LAST Weekly Overview!

  • Congrats to those above a 75%! You have an “A” according to our modified grading scale.
  • If you do not yet have a 75%, you should look at your gradebook and figure out what you need to turn-in/make-up to get there.
  • If you are below a 60%, you have WORK to do, or you will not receive credit for the semester :/

Many requested to make-up missed quizzes-

They are open until 11:59 pm on ilearn. PLEASE READ LABELS CAREFULLY, as there are 5 open. Make sure you are taking the correct one, according to gradebook.

You MUST notify me when you take them, so I can update.

ALL work is due tomorrow at 11:59 pm.

Optional BBB Wed. at 4 pm for final goodbyes and Shout Outs. Hope to see you there!

See Link for a Survey for your Parents to take (please share):

Thanks for a great year! It wasn’t what we planned, but we made the best of it and you all were an integral part of our success! Thanks for your patience, flexibility, communication, and self-discipline. It’s not easy to advocate for your own learning, but it is essential. I am grateful we were ALL pushed out of our comfort zones and challenged to step it up. I know I learned at TON from YOU all, as well. So, thanks πŸ™‚

  • Mon. 6/1: 1968/Kent State Quiz REOPENED (for late credit) CLOSING 11:59 pm
  • Mon. 6/1-Fri. 6/5: ilearn Extra Credit Short Answer Response OPEN (NOW worth 10 points-including those already submitted)
  • Wed. 6/3: MANDATORY BBB on ilearn (last one-10 summative points)
  • Thurs. 6/4: New Extra Credit Assignment (Lyric/Video Analysis)
  • Mon. 6/8-Tues. 6/9: Time to finish Make-Up/Late Work.

  • Please be aware it is up to YOU to schedule a time to take closed quizzes/assignments and notify me when work is completed so I may update your grade.

  • EVERTHING is due on Tues. 6/9 at 11:59 pm. LAST day.

LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL (M. 6/8-Th. 6/11):

  • If you have a 75% or higher on Mon. 6/8-you will receive an A for the Semester and do not have to do the extra credit or make-up assignments
  • If you have a 60-75% on Mon. 6/8-you may CHOOSE to do the extra credit or make-up assignments to get to a 75% (A). Otherwise, you will receive β€œCredit” for the semester.
  • If you DO NOT HAVE ABOVE a 60% on Mon. 6/8-you MUST do the extra-credit and make-up work or you WILL NOT receive Credit for the semester.

Choose Wisely-You need my class to graduate (Summer School is still happening and it is Remote, as well) and you have an opportunity to REALLY BOOST your GPA

District Appeals Process Info now on Google Class and MBCC Blog (link below)

What a BEAUTIFUL day outside! Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend, Eid, Memorial Day, and got to play outside πŸ™‚

  • Tues. 5/26: Video/Notes Assignment (see Google Class- Quiz F. 5/29)
  • Wed. 5/27: MANDATORY BBB
  • Thurs. 5/28: No assignment (work on missing assignments, prep/review for Quiz)
  • Fri. 5/29: SUMMATIVE QUIZ ON iLearn (on Videos), 20 pts

ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS! We got this πŸ™‚

Miss yas, Be Well!

M. 5/18: Announcement:

From Dr. Bayerl: “I am currently working on the 2020-2021 MBCC schedule. If you have NOT done your course requests for next year yet, please email your counselor (and copy me) ASAP so we can save you a space in the class you want!”

T. 5/19: Chpt 22 Vocab Assignment (individual) DUE TH. 5/21 at noon

W. 5/20: Class BBB’s (between 2-3:35 at your scheduled time, on ilearn)

Th.5/21: Make-Up Work Day (ONLY need to do IF you are missing assignments, more details to follow).


We are ALSO off on Monday, 5/25 for Memorial Day.

We will resume Remote Learning on Tuesday, 5/26 πŸ™‚

Hi All, Just a friendly reminder that the grading system for Semester 2 (for the entire District) is as follows

  • MP4 will count as normal, as we reported grades before shifting to Remote Learning.
  • MP5 will be dropped.
  • MP6 will be graded on a modified system (see below):

75% or higher=”A”
59% or lower= NO CREDIT

NOTHING from the time between 3/16 (when we left school) and 4/20 (when we resumed grading) counted against you. It only HELPED your grade (or it was dropped).

