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Last Week of 3rd Grade!

Happy last week of school!!! 

I cannot believe it but somehow we managed to make it through this very challenging year! A BIG, HUGE thank you to all of my students and parents for hanging in there and keeping your motivation up this year.

We will be having our end of the year celebration on Monday/Tuesday from 11-2:00. 3rd grade has planned for some fun Minute-To-Win in type games. Here are the details:

  • Dress in cool, comfortable clothes (you may want to bring an extra shirt in case you get WET!)
  • Wear gym shoes
  • Bring a refillable water bottle. We will have filling stations along with juice boxes
  • Bring a sac lunch and a beach towel or small blanket to sit on
  • Come with a positive attitude and ready for some FUN!!

This week Haigh is also asking that your child please return their school issued Chrome book and charger on Monday/Tuesday of this week. We will work on updating them and cleaning them up over the summer. Due to the turning in of Chrome books there will be no check in or specials Tuesday-Friday. Please be sure to take a look at the assignment sheet for some fun activities and reading that your child can engage in (Optional) on these days. 

Library Books- Please take a sweep of your home to see if there are any Haigh library books at home.In addition, students may have brought a book from my library home as well (My books have a “H” with a circle around it).Thank you for looking!  If you would like to donate any age appropriate chapter books to my classroom I would be more than happy to add them to my library 🙂 

On Thursday and Friday your child does not need to bring a backpack to school. Just a refillable water bottle and a smile is all that is needed. 

Friday is a half day of school with dismissal at 11:45. Please be sure to take note of this change in dismissal time.

Wishing all of you a safe, healthy, and FUN summer ahead! Wishing all my students the best of luck in 4th grade 🙂

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Peek at Our Week

Good evening Haigh Families! We are down to our last 2 weeks of this school year! WOW! We all survived this crazy and imperfect year. Thank you all for your support and patience as we all learned so many new things this year. 

Reminders for the week:

  • Math quiz Monday/Tuesday on attributes of shapes
  • Extended day after school program has ended. Please pick your child up at 2:20 at the 3rd grade doors
  • Important–Students will be turning in Haigh CHROMEBOOKS during the week of June 14th. We are going to repair, update, and reprogram them over the summer. Please be sure to get them ready for that week. You will need to send the CHROMEBOOK along with the CHARGER.
  • Please be sure to send in a water bottle with your child, temps look steamy!
  • June 10/11th Winn-Dixie movie day–students can bring a small snack, drink, and beach towel to chill on
  • Thank you for donations for our end of year picnic. Please send in all items by Friday the 11th 🙂 
  • Please hop on over to Schoology to access our weekly assignment sheet

This week we will work on wrapping up our NWEA testing, finishing our severe weather essays, and completing our ABC of 3rd grade books. We will also fit in some FUN and engaging STEM activities. 

Looking forward to a great week ahead! 

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Peek at Our Week

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope everyone has had a great weekend with family and friends. The weather sure did surprise us with some sunshine this weekend.

This week we will continue to finish up all testing. Most students are almost complete.

We will also be working in composing our severe weather essays in class. Students have worked hard researching and planning their writing.

Looking ahead as our crazy, imperfect, and one for the record books YEAR is coming to an end, we will be having grade level celebrations. I think all students deserve a fun celebration after working hard this school year in some very different circumstances. The tentative date for the picnic/game day is for June 14th and 15th. Later this week I will be sending out a sign up genius for donations of some light food items to help with our picnic. Due to Covid restrictions, this year our picnic must be held on school grounds. I am not sure the need yet for volunteers but parents may attend as long as they are following Covid restrictions (mask). I am also planning a movie day (June 10th, 11th) since our class is finishing up our class read aloud of Winn-Dixie.

Please hop on over to Schoology to see this weeks assignment sheet.

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Peek at Our Week

Good Evening Haigh Families! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend. It is a real glimpse of summer 🙂

Last week we learned a lot of information about tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires

This week we will continue to work on our severe weather informational essay by finishing up the blueprint  (Our plan for writing). 

This week we will also continue with our NWEA testing. We will move onto math as soon as ELA is complete. 

