Spring Break Engagment Packet

It’s finally Spring Break!!! Students will be off Saturday 3/30 – Sunday 4/7. Students are bringing home a packet today of things to work on over the break. As a mom I know breaks are meant for that, taking a break! As a teacher I know that students need to keep their brains engaged to make it to the 4th grade finish line.

I have compiled a list of work that I feel is something that could be done for a short amount of time each day. I will post a video on Class Dojo explaining the directions so you can reference that! My tip is to double dip as much as possible. Using the time spent reading on Mr. Nussbaum as part of your reading log and Books for Bikes raffle!

Spring Break Engagement Packet

Spring Break Reading Log

Explanation coming on Dojo soon!

Week 15 (12/10-12/14)

Reminders for Week 15 (12/10-12/14):

– We will visit the Book Fair tomorrow, Tuesday (students can purchase books on the spot, don’t forget enough for 6% TAX!)
– Wednesday is Late Start (1 hour delay, see you at 9:35)
Thursday is Healthy Living and then Math Night at HFES
– Friday is Red & Green (Holiday) spirit day

We will be taking quizzes this week and next week before the break. Please check Dojo, our Blog and Google Classroom for resources to help your child study and be successful.

Spelling Week 15_ Words with _on_ & _en_

Unit 3 Human Environment Interaction Quiz Questions and Answers

Science & Social Studies resources linked on our blog HERE


Upcoming dates: 

12/18 Roller Skating Field Trip! 10:30-1:30

12/20 Library

12/21 PJ Day, Class Holiday Party

12/17-12/21 – PTA Holiday Sale – students can buy presents for family members

12/22-1/6 Christmas Break

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