What that means FOR YOU–

You MUST have a 60% to receive credit for this Marking Period. Because my course is one you need to graduate, you would need to make it up in summer school (which will likely be Remote, as well) and costs money.


PLEASE make it a point to reach out if you are currently below 60% and arrange a way to make up missing work. I will do all I am permitted to do to help you get there, but you must put in the effort as well.

The ONLY way you can be excused from work is to have a documented illness on file or a documented case of lack of resources, with the District. If that is the case you MUST reach out so I can help you with that process.

This week, we are moving on to Unit 10 (Chpt 22): The Vietnam War and Protest Movements

Tuesday, 5/12: Chpt 22 Vocab (all sections, all terms) **3 day assignment (Due Thurs. 5/14 at 11:59 pm)

Wednesday, 5/13: Live BBB Meets on iLearn (see schedule below)

1st Hour2-2:15
2nd Hour2:20-2:35
3rd Hour2:40-2:55
4th Hour3:00-3:15
6th Hour3:20-3:35

Thursday, 5/14: Review for Vocab Quiz (Chpt 22)-Review Guide & Extended Office Hours for additional support

Friday, 5/15: SUMMATIVE Vocab Quiz on iLearn

First, some announcements/updates:

Your QUIZ (30 points) from F. 5/1 is now REOPEN for TODAY ONLY! (it is now late 1 day, and will be graded accordingly)

Your QUIZ (20 points) from F. 4/24 is also REOPEN for TODAY ONLY! (it is now 6 days late, and will be graded accordingly)

This Week’s Schedule:

  • Tues. 5/5: Lesson/Assignment on Google Class (Motown in Civil Rights Movement & Article)
  • Wed. 5/6: LIVE Big Blue Button Meet (schedule same as Google Meets-sending more info Tues. 5/5)
  • Thurs. 5/7: Lesson/Assignment on Google Class (Civil Rights Protest Music/Lyric Analysis Annotations)
  • Friday. 5/8: Quiz on Weekly Lessons on iLearn (summative)

Hello, here is a BRIEF overview for the week πŸ™‚

Tues 4/28 -Video/Video Notes Assignment via Google Classroom

Wed 4/29-Weekly Check-In/Q&A (format TBD)

Thurs 4/30-Video, Video/Video Notes Assignment via Google Classroom

Fri 5/1-QUIZ on videos


April Students of the Month are:

Magdah, Yemen, Ismail, Ahmed N., Shereen!!!! Good Work πŸ™‚

Hello All, and Happy Monday!

As you hopefully now know, we are STILL Remote Learning through the rest of the School Year, as scheduled, and grades will count. The grading system has been modified to reflect the State Orders/Guidelines. Please go to our GOOGLE CLASSROOM for the guidelines (google doc)

I will continue to reach out via Remind to ensure you are on the right track this first week and please continue to reach out to ME if you are confused.

Be patient and STAY SMART. Miss you all Lots and Lots

-Mrs. B

Google Class for more info and regular updates: Brewer US History (enrollment code=c3g5wmq)


For the rest of the school year we will be Remote Learning.

We will be using the following in the following ways. Please make sure you are enrolled in all!

Parents/Guardians are welcome and encouraged to join, as well!

iLearn: Course Content and testing/assignments for credit (proof of what we learned)

Google Class: Daily formative (building our knowledge) for feedback and additional support as well as communications

Remind: Daily updates and helpful directions/reminders

Please reach out if you need help in enrolling in any of the above (iLearn, Google Class, Remind) or have ANY questions.

Parents/Guardians– If any of this is confusing, just do what I do….ask your kids! They are very good at the technology πŸ™‚


(Working on a google phone number for calls, info to follow soon….)

Be Well, Stay SMART, and thank you for your kindness.

All my best,

Mrs. Brewer