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Lansing Trip Reminder

Tomorrow we will be going on the field trip to LANSING!!

  • Please make sure your child uses the restroom before leaving home.
  • Make sure your child eats a hearty breakfast!
  • Make sure your child packs a lunch in a zip lock bag with his/her name on it.
  • Make sure your child gets to school ON TIME!
  • We will be taking attendance and loading the bus ASAP.  We will be leaving Haigh at 8:50.

Thank you to our amazing chaperones for their help!

Extra Info

  • Students may bring money for the gift shop, if there is time.
    • Any money is the student’s responsibility and must be secured (no loose money in pockets).



    • All chaperones are able to ride the bus.
    • Chaperones MUST stay with students at all times.
    • You may NOT leave early.
    • You MUST stay with your group and you MUST bring a cell phone.
    • If any chaperone fails to comply, you will not be able to attend future field trips.


  • Thank you for keeping our students safe on this trip by following these guidelines.  We appreciate you!


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Peek at Our Week

Good afternoon Haigh families.

Reminders for the week:

  • Monday- Field trip to Lansing. Please be on time. We will be leaving at 8:50 from Haigh.
  • Candy Gram sales during lunch Monday-Wednesday ($1.00 each)
  • Thursday- PBIS movie party
  • Friday- class party 1:30-3:00

Class holiday party is Friday from 1:30-3:00. Parents are welcome to stop in and say hi to your child. We will be rotating through some holiday themed stations 🙂 Please DO NOT send in any additional treats to school as we have all we need for our celebration.

This week we will be learning about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. We will be reading passages and discussing how celebrations are the same and different. In writing this week we will finish up our opinion piece about if they would rather give or receive a gift. I was shocked at how many chose that it is more fun to give a gift 🙂

In math we will continue to focus on multiplication 6-10. We have begun our math facts challenge in class. Please ask your child what fact they are on. You can help your child become faster in this area by having them create flash cards with the fact they are on and practicing at home each day.

We will be finishing up our social studies unit on the history of Michigan this week. I plan to give the test on Thursday. I will send out the study guide on Wednesday.

We will not be having any spelling or academic words this week.

Looking forward to a great week! I am crossing my fingers for snow next weekend so we can have a white Christmas!

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Peek at Our Week

Good evening Haigh families 🙂

Reminders for the week:

  • Last weeks WEEKLY at home reading log is due TOMORROW, they will get a NEW one tomorrow for the week. PLEASE make sure they are reading and writing about their books EVERY.SINGLE. NIGHT. 🙂
  • Tuesday–Ugly Sweater Bingo for books 6-7 in the cafe, $3 per person
  • Wednesday late start @9:35
  • Thursday –Haigh school store during lunch periods
  • Friday– Student lock-in 3:35- 6:30

Academic Vocabulary:

  1. Narrator- The person who tells a story.
  2. Precise- The exact amount or answer.
  3. Explorer- Someone who comes from another country our place in search of new land, people, ideas.
  4. Pioneer-  A person who is one of the first to settle in an area.
  5. Commutative Property- The property that says you can swap numbers around and still get the same answer when you add or multiply. Example: 3 x 2 = 2 x 3

Last week in reading we explored point of view in fiction. This week we will look at point of view in nonfiction. we will discuss the importance of understanding that some things that are written, are written to persuade you ,or to change your thinking. We will look at different texts and learn how to disagree with somebody that has a different opinion in a constructive rather than a hurtful way. In writing we will focus on the genre of opinion writing where we will write to persuade our audience if it is better to give or receive a gift.

In social studies we will continue to learn about the history of Michigan and focus on how the pioneers came to settle on the land.

In math we will continue to work on multiplication strategies to help us multiply larger numbers. We will be working on our fact fluency in class this week with sprints each day to help us become faster with our knowledge of facts. You can help your child with this by utilizing flash cards, playing online computer games (just Google multiplication fact practice and a TON will show up!).