Last week in math we learned about solving multi-step word problems. We learned to solve these using the read-draw-write process. Students learned to read the problem, identify the question, and look for key words in the problem. I also encouraged them to draw a picture and cross off numbers they used to help them get to all of the steps. We will be having a quick quiz on Monday so it is a good idea to practice solving some this weekend. Students can refer to any problems not completed in their Learn or Succeed book from lessons 1-3. Students can also practice if they have yet to get to these lessons on Zearn. 

Reminders for the Week:

  • NWEA testing this week
  • Math quiz on Monday
  • Please be sure to send your child to school with a water bottle, the days are HOT! 
  • No school on Friday the 28th or Monday the 31st in observance of Memorial Day
  • Head on over to Schoology under updates to get a copy of this week’s assignment sheet

Looking forward to a great week ahead 🙂 

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Peek at Our Week

Good Afternoon Haigh Families! I hope everyone had a great break and were able to make some great memories with your family. A big shout out to my students who did a GREAT job when I had to be off last week! Thank you 🙂 

This week we will read all about severe weather and understand how each of these storms form and the dangers associated with them. We will also use our understanding to pull out important information about 3 of these storms to begin our work on an informational writing prompt. 

In math this week we will work on problem solving strategies and using a variable to represent the unknown. 

We will begin NWEA testing on Thursday/Friday. This time your child will be taking both reading and math.We will begin with reading and make our way to math.  If your child has yet to complete the M-Step test, they will finish that first. Please encourage your child to take their time and try their best….the end is in sight!

Reminders for the week:

  • Check in for attendance and review of assignments is at 8:40. Please help your child be present and prompt
  • Please be sure your child brings a fully charged Chromebook to school each day along with all reading and math books
  • NWEA/M-Step testing will be on Thursday and Friday this week
  • The weather looks hot, hot, hot this week! Be sure your child dresses for the warmer weather and brings a water bottle along with them
  • Please head over to Schoology under updates to see a copy of this week’s assignment sheet

Looking forward to a great week ahead!

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Peek at Our Week

Good Morning Haigh Families and Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Haigh mama’s! I hope your children are spoiling you today 🙂 

This week we only have 2 days of school due to the Ramadan holiday. Happy Ramadan to those who celebrate! May you have a blessed week.

Reminders for the week:

  • Please remind your child to bring all reading and math books to school each day along with their fully charged Chromebook
  • Most students are finished with both ELA and math M-Step. We will begin NWEA after the break. 
  • Please head on over to Schoology to access this week’s assignment sheet under updates
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Teacher of the Year Award Nominations

Nominations have now opened for the 2021 Alberta Muirhead Teacher of the Year Students Choice Award.  

This annual award is sponsored by the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce and presented by LaFontaine Automotive Group. The nomination deadline is Friday, May 28, 2021 at 5 p.m.  The online nomination form can be found at

Paper nomination forms can be printed from here or picked up at any Dearborn Public School or the District’s Administrative Service Center. Completed forms can be dropped off or mailed to the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce, 22100 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI 48124 or faxed to (313) 584-9818.  Adults may assist students in completing nominations when necessary.  No more than two teachers may be nominated per student.

“In a year where every teacher is deserving of this award, I hope many of our students will take a few moments to nominate their favorite teacher.  Nominating a teacher for this award is a great way to honor them and show appreciation for  the work they have done to create a meaningful educational experience in the virtual, hybrid, and in-person classroom,” said Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Glenn Maleyko. 

Applications will be assessed on the quality of the nomination, not on the number received.  Award judges are members of the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce Education Committee and are not provided with the teachers’ names. One winner from each category will be announced at a special ceremony at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center on Thursday, Sept. 23 at 4:15 p.m. 

Winning teachers receive a $1,000 cash prize and a glass award commemorating their achievement. 

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Peek at Our Week

Good Afternoon Haigh Families!  Happy May! I cannot believe the school year is almost complete. Please be sure to review the Haigh Summer School opportunity that was sent to your email last week and under updates in Schoology. This is an AWESOME opportunity for your Haigh Owl! Your child will get extra support/enrichment in reading, math, and writing while enjoying special classes like stem, gardening, and PE. Be sure to sign up for this FREE program by the May 14th deadline. 

Last week we began our ELA M-Step testing. Students worked hard and many finished this assessment. Students who completed the ELA portion will begin math this week. Students who are still working will continue to complete the ELA and move on to math once complete. My goal is to be done with M-Step testing by the end of this week. 

