Hello Young Fives!

Good afternoon Young Five Families! I wanted to take a minute to address a few things.   

 1. Please make sure you are checking the schedule for things such as when to log in or when to do work on the computer. I know this week and next are confusing so I posted the schedule on the blog, on schoology and sent home a paper copy with you. There are many kiddos that are not logging in at the correct time or not logging in at all. PLEASE try to follow the schedule. I am getting a lot of messages asking about when to log in when that information has already been sent multiple times. PLEASE read the messages and the blog posts! I am not trying to come across like I don’t want you to ask. If you have questions about the schedule or you want some clarity, please reach out. But please make sure you check the schedule first. Most likely the answer is on there.  

 2. Please remember that your child is on camera! If you can see their screen, we can see you. Over the past few days, there have been a lot of incidences of inappropriately dressed children and adults, curse words on unmuted mics and other things that are not appropriate for our Young Fives class. I know that life is happening at home. But please be mindful that everyone on the screen is seeing and hearing what is happening in your home. If possible, turn your child so their back is to a wall instead of out towards the open room. This cuts down on the chances of someone walking by and being on camera. 

 3. I have no issues with younger and/or older siblings sitting in on our zoom class. They are welcome to join us!  However, please make sure they are not interrupting or distracting their siblings. It’s really hard for young ones to listen to someone on the screen when a sibling is sitting next to them playing. 

4. Please be sure to log in to schoology and do ALL the work in the folders. Everyday that we have class on the computer (both asynchronous days and remote days) there will be assignments your child needs to complete in the ELA and MATH folders. The only days they DO NOT have work there are the days they are physically IN SCHOOL. 

This is not an ideal year. We all know that it’s difficult and that children are struggling as well as adults. I get it. I am so disappointed that we are into March and we are FINALLY able to (somewhat) get back in the classroom. But if we work together, we can make this year successful! I definitely need your help. I am SO appreciative of your hard work. It isn’t easy but please know that I am so grateful for each and every one of you!

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