Wrapping Up an AWESOME (But completely INSANE!!) Year!

Well, believe it or not, we are almost to the end of the craziest year of all of our lives! WE DID IT!!!

While the year certainly had its share of ups and downs, I would not trade it for anything. Being able to be your child’s teacher truly has been a blessing. I am honored to have played a role in their education!

Normally, we end the year with an end of the year picnic and some sort of promotion ceremony. We are changing things up a bit. There will be a lot of information posted and sent home about the days ahead soon. Be sure to check both your child’s backpack and the blog for information!

In the meantime, here is some important information:

*Some parents have asked about returning Chromebooks. I asked the office and they are still waiting on information about when they will need to be returned. As soon as I have that information, I will let you know.

*All other materials that I have sent home (math toolboxes, cubes, dice cups, letter cards, number cards, etc.) need to be returned on Thursday June 10 (Group A) or Friday June 11 (Group B). If you still have any books, letters, book bags, etc. at home, these also have to be returned. If you have questions about what needs to be returned, please ask.

*The weather is definitely changing! Our room can get very warm so please be sure to dress your child appropriately. Also, while flip flips are fun to wear, they are NOT fun to run in or when you get wood chips jammed into your toes while on the playground. Please continue to send your child in shoes that they can run in and that protect their feet while on the playground.

*Speaking of the weather, please remember to send in a water bottle with your child. Our drinking fountains are still closed and they need to hydrate on these hot days.

Have a great night!

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