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~ Lyndsay Glover ~ Instructional Coach Posts

Caffeinated-IC Thought #2

“Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down.” ~Ray Bradbury

For the last couple of weeks, well a month really, I have been having a lot of anxiety about school. I’m worried I’m not doing enough. I’m worried about my students. I’m worried about how I can support my teachers. I’m worried. Period. A worrier by nature, I have to actively work at remembering that I cannot control everything. During this time of unknowns we are doing our best to ensure students are safe, emotionally supported, and given every opportunity to continue their education. So, be patient with your teachers and with yourself. We are trying lots of new things with remote learning and it is not all going to go as planned, but as with anything new it is going to be uncomfortable at first. Don’t worry though, metaphorically jump out that window and I’m sure you will find something great on the way down! ;).

~The Mythical Unicorn~

Look. Here is the thing. FOSTER A LOVE OF READING. That’s it. That’s the secret! Your child needs to read. They need to see you read. They need to be read with and read to. I know we are busy, but just think how EASY this is. Have your child read the back of a cereal box, traffic signs, billboards, anything, and everything. Ask them questions about their reading. Talk to them about what they notice. Seriously. This is the mythical unicorn of reading instruction. Your welcome.

Now, if you want to be a little more technical, there is a formula that classroom teachers use when considering those books that come home with your child in their book bags. Here it is: 3ish independent +2ish instructional + 1ish advanced = 6 booksish. So, here is the breakdown of what those terms mean. Independent books are books kids can read without any help from an adult. Instructional means they will need to sit side-by-side with someone who can read WITH them, not FOR them. Finally, the advanced book is usually high interest that is way above their reading level. That’s okay! Read this book with your child because it is probably one they chose for themselves. NEVER discourage the LOVE OF READING!

So, this chart can help you decipher the various ways teachers level books for supporting your child’s reading instruction. In Dearborn, most teachers use the DRA Level, but at times you will here the F&P (Fountas & Pinnell) letter. I use them as one in the same. When you visit libraries – when it is within the realms of practicing safe, social distancing – they will most likely use Lexile.

“C” is for Caring

Our Communities in Schools Site Coordinator shared this with us and it is just fabulous. Not because Sesame Street gives me all the warm and fuzzies from my childhood, but because it is exactly the kind of support our kiddos need right now. #CaringForEachOther

Don’t Forget!

While you are practicing social distancing, don’t forget to take breaks and MOVE! GoNoodle is something I used in my classroom on a daily basis. There are short and long videos (“indoor recess” saved my life on those nasty Indiana days). Not looking for something that energizes your kids then check out the mindfulness section. Namaste.

– Happy Birthday –

Feeling a little like Michael Scott in the pictures below, but thankful to be healthy on this dreary, Michigan morning. Also…if you do not know this reference, STOP what you are doing and watch The Office on Netflix. If you do not have Netflix….my goodness get your priorities straight! ;).

Caffeinated-IC Thought #1

“As much as we need to control the spread of the virus, we need to control the spread of hopelessness. It is every bit as debilitating.”

~Mitch Albom

This quote comes from a column written for this past Sunday edition of the Detroit Free Press and of course it comes from my favorite author. With everything going on in the world, please remember to check-in on each other. We need those little reminders that there are people out there still thinking about us and that we are not alone in this.

So, to my fellow teacher friends…Hi! Hope everyone is well. I hope my “finally updated” blog helps bring you resources and a smile.

(clink-clink) CHEERS!