Fun and Functional Speech and Language Activities at Home

There are many ways we can express ourselves at home. We can talk about our everyday activities. Here are some ideas:

Get started/be organized: Plan your day! Sequence your activies: First, we eat breakfast and clean up. Next, we read books. Then, we do exercises (see Ms. Beck’s and Ms. Suarez’s recommendations on Class Dojo!). After that, we … etc. Cut pictures from a magazine and create/reuse a daily picture schedule if you like!

Expressive Language: Play “I Spy”! Describe something in your house or picture (imagine) it in your mind. Use descriptive words such as color, size, shape, function (what do you do with it), person (who uses it), place (where is it), and quantity (how many are there) to describe it. Can you guess or draw what it is?

Vocabulary : As you read your books, are there words you don’t know or are not sure about? How can you find out? Use a dictionary! You can download an app (Giant Picture Dictionary) or find one online:

Comprehension: As you read, ask questions! Who are the characters? What is the setting? What are they doing? Why did the characters do what they did? How did they feel? How do you know? When you finish reading, summarize! What happened first, next, then, and last? Can you tell someone about the details in the story? Can you tell them the main idea? Extension: Were there any new words that you learned? Write them down! Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story. Keep a journal of all the stories you’ve read! Enjoy!

Articulation: As you read, look for words that have the sound you are practicing. Or, look in a magazine and find pictures that begin with the sound you are practicing. Are you practicing /s/? Look for /s/ words! Are you practicing /r/? Look for /r/ words. For an additional list of words with the sounds you are practicing, look here:

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