Weekly Updates

Good Afternoon!

Some of the students received patch tags for completing their book logs for October and November!  Great Job Everyone!  There are a few students who did not turn in book logs for either month.  Please understand that Haigh is asking that all second graders complete a book log each month.  I am hoping for 100% participation in December and beyond!!  We have library tomorrow so please bring your library books.  Their is a math test coming up next week-the study guide will be sent home tomorrow.

Thanks for all that you do and congratulations to those students receiving patch tags!!!

Mrs. P. 🙂

Weekly Update for 11/26 through 11/30

Good Morning!

I can’t believe December is almost upon us!  I hope everyone had a wonderful break last week to enjoy your families and delightful food!  There have been a lot of papers coming back and forth this week.  Thank you for keeping up with the math homework and having the students work on spelling for the week.  Getting into the habit of returning homework on time helps everyone to stay on top of assignments and subject matter.  I was very happy with the results of the mini-math assessment from last week.  You may keep those at home.  We are looking at a unit math test falling on the week of Dec. 10.  I will send home a study guide prior to the test.  This unit has dealt with trading ones, tens and hundreds.  The class seems to be understanding the content quite well:-)

Our spelling words for this week are the ch, sh, th, and wh beginning words.  The words are: chill, chance, sheep, shell, think, thought, while, whale, chase and when.  The mystery words will be words that begin with these consonant blends as well.

Have a wonderful day!!

Mrs. P.

Good Evening!

Good Evening!

Just a quick reminder that there is no school tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6 for election day.  We will have a full day on Wednesday, November 7.  Our class book fair time is Wednesday, November 7 at 1:00 pm.  Conferences are also scheduled for Thursday, November 8.  Here is the schedule for that night-please let me know if you are not able to make your time so that I can reschedule your appointment time.

Thursday, November 8

3:45 Fatima

4:00 Oliver

4:20 Dalal

5:00 Sami

5:20 Mahdi

5:40 Hala

6:20 Abbey

6:40 Talia


Have a great night and enjoy tomorrow!!

Mrs. P 🙂





Huge Thanks!!!

Good Evening!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for all of your help in having a wonderful Halloween celebration for the class yesterday!  The homeroom parents were amazing in planning some wonderful crafts and activities and the snacks and pizza were delicious!!!  Thank you so much to everyone that set up, bought supplies and helped with the activities yesterday!  It is greatly appreciated!!

Tomorrow is a half day with dismissal at 11:45.  I am going to try to get to library check out tomorrow so please return library books tomorrow morning!  We will also have our spelling test tomorrow!  Thanks again for a wonderful day of celebrating yesterday!!!  It was so much fun!!!

Mrs. P. 🙂

Halloween Information

Good Afternoon!

Just a few updates about Halloween:

The class will be eating lunch at 11:45 (pizza) and we will begin our party between 12:15-12:30.

Students do not need to bring lunch or a snack tomorrow.

Children can arrive in their costumes or you can send them with their costumes and they can change at lunchtime.  It is up to you and the comfort of your child.

Any accessories to a costume that would be considered a weapon needs to stay at home.

Masks that cover your child’s head is probably not safe to wear at school.

Make-up is fine

Children may bring candy to pass out if they would like to.

Have a good night!!

Mrs. P.

Fun Field Trip!!

Thank you to all of our chaperones who helped out at our field trip today!  It was a perfect fall day and the class did a great job!!

Here is the note going home today about the Halloween party next week!  There are 25 students in our class!

Halloween Party Information

I can’t believe it-but it is time for our Halloween party next week!  Our party will be on Wednesday, October 31 from 11:45-1:45.  We will be having pizza for lunch and no snack will be needed on that day.  From 2-3:15 will be our PBIS party as well as the Halloween parade.  Parents are welcomed to come for the party-we will have stations with crafts and goodies to eat!!

Thank you to those parents that have sent in the suggested 10 dollars to cover our class parties for the year from our homeroom parents.   Students can bring in a bag of candy to pass out during our class “trick or treat” time in the classroom if they would like too!

Hope to see you next Wednesday, October 31 from 11:45 until 1:45.


Have a great weekend!!


Mrs. P.