Looking forward to another week. We are getting closer and closer to that wonderful holiday BREAK 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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Peek at Our Week

Good evening Haigh Families. I have had a busy weekend, so I will keep this post short.


  • Field trip tomorrow to see the show Rosie Revere Engineer. Chaperones, please plant to arrive at Haigh by 8:50. I will go over some directions with you and then you can head on over to the theater with your child.
  • Math test on TUESDAY
  • NEW weekly reading log will be sent home tomorrow where students must write a summary of what they have read. Students should be reading 25 minutes a night.

Academic Vocabulary:

  1. Cloud- A large collection of very tiny droplets of water or ice crystals.
  2. Trading- To give in exchange for something else.
  3. Estimate- To find a value that is close enough to the right answer.
  4. Source- A book, article, website etc. where information is collected.

In reading this week we will be learning about point of view. We will read stories and discuss the different points of view that different characters have. In writing we will continue to work on our informational snow paper.

In math this week we will take our UNIT 2 TEST on TUESDAY. We worked on our study guide on Friday and we will review again tomorrow afternoon to prepare for the test. We will begin our new unit on Wednesday. We will circle back to multiplication where we will focus on multiplying facts 5-10.

In social studies last week we learned about how the French came to Michigan and the impact they had on the Native Americans. This week we will learn about how the British came to Michigan and how they affected the lives of the Native Americans.

In science last week we learned about the different types of clouds. We made a cloud finder book and practiced using it to identify the type of cloud to determine what weather it will bring. This week we will look at temperatures of places to determine why some places are hotter then other places.

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Math Study Guide

We will be having our UNIT 2 MATH TEST on Tuesday, December 4th. We will be going over this study guide today in class. I have attached a blank copy and a KEY for your review at home. Thank you for your support 🙂


Module 2 math test study guide KEY__


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Peek at Our Week

Good afternoon Haigh families 🙂 I hope you have all enjoyed Thanksgiving with your families and got a chance to spend some good quality time with your loved ones. My family and I took a road trip to Tennessee to visit family. The weather was an amazing 65 degrees and sunny. Nothing like watching the lions game on the patio on Thanksgiving!

Reminders for the week:

  • Popcorn sale this week; popcorn will be served Friday afternoon
  • PBIS celebration on Friday; Turkey bowling
  • ****I can’t believe Friday is the last day of November already!****

This week in reading we will be reviewing main idea and details. We will look at a variety of texts and passages to determine the main idea in a non-fiction text. In writing last week we learned how to write a main idea/meat paragraph for an information paper. We wrote a model one together, color coded it, and practiced writing one paragraph about wild turkeys. This week we will begin a new informational paper and work our way through the writing process.

As discussed at conferences, please make sure your child is reading at least 25 minutes at home each night. Remember, they can read their book of choice, log on to, and should be reading their reading group book each night. I try to remind them to bring this book home each night along with their math book. Extra practice and repeated readings go a long way to help improve your child’s fluency, word recognition, and vocabulary.

In math this week we will be working on adding/subtracting using the standard algorithm to solve problems. We will apply rounding of numbers to help us determine if our answers are reasonable.

In social studies last week we learned about Native Americans in Michigan. This week we will learn about explorers who came to Michigan from France and their interactions with the Native Americans.

In science this week we will continue to talk about severe weather with a focus on observing different cloud types to determine the weather.

Academic Vocabulary:

  1. Culture- The way of life for a group of people.
  2. Main idea- What the text is mostly about in one strong sentence.
  3. Artifact- An object from the past that tells about the culture of an area.
  4. Kilogram- A measure of metric weight that is large.
  5. Nonfiction- A genre of text that is real and provides facts and information to the reader.

