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Hi Everyone,

JK Rowling has launched a new Harry Potter HUB for kids at home.

Check out the MAGIC here…

The first Harry Potter audiobook for free for everyone

A big thank you to our friends at Audible, who invite you to listen to the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as many times as you like in the coming weeks. This is one of many classic books that will be available on Audible’s new platform, stories.audible.com. – take a look and see what you can find.

The first Harry Potter book will be available to listen to for free in six different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese). And our American readers will be interested to know that this is the Stephen Fry edition of the audiobook, rather than the US version which features the equally talented Jim Dale. So, you’ll get to hear Harry’s story told with an entirely new voice! We can confirm that Stephen does an excellent Dumbledore.

Visit our new Harry Potter At Home hub

Here on WizardingWorld.com, we’ve built a dedicated space for you to visit which we’ll be updating all the time for your enjoyment. This special Harry Potter At Home hub is where you’ll find all the latest things to keep you occupied – from special activity kits from Bloomsbury to Scholastic, to nifty magical craft videos (teach your friends how to draw a Niffler!) fun articles, quizzes, puzzles and more. We’re casting a Banishing Charm on boredom.

You can visit the Harry Potter At Home hub here – and keep on visiting the page whenever you like. Just like Hogwarts and its staircases, this page will be changing all the time.

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Report Cards

Card marking 3 report cards will be available for viewing on Parent Connect Monday, April 3rd.

Great virtual San Diego’s zoo field trip

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This Week of Home School!

Dear Families,

I hope everyone is staying safe. I feel like this is like the movie Groundhog Day. It looks like we are staying put until the end of April now. I hope you noticed that I added a tab at the top of the blog that says REMOTE LEARNING. It has the lesson plans for the weeks we have been off. I just updated the second link for 3/30-4/13. There is no work expected to be done during Spring Break but there are some activities that may be fun to do.

None of our work will be graded. That doesn’t mean they should skip it. The students will be going to 6th grade in the fall and they need to keep up with educational activities. Many educational sites are offering free access during this time. Check out Brain Pop, Epic, Scholastic, Scholastic Digital, and many more to get free ideas that will keep everyone busy.

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I posted an awesome opportunity below. I use online library to read books on my iPad. You can read them on computers, tablets, phones, etc.

Dearborn Public Library has set up a way for residents of Dearborn/Dearborn Heights to remotely register for temporary Dearborn Public Library cards.  These cards will allow access to all Dearborn Public Library electronic materials.  Instructions and highlights of available eResources is available through the following link:  https://dearbornlibrary.org/wordpress/need-a-temporary-library-card/

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 Due to the Governor’s speech, we have moved the chromebook pick up to today. Mr. Short sent a group email to all families that need a chromebook letting them know that we will be in the 5th grade entrance from 11am to 2:00pm.

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Free Scholastic

Here is a fun site for reading and videos


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Tuesday between 9:00-12:00 will be the last time to get a chrome book from Haigh.

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HAIGH TECH SURVEY(Haigh Chromebook survey, click in the blue) ***Survey deadline will be Sunday, March 22nd

Please complete the survey if you would like to use one of the district’s


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Wednesday Info

Dear Families,

I hope everyone is staying safe. I am staying home except for groceries. It feels like a long week already. I have been posting activities for students on Google Classroom. If anyone needs a chrome book they may be able to check one out from school. Take the survey to let Mr. Short know if you need one. So far there are still many students that have not been online to do class assignments. I will be contacting parents by Friday to let them know how they can help get their child get started.

You can reach me at lahoott@dearbornschools.org

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Message from Dearborn Schools

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