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Peek at Our Week

Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful moms out there! I hope you enjoyed your day and were spoiled by your family. My boys, husband, and brothers did a great job for the mom’s in my family today 🙂

Reminders for the week:

  • Monday: City Beautiful Parade @ 1:30 ; Please WEAR GREEN
  • NWEA Testing begins this week. We will begin with reading tomorrow.
  • Wednesday: Late start
  • Friday: School store during lunch
  • DONATIONS: Please donate PLASTIC grocery bags to our classroom for a STEM project. Ask your child about the book we read on Friday titled One Plastic Bag.
  • Field trip forms and payment are due on Friday the 17th.

This week we will begin NWEA testing. Please remind your children how important it is to take their time and do their best. In reading we will continue to read from our class novel of Charlotte’s Webb. The kids are really enjoying this classic story. This week we will also be doing a class “Book tasting” where students will “sample” six different books to determine their interest. They will fill out forms to help them create a top three list of book choices. From there I will choose from their top choices and put them in book groups.

In science we will be researching things that you can make with a plastic bag to help reduce the impact of these bags on our environment. Students will work in groups of three to make a plan and start creating their item. In writing we will be writing about why we should reduce the amount of plastic bags we use to go along with our STEM science projects.

In math we will continue to discuss perimeter and focus on perimeter word problems. We will also be talking about the coordinate grid and how to plot points on the X and Y axis.

This week is our last FULL week of school and I can hardly believe it!!! This week will be our last vocabulary test.

Academic Vocabulary:

  1. Perimeter- The distance AROUND a shape; around the OUTSIDE.
  2. Attribute- A characteristic of something like a shape. Example: a square has 2 sets of parallel lines.
  3. Economics- The system of how money is made and used in a country.
  4. Respect-Treating someone fairly and caring about how others feel.

Looking forward to a great week and crossing my fingers, legs, and toes for warm air and SUNSHINE!




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Clean Up Parade Information

Haigh Community:


We are excited to announce that Haigh is participating in the “Clean Up Parade” this Monday at 1:30pm! It has been 2 years since our school has had the parade. The purpose of the parade is to instill in our students the importance of keeping our community clean and to promote a healthy environment. On the bottom of this letter you will find the “parade map”. We would love for our community to come and stand along the route to cheer on our students as they make the walk around our neighborhood. Students will be working on signs, hats  or posters this week to carry or wear during the parade. We are asking that all students wear “green” or “their grade level shirts” on this date to show unity and celebrate being a “Green School”.  Please do not feel obligated to buy a new shirt for this event, any form of green will do. At the end of the parade,  the Mayor, myself and 2 of our students will be giving short speeches about the importance of keeping our community clean. If possible we would love to see you here to help celebrate the Clean Up Parade with our students.


Mr. Short


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Peek at Our Week

Good evening Haigh families! I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this weekend. I have been outside in the sunshine all day hanging out with my boys 🙂 Spring is a beautiful season.

Reminders for the week:

  • Tuesday–Math M-Step testing

This week we will take our math M-Step test beginning on Tuesday. Please remind your children to take their time, use their scrap paper to work out problems, and to carefully check over their work. They did a great job at taking their time on the ELA M-Step last week. We were all a little shocked that the essay portion came on the first day, but nevertheless, your children rocked their 5 paragraph essays 🙂 I am over the moon at their progress this year.

This week we will be reading the novel Charlotte’s Webb. Each child has a copy of the book and we will be doing several different activities through out the week to help model and prepare them for literature circles in which they choose a book to read along with a group of students. I intend to use Charlotte’s Web to model how to “talk” about the characters, plot, and problems in the story. Students will be given a choice board in which they will “choose” the comprehension activities that they find interesting to hold them accountable for their reading. It is my hope that students will LOVE their book selection and share their choices with others, and ultimately lead to some great summer reading choices throughout the summer 🙂

This week we will also be working on TOP SECRET Mother’s Day presents in ELA.

Once again we will NOT have spelling and vocabulary words this week due to testing. Please make sure students are reading and completing their reading log each night. Having them do a 10-15 minute of or is also a great option to help them prepare for their M-Step and NWEA testing.

Thank you all for your support during this “Testing Season.” Your children are all so special to me and I just know they have grown a ton this year 🙂 Looking forward to a great week:)

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M-Step Reminder Note

3rd Grade M-Step Begins Next Week!

The third graders are ready to show off their skills in math and language arts!  The M-Step will begin next week on Tuesday. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind.


