Clean Up Parade

Haigh Community: We are excited to announce that Haigh is participating in the “Clean Up Parade” this Monday at 1:30pm! It has been 2 years since our school has had the parade. The purpose of the parade is to instill in our students the importance of keeping our community clean and to promote a healthy environment. On the bottom of… Read more →

PBIS Celebration – Upland Farms

Dear Families,   The end of the month is here, which means it is time to celebrate our students who have demonstrated consistent positive behavior throughout the month of March! Our celebration will be on Thursday, March 28th and includes Upland Farms bringing their mobile zoo to Haigh for an opportunity for students to learn about and interact with different… Read more →

Important Updates

 Please see the message below from our district office. Due to extremely cold temperatures and wind chills, all after school activities for Tuesday, January 29, 2019 are cancelled.  This includes all parent meetings,extended day tutoring, concerts, athletic competitions and practices.  Adult and Community Education classes will also be closed this evening (1/29/19). Kids Club and All Day Pre-School will remain open until… Read more →


        Tomorrow the first graders will take the NWEA reading test. The children will be asked 43 questions all related to ELA concepts (reading comprehension, syllables, antonyms and synonyms, sentence structure, punctuation, vocabulary, etc. . The test will be read to them through headphones and they will need to choose the best answer to the questions. I… Read more →

NWEA Holiday Challenge

      Hi families! Over the 2 week break, we are organizing a fun holiday challenge for your child to participate in to help prepare them for the upcoming NWEA tests in January. Here are the rules to participate in the challenge: Practice the questions found within the Reading NWEA Review Packet. Practice the questions found within the Math… Read more →

Retelling Ropes

Your child will be bringing home a new reading tool in their book bag – their own retelling rope! Their rope consists of 8 colored beads threaded on a shoelace. This tool is used to help students with reading comprehension of a fictional story. Children know that comprehension happens when they understand what they read. I can test their comprehension using… Read more →

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