While working hard on our M-Step last week, students also learned MANY new math vocabulary words in preparation for their math M-Step and NWEA assessments. Ask your child some of the new words they learned. We also worked hard at learning about the different types of graphs and how to interpret information about each. This week students will take their unit 6 math test on Thursday(A), Friday(B). We completed the unit 6 study guide this week in class. Please remind, encourage, and support your child in reviewing this sheet with them. 

This week we will read and learn about different types of extreme weather. Students will begin to gather information about 3 of these types of weather to complete an essay about extreme weather to go along with our ELA and science unit. 

Reminders for the week:

  • Check in for students on their “Off” days is at 8:40. Many students have been showing up late or not at all. This creates a gap in their understanding of assignments and leads to missing assignments and inconsistent practice of a skill
  • Please review missing assignments with your child
  • Math test Thursday (A), Friday (B)
  • Students will be getting a NEW math learn book this week, we will begin using it on Wednesday
  • Check out the summer school information that was sent out last week; deadline is May 14th
  • Please remind your child to bring all reading and math books to school each day along with their fully charged Chromebook
  • Please head on over to Schoology to access this week’s assignment sheet under updates
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Peek at Our Week

Good evening Haigh families and happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend. 

Tomorrow we will begin our ELA M-Step testing. Even though this year has given us all challenges and proved to have hurdles for us to jump, I do feel that my students are ready to rise to this challenge. We have been working hard all year and practicing so many skills along the way. I am confident that my students will try their best and rock the test! That being said, please make sure your child gets a good nights rest, eats a nutritious breakfast, and arrives to school on time and with their fully charged Chromebook. 

This week we will continue to work on graphing in math. We will focus on line graphs and plan to wrap up our unit and test next week. We will also do additional math review of items that we have yet to get to this year in preparation for the math M-Step next week. Items to review/learn are area/perimeter, time, multi-step word problems and geometry vocabulary. We will try our best to touch on each of these items in class and in the work on student “at home” days. 

In reading we will get our new Weather and Climate reading books to compliment our science unit. We will be reading about how we tell the weather by observing the clouds. 

Reminders for the week:

  • Bring all math and reading books to school each day
  • Bring your fully charged Chromebook to school each day
  • Please be sure to do a Zearn lesson each day
  • Please provide some encouraging words for your child in preparation for the M-Step this week 🙂
  • Please check for missing assignments to submit
  • Please head on over to Schoology under updates to see this week’s assignment sheet 🙂

Looking forward to a great week! The weather is supposed to be fabulous on Tuesday and Wednesday this week! Spring has sprung 🙂

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Peek at Our Week

Good Afternoon Haigh Families!

This week we will be working on our date and graphs unit in math. We will also touch on perimeter and some geometry terms in order to prepare for state testing.

In ELA we will be working on completing our extended response about Mary Leakey.We worked on these last week and the students are all doing very well. I am impressed at how many improvements I am seeing in their writing ability.  We will also be reading a nonfiction article and a few poems, working our way through all types of genres  to prepare for state testing.  We will also be completing some more of our geography slides as we learn about the bodies of water in Michigan.

Reminders for the week:

  • If your child is fasting, please sign and return the permission slip that was sent home last week
  • Extended day begins this week if your child was invited. Please be sure to sign the permission slip if you have not already done so in order for your child to participate. 
  • Please be sure your child brings ALL materials to class. I have had several that have forgotten their materials. Having ALL math books, their reading book, and a fully charged chrome book to school every day is important
  • We will begin M-Step testing next week (April 26th) Students will work on reading next week and math the following week. Please discuss with them the importance of taking their time to “Show what they know.” Please click here for further information about this test
  • Please check in with your child and ask them if they have submitted ALL assignments on Schoology and on Readworks. I have had several that are getting Spring Fever” and forgetting to submit. 🙂
  • Please be sure your child comes to school with a jacket, many were freezing last week at recess ….and I hear the weather’s going to surprise us with snow later in the week 🙁 
  • Please head on over to Schoology under updates to access the weekly assignment sheet 🙂

Looking forward to another great week at Haigh! I just love seeing your children in person again:)

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