  • Make sure your child is in school and on time.  Plan your routines around early bedtimes and healthy eating.  
  • Sending a healthy snack to school daily is important.  
  • Talk with your child about how testing is not something to be scared about, but something that requires preparation.  If you’re prepared, you’ll do well. That said, it’s important to stress the importance of the test.


We have been working hard to reinforce test taking strategies. These are all skills we have practiced in class.  You can have your child practice at home by looking at the M-Step Blog post links.

  • Read questions first, then read the text selection.  
  • Eliminate answers that don’t make sense helps when you’re unsure of an answer.  
  • We also expect students to use highlighters on the text to show where they found evidence.


There are three sections to the test.  The test is untimed. Students will take the test in the morning, immediately after attendance.  It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that your child is on time to school on these days. Being late adds an extra measure of stress that we want to avoid.

The following schedule will begin next week.  We also have make up days for students. If your child is sick, it’s better to use a make up day than to test while ill.

  • ELA (Listening): Tuesday, April 30
  • ELA : Wednesday, May 1
  • Math: Tuesday and Wednesday, May 7-8


Mrs. Joachim

Mrs. Lozon

Mrs. Halimi

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Reminders for the Week

Good afternoon Haigh families. I am enjoying this beautiful Easter Sunday with my family so I will keep it quick today 🙂

Reminders for the week:

  • PBIS Earth day picnic celebration TOMORROW—Please pack your child a sac lunch and have them bring a beach towel or small blanket to eat their lunch on. They may also bring and balls or jump ropes to play with as well. The weather looks AMAZING 🙂
  • Tuesday—Learning Gizmos math night 5:00-6:30 in the Media Center
  • Wednesday–Late start
  • Friday– Haigh school store during lunch. 4th grade market day

This week for vocabulary we will focus on ALL geometry vocabulary.  We will do activities to reinforce them all week. In place of the traditional vocab test we will have a “Geometry” vocabulary test where they will have to fill in the blank with the correct word. I will be sending home a study guide to help students study the words. They do not need to spell the words correctly, just understand the terms.

This is our last week before M-Step begins so we will be busy reviewing in reading, writing, and math.

Looking forward to a great week 🙂

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Peek at Our Week

Good afternoon Haigh families. I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday. I enjoyed the Martian Marathon with my students and my own boys. I sure did get a good workout! This rainy Sunday is perfect for me to relax and recover 🙂

Reminders for the week:

  • DTE Energy is coming on Monday morning to do a fun science activity.
  • Tuesday–Spring picture day:)
  • Field trip Wednesday to River Rasin Battle Field rain or shine…..fingers crossed for sunny and mild!
  • Thursday–Double Good Popcorn orders due

Last week we worked hard on our M-Step prep. We will continue to practice a variety of articles, fiction, and poems. We will also continue our listening activities and work on CER questions. Students also worked hard on writing an essay based on a prompt all on their own. We are currently in the process of revising them for things we missed or forgot about. Our class is doing GREAT in writing, I am so proud of them 🙂

We have moved on from our fraction unit and are working on data and graphs. Students are learning to read and analyze graphs. The hardest part for them is answering the two step questions. We will be practicing a lot this week. We will also begin learning some geometry terms before state testing.

We will not be having any spelling or academic vocabulary this week.

Have an enjoyable Sunday:)

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Peek at Our Week

Good Evening Haigh families! Sorry to bring this post to you so late. My family and I got home from vacation late last night and today was extra busy with a treat of springtime weather. I hope everyone had a great spring break that made you feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to take on April, May, and June 🙂

Reminders for the week:

  • Wednesday: Spring conferences (Only if you were contacted)
  • Sign and return permission slips by Friday; field trip to the River Raising Battlefield is next Wednesday 🙂
  • Help support the girl scouts by purchasing a butterfly sucker for $0.50 each. Look for the blue order form in your child’s owl folder.
  • Sign and return March is Reading Month reading logs to be entered into PTA bike raffle.

This week we will be focusing in poetry in reading since April is National Poetry month. We will read and “notice” a variety of poems and discuss the unique qualities that poems offer. We will analyze different poems to determine their meaning, mood, tone, and overall theme. Students will also have time to “free write” poems of their choice using a poem book that lists and details how to write several unique poems. They may also be able enter their poem to our new 4th grade news friends to be read over the announcements 🙂

In reading we will also continue to work on our M-Step articles and review test taking strategies. We are about 3 weeks away from M-Step so the focus is on reading, writing, and math for the next few weeks.

