Wednesday May 19

Happy Monday! On Wednesday, May 19th, we will have an Asynchronous Day. That means we will NOT have any live Zoom lessons on that day. All the work will be posted in the folders. The Kinder Team is going to be assessing all of the incoming Kindergartners that day. Our class will have their assessments with me in the next few weeks so you do NOT need to sign them up.

Thank you!!!

Summer School

Snow will be offering an 8 week Summer Academic and Enrichment Program. There are two options for enrollment: a 9am-2pm and a 9am-5pm time slot. Snow is planning a robust and innovative summer school to create an extremely impactful program. As of now, the programming is set to be an opportunity for learning loss recovery and additional growth. A typical day may include Gardening and/or Mindfulness, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Engineering (coding, robotix, etc), Lunch and PE. What is designed will be structured and of high value. More information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the end of the school year. 

Registration form link

Mother’s Day

Please make sure you return the paper and picture for the bulletin board project on your “In-Person” day this week! We are so excited to see this board. I will post pictures of it once we are done.


Next week we have a SHORT but EXTREMELY busy week! On Monday and Tuesday, we are going to be painting the picnic tables and the work table in the Snow School Garden! I am so excited!

In order to do this, please send your child in OLD clothes that you do not mind if they get paint on them. It will NOT be washable paint as the tables will be out in the weather.

We could also use some paintbrushes (the cheap sponge ones are perfect for this!) so if you would like to donate some that would be great.

You can send them in with your child. Thank you!

Our Garden

Good afternoon parents!

You may have noticed that our Snow School Garden is coming along nicely! Our seeds are beginning to sprout and the trees have blossoms.

Well, since that is going so well, we decided that we wanted a garden of our own. A “Kinder-Garden” if you will. So we need your help!

Over the next few weeks, we will be learning about gardens, how to start it and how to take care of it. We wrote letters to our parents telling you what we need. Here are our letters.

We have the majority of what we need to start our garden. Here is a list of a few things we need:

  1. gardening gloves
  2. small spade (shovel)
  3. small hand rake
  4. yard waste bags

If you are able to donate any of these things, please let us know! Thank you so much for helping us with our “Kinder-Garden!”

A message from the Principal…

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Snow Elementary  is using this Parent Survey as a means to elicit your beliefs and opinions to help target areas for the school system to improve and areas to continue to be effective. Your opinion is important to us, and we ask that you take the time to complete this form.  The online survey will be available from March 15-March 26 . In order to complete the survey, please click on this link:

Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous and your honest opinions are appreciated. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact your school principal. Thank you in advance for supporting our improvement efforts.

Your cooperation and support in completing the parent survey will be greatly appreciated.


Mohammad Abdelfattah 


From the Snow School Blog

March 19 Half Day – All Students –a.m. – Students are dismissed at 12:45;

Professional Development Day for staff – p.m.

March 29- April 2 No school – Spring Break 

April 5 No school – Spring Break 

May 12 – 14 No School – EID Holiday

May 28 No school – Conference Release Day

May 31 No School – Memorial Day

June 18 Last day of school for students 1/2 day a.m – Students are dismissed at 12:45.; Teacher Duty Day p.m.

This Week!

We will be following the same schedule this week as we did last week with a few slight changes.

We will have an additional Music special (on Zoom) added to our schedule. Group A will log into Mr. Stinson’s zoom at 9:05 on Tuesday and Group B will log in at 9:05 on Monday.

On Thursday, we will not log into Zoom until 10:00. I have my vaccination appointment that morning. We will meet on Zoom from 10:00 to 11:00 that day only.

Speaking of vaccinations, I plan on Friday being just like last week. However, there is a chance that I may need to take a sick day that day due to the vaccine side affects. If that happens, I will let you know as soon as I can! The side affects have ranged greatly so I really do not know how I will feel. Fingers crossed I am ok. 🙂

Here is a PDF of this week’s schedules. Your child will each receive a paper schedule with this week’s packet.

Group A- I will send home this week’s packet with your child on Monday.

Group B – I will drop your packet off on your porch Monday morning. Your kiddo will need it to complete the work on Monday.

We are going to have a great week! I will see Group B on Zoom at 8:40 tomorrow and Group A at school at 9:40!

Hello Young Fives!

Good afternoon Young Five Families! I wanted to take a minute to address a few things.   

 1. Please make sure you are checking the schedule for things such as when to log in or when to do work on the computer. I know this week and next are confusing so I posted the schedule on the blog, on schoology and sent home a paper copy with you. There are many kiddos that are not logging in at the correct time or not logging in at all. PLEASE try to follow the schedule. I am getting a lot of messages asking about when to log in when that information has already been sent multiple times. PLEASE read the messages and the blog posts! I am not trying to come across like I don’t want you to ask. If you have questions about the schedule or you want some clarity, please reach out. But please make sure you check the schedule first. Most likely the answer is on there.  

 2. Please remember that your child is on camera! If you can see their screen, we can see you. Over the past few days, there have been a lot of incidences of inappropriately dressed children and adults, curse words on unmuted mics and other things that are not appropriate for our Young Fives class. I know that life is happening at home. But please be mindful that everyone on the screen is seeing and hearing what is happening in your home. If possible, turn your child so their back is to a wall instead of out towards the open room. This cuts down on the chances of someone walking by and being on camera. 

 3. I have no issues with younger and/or older siblings sitting in on our zoom class. They are welcome to join us!  However, please make sure they are not interrupting or distracting their siblings. It’s really hard for young ones to listen to someone on the screen when a sibling is sitting next to them playing. 

4. Please be sure to log in to schoology and do ALL the work in the folders. Everyday that we have class on the computer (both asynchronous days and remote days) there will be assignments your child needs to complete in the ELA and MATH folders. The only days they DO NOT have work there are the days they are physically IN SCHOOL. 

This is not an ideal year. We all know that it’s difficult and that children are struggling as well as adults. I get it. I am so disappointed that we are into March and we are FINALLY able to (somewhat) get back in the classroom. But if we work together, we can make this year successful! I definitely need your help. I am SO appreciative of your hard work. It isn’t easy but please know that I am so grateful for each and every one of you!