Raishouni

5:20-5:35 Mahdi Carter

5:40-5:55 Layla Mawrey

6:20-6:35 Sukaina Alemara

Wednesday, November 15

4:00-4:15 Ameera Elmadari

4:20-4:35 Hope Marshall

4:40-4:55 Andrew Larson

5:00-5:15 Fatima Bazzi

6:00-6:15 Yasmeena Ayoub

6:20-6:35 Ramzi Bazzi

6:40-6:55 Aiden Pescaralo


Thursday, November 16

4:00-4:15 Batoul Jumaa

4:20-4:35 Jordan McElrath

5:00-5:15 Leann Alaioueh

5:20-5:35 William Smith

6:40-6:55 Aynur Yassalar

7:00-7:15 Zahraa Jaafar

Party Information

Good Afternoon!

Thank you to all of the chaperones that were able to come on the field trip today!  We had a great day!  Just a few reminders for tomorrow.  We do have gym tomorrow morning-so just plan accordingly with costumes in mind.  Students can wear their costumes all day-no masks or play weapons are allowed.  Make-up and wigs are fine!  We are having pizza for lunch around 12:30-if you want to send in a drink and a snack to go with lunch that would be great-but pizza will be provided for the party.  No snack is also needed since we will be having a snack after the Halloween Parade.  Students will be walking around the building at 2:30 for a Halloween Parade-all are welcome to come and cheer everyone on!!  Finally, our spelling words for this week are: main, sail, day, stay, wait, today, play, want, again, and always.

Have a great rest of the day!!

Mrs. P.

Copy of Halloween Letter being sent home today!

Dear Parents-

We are having a Halloween party next Tuesday, October 31 from 12:30-2:00 pm in Room 27.  The Halloween Parade for the school will begin at 2:30.  Lunch is provided by our homeroom parents that day, so your child only needs a drink and snack to have with their lunch.  We will also have a small snack after the parade so no additional snack is needed for that day.  Costumes may be worn to school; however it is asked that no weapons be brought in of any kind.  Parents and siblings are welcome to come to the party!  If students would like to bring in a treat to share with the class there are 25 students in the class and one tree nut allergy.  We will also decorate the pumpkins that the PTA so generously donated to each student!

If you have any other questions, please send me an email!

Thank you-

Mrs. Polidori

PBIS was fun!!!

Good afternoon!

We had a great time at PBIS today playing BINGO in class!  The class won suckers once we had our three winners from each round.  Halloween party information will be coming home tomorrow and our field trip is next Monday-will be a very busy week next week!  Our spelling words for this week are: slide, skin, skid, stone, spell, steak, speak, sled, slope and spend.  We will be reviewing our math study guide for a math test this Friday.  The study guide will be sent home tomorrow.  Thanks for all that you do!

Mrs. P 🙂

Weekly Updates

A few updates for this week!!

Spelling words for the week are based on long/short u sound.  The words are: cut, cute, tube, jump, cub, chute, dump, shut, huge, and hug.  Thank you for getting in the permission slips so timely-I can’t wait for our field trip!  I will send out information about the Halloween party/costume parade early next week!!  The school store is tomorrow-most items are 1.00 and can we bought at lunchtime.  Halloween Bingo for Books is from 6-7 tonight (Tuesday, October 17) in the cafeteria.  Tomorrow is a late start day-students come in at 9:35 tomorrow morning!  So enjoy a little extra sleep-in tomorrow morning!

Have a great night!!

Mrs. Polidori

Field trip Information

Good evening!

Thank you so much for being so consistent with sending the reading group homework back and forth as well as the owl folders!  Everyone is doing a great job!  Our spelling words for this week all have short/long 0 sound.  They are: fox, lock, pop, poke, cone, alone, stone, frog, rope, and phone.  

We have a half-day this Friday, October 13.  Dismissal is at 11:45.

Field trip information came home today.  We are going to the Rainforest Cafe and the Sealife Aquarium on Monday, October 30.  We are limited to 8 chaperones per class-so if you are interested in being a chaperone, please let me know on the permission slip.  Chaperones are asked to drive out to Great Lake Crossing, you are able to take your own child, but children without their parent with them are unable to go with you.  Also, your background check needs to be up to date in the office.  The student cost for this field trip is 15.00.  This includes 3 pieces of pizza, drink, fries, and an ice cream sandwich at the Rainforest Cafe and admittance into the aquarium.   Chaperones may order any item they would like to-your price only includes the aquarium.  Chaperones are 10.00.

If you are unable to chaperone this field trip, I will make every effort to be sure that you are considered for the next trip:-)

Thanks so much for all that you do and stay warm on this soggy night!!

Mrs. P.

Tuesday Updates

Good Evening!

Yeah!!  We had our first strategy group meetings today!!  Your child should have a book bag, notebook and a book to read tonight at their DRA level.  I will set up a routine schedule to meet with students.  Today, I just wanted to get everyone their own reading bag and book.  Here are the spelling words for the week.  They are long/short i words: did, pick, hike, mix, pipe, inch, kind, lined, itch, and pine.  I will be passing back the math tests tomorrow in the owl folder.  Also, we have our second grade parent meeting tomorrow at 4pm in Mrs. Kowalski’s room.  (Room 31).  Children are welcomed, but we will ask them to sit in the hallway and read or play a game.  Thanks for all that you do and hope to see you tomorrow!!

Mrs. P.