In writing today we took some time to write a “snapshot” narrative about one great thing they did over spring break. This allowed us to reflect on our vacations, review qualities of a narrative, and to share with our classmates all of the FUN we had over break. The rest of this week students will work on a second M-Step writing prompt. However, this time students will read the passage, plan, and write about the prompt without support from me. Next, we will review our writing and improve it to meet the M-Step guidelines. This flipped approach is to allow students to notice in what areas they need to work on in order to prepare for the state test.

In math we will continue to work on our fraction unit. We are learning about equivalent fractions this week. Students are learning how to spot them on a number line and with pictorial representations.

Academic Words:

  1. Stanza- a group of sentences that is separated by a space (like a paragraph, but in a poem).
  2. Verses- each line in a poem.
  3. Root word- the base word or main word without a prefix or suffix on it.
  4. Skim- to scan the text for important information and key words to help answer a question.

Welcome back 🙂


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Peek at our Week :)

Good afternoon Haigh Families. The weather is beautiful out today!

Reminders for the week:

  • Turn in permission slip (Permission to walk to Bryant to practice for music performance)
  • Library check out tomorrow; please bring books
  • Wednesday @ 7:00 Spring Concert at Bryant
  • Thursday–PBIS
  • Social Studies TEST Thursday; study guide will be sent Tuesday

This week looks to be a busy week with extra music practices and preparation for our spring concert on Wednesday. I am sure it will fly by and Friday will be here before we know it.

In reading this week we will continue to look at our M-Step prep folder and work on CER questions. We will share our rhino writing and compare how we did to the state examples we were given to see how strong our writing is in comparison.

In math we have been working on locating fractions on a number line. Students are getting the hang of locating fractions greater than one on the number line. We will continue this and practice comparing fractions on a number line as well.

We will finish up our social studies unit on the government of Michigan this week. I plan to do the last lesson tomorrow, followed by a study guide on Tuesday, and test on Thursday. We had Abdullah Hammoud visit our classroom on Friday to read to our class and share about his job as a state representative. The kids had lots of great questions and enjoyed meeting him.

Academic Words:

  1. Equivalent- being equal to.
  2. Draft- The first writing that you do that is a work in progress.
  3. Antonym- words that are opposites.
  4. Citizen- a person that is a member of a city, state, and country.

Looking forward to our last week before SPRING BREAK!

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Peek at the Week

Good afternoon and happy St. Patricks day!

Weekly Reminders:


  • Mid Module Math assessment. We completed a study guide in class on THURSDAY.
  • Book fair—Our class will visit tomorrow afternoon
  • Reading logs are due tomorrow am

Wednesday– Book fair family night after school 3:35-7:00

Academic Words:

  1. Elaborate- To provide more details about a topic.
  2. Comma- A mark used to show separation of words.
  3. Adapt-The process by which a species becomes better suited to its environment.
  4. Passage- A short story or writing about a topic.
  5. Jury- A group of citizens chosen to hear the facts in a court of law.

This week in reading we will continue to work through our M-Step packet. We are learning to read the questions first to set a purpose for their reading. As they read the passage they get a “Brain tickle,” which tells them the answer to a question is near. We also are discussing how we can scan the text for keywords in the question so we do not have to reread the entire passage for each question asked. We will also be discussing context clues that we didn’t get to last week. In writing we will begin writing our draft, edit and revise, and write a final copy of our rhinoceros and bird paper.

In math this week we will start the week with our Mid-Module Assessment which means we are half way through our unit on fractions! Students are doing really well with gaining understanding of fractions and developing their reasoning skills as to what fraction is greater by comparing to half and whole. This week we will work on locating fractions on a number line. Some students have already begun this learning as they are working their way through the lessons on Zearn, both in the classroom and at home. Be sure to ask your child what lesson they are on Zearn. In the classroom we will be on lesson 15 come Tuesday.

This week we will work on finishing up our unit on the government of Michigan. We will be learning about the the judicial branch and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

As the spring weather is approaching please be sure to have a conversation with your child about listening and following directions in the classroom. “Spring fever” seems to be going around and students are needing frequent reminders to follow directions the first time so we can use our time wisely. Thank you for your support:)


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Spelling and Academic Words

We do have spelling and academic words this week. I edited the “Sunday” post last night to reflect the 5 academic words. Sorry for the inconvenience. Your child will come home with their regular spelling list homework.

As a reminder, I am also sending home a weekly reading log for them to complete along with tracking the minutes for the March is reading month calendar.

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