I am looking forward to a great week back with my students 🙂

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Help Haigh Give Back

At this time of the year Haigh School always loves to give back to those in need. This school year we will be participating in 2 different drives to help out our community. The 2 drives that we are participating in are; “The Rainbow Connection Toy Drive- dedicated to giving back for Michigan Children with life threatening illnesses” and the “Battle Against Hunger- which is in partnership with the Dearborn High School and their feeder schools to raise money for Amity and Zaman food pantry’s”. At Haigh, we will have collection boxes set up in our main hallway for these two important drives. 

Please see the link below for more information 🙂

Toy and Food Drive



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Peek at Our Week

Good afternoon Haigh families:)

Reminders for the week:

  • Monday- Mid-Module 2 math assessment
  • Tuesday-Parent/Teacher conferences (appointment times reminders were sent)
  • Wednesday- PTA meeting @ 6pm in the library
  • Friday-Haigh school store; students may bring in money to purchase small items during their lunch

*** The winter weather has arrived 🙁 Please make sure to send your child in with a coat, hat, and gloves so they stay warm and toasty during recess.

Last week we reviewed non-fiction text features during our reading time. This week we will dig deeper into non-fiction text by reading a variety of articles while paying attention to how these features help solidify our understanding of the text. I want students to understand the importance of the text features and how some questions they receive rely solely on the different text features presented to them. In addition to interacting with the text features, students will learn how to find the main idea of a text. In writing we will be working on creating informational paragraphs based around a student picked main idea.

Students will take their mid-module unit 2 test tomorrow during class. Please take the time to review the study guide with your child today. The story problem based questions have the students adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing. We will also begin part two of the module this week. We will be working on rounding two and three digit numbers to the tens and hundreds on a vertical  number line.

Last week we began our new unit titled, “The History of Michigan.” Students learned how historians use sources to help them learn about the past. This week we will begin to learn about the Native Americans in Michigan.

In science we will begin to explore our new unit on weather and climate.

Academic Vocabulary:

  1. Fact- A piece of information that is proven to be true.
  2. Glossary- A list found in the back of a book that defines important words.
  3. Primary Source- Records made by people who actually saw or took place in an event.
  4. Timeline- A list of important events in the order in which they happened.
  5. Gram- A metric unit of weight that we use to measure very light objects.



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Mid Module Unit 2 STUDY GUIDE

Test on Monday. Students will review this study guide in class this week. Please review with them over the weekend. This test has a lot of story problems that have students using all four operations. Please review adding and subtracting larger numbers with them.

mid module 2 study guide

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Peek at Our Week

Good afternoon Haigh families. I hope you are enjoying your extra hour today 🙂

Reminders for the week:

  • Book Fair tomorrow
  • No school Tuesday; VOTE 🙂
  • Wednesday is the last day for Savory Foods Fundraiser
  • Thursday conferences after school; you should have received a reminder in your child’s planner of date and time (some are scheduled for the following week)
  • Friday is picture retake day

Last week was a busy, fun filled week! Our Halloween party was a success and a lot of fun. Thank you to the room mom’s for helping out! You ladies are AMAZING!

This week in reading we will be reviewing and learning about non-fiction text features. Students will review each feature and discover how useful and important they are to our comprehension of a non-fiction text. In writing this week we will continue to work on our compare and contrast paper of the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan.

In math this week we will begin the week by looking at capacity by decomposing a liter. We will work with theses liquid volumes throughout the week and solve mixed word problems that consist of all four operations.

In social studies this week we will finish up our “Passport” to Michigan project by picking a region that we studied and completing a map that highlights its common features. We will also type a summary of our learning to help describe the region they were assigned. We will also begin our new unit which is the history of Michigan.

Academic Vocabulary: 4 words this week 🙂

  1. Heading- A title at the top of a paragraph that lets readers know what they will be reading about.
  2. Equation- A mathematical statement containing an equals sign. Ex: 2 + 3 = 5
  3. History- Something that happened in the past.
  4. Capacity- The amount of liquid a container holds.
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