Good Evening

If you were scheduled for a conference on Tuesday (yesterday) the new date for these conferences is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18. I will use the same times and will send a reminder tomorrow. If you CAN NOT make this day I will gladly arrange a better time. Please email if you know that this new date is not possible. 
Thank you for your support and cooperation,

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This Week in Fifth Grade

Happy snow day. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm. I think this is the earliest snow day we’ve ever had.

* We will be moving our bookfair day to tomorrow morning at 10:30.

*I will also contact those of you who had a conference scheduled for today to reschedule.

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Halloween Update

Good evening parents,

Please visit Mr.Short’s Haigh School Blog. Due to the weather, we are cancelling the Halloween parade. We will have an indoor version but will not be able to accommodate family and friends. Please see Mr. Short’s Blog for further details.

Many thanks for your understanding

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This Week

** I sent home conference reminders today. Please check to see if the day and time will still work and send back the bottom half so I can make a final schedule.

** Thursday students can wear costumes to school. Remember no toy weapons. Masks can be worn for parade but not during class. The party committee is ready with food, games, and treats. Others are welcome to bring treats to pass. These will be passed out at the end of the day. Party will be from 1:00-2:40. The parade will start around 2:50. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

**Friday is 1/2 day. Students are let out at 11:40.

** Report cards will be passed out at conferences.

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This Week

**I sent home the emergency form for you to check over. Please send back with any corrections necessary.

** Please sign and return the social studies quiz. This way I know that you are seeing them.

**Students are reading novels and writing about them in their journals. They are also going on iLearn to our Book Forum to discuss their book with friends that are reading the same one. This is part of their reading grade.

Here is a video of students experiencing a chemical change.

Flubber is always a big hit. Check out our flubber videos on our Seesaw tab

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This Week in Fifth Grade 9/27

Students are assigned a set of articles from Readworks on Monday. They have all week to complete 5 out of 6 of them. They are to read the article and write about them in their BOK section of their Language Arts journal. This week we were focused on main idea and key detail so they had to find this in each article. The topic of the articles all dealt with our government because we are learning about the 3 branches and their jobs. They have been working on their posters in class and will present them today. Look for pictures and videos to follow.

Biblionasium is the website we are using to keep track of student reading at home. Please check that your student has logged in the minutes and book titles that they are reading at home. This is part of their reading grade.

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This Week in Fifth Grade

Thank you to all of the families that came out for Open House. It was fun to meet new parents and see past students. We had quite a few parents’ sign up for conferences. Those who did not get a chance will get a note about open times.
* We are finishing up the NWEA tests this week and will be getting into a real routine.
* I put a link on the Social Studies page that lets you download an open textbook that we use sometimes during the year. Remember to choose 5th grade under the download heading. We start the year learning about our government and its 3 branches.
* In science we are working on learning the Scientific Inquiry and the Properties of Matter. Students will conduct experiments to learn about how matter reacts in different circumstances, how to collect and record data, and construct arguments to support their findings.

*By now students have signed up on Biblionasium to keep track of their reading at home. I have sent an email to you so you can monitor their reading minutes also. 

Thank you for your support. If you have any concerns please email me.
Mrs. Lahooti

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Open House

I hope to see all of you tomorrow at our open house from 6:00-7:30. This will be a great opportunity to meet all of your child’s teachers. Your student can show you around our classroom and then take you on a tour of their math room as well as the music, gym, and art class.

I will have parent/teacher conference sign up sheets available for you as well. 

Looking forward to meeting you.

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This Week in Fifth Grade

We now have our specials classes set for the year.

Monday – Art 2:45-3:30
Tuesday- Technology 2:45-2:30
Wednesday- Music 9:45-10:30 Gym 2:45-3:30
Thursday – Gym 2:45-3:30
Friday Art 8:50-9:35 Library 2:50-3:15

We eat lunch at 11:15 so we will have snack in the afternoon. Please help you child choose healthy foods. We are working on a project to learn about plastic in our environment so I am asking that students do not bring in throwaway water bottles. If they don’t have a reusable bottle, they are welcome to get a drink from the water fountain as needed.

We are taking the NWEA tests this week. We will finish up math and move on to reading on Monday. I hope to get them finished by Friday so we can get into our regular class routine. In Science we are working on learning the eight essential practices. We will work on observation and measurement to begin with. Students are encouraged to bring in an old white long sleeve shirt they can wear over their clothes as a lab coat. (Maybe Dad or older brother has an old white dress shirt) This helps put them in the mindset of being a scientist and sometimes we get a bit messy.

Remember Thursday is Open House from 6:00 to 7:30. You will have a chance to sign up for conferences at this time.

Have a great week and thank you for your support.
Mrs. Lahooti
If you have questions or concerns please email me at

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This Week In Fifth Grade

We kicked off the first week of school with a stem project that got the students working in small groups to solve a problem. They had to discuss and plan how they would “Save Fred” (a gummy worm that need a lifejacket). Then they had to implement their plan. Below you will see how some of the students figured out a solution to their problem.

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