Week 15 (12/10-12/14)

Reminders for Week 15 (12/10-12/14):

– We will visit the Book Fair tomorrow, Tuesday (students can purchase books on the spot, don’t forget enough for 6% TAX!)
– Wednesday is Late Start (1 hour delay, see you at 9:35)
Thursday is Healthy Living and then Math Night at HFES
– Friday is Red & Green (Holiday) spirit day

We will be taking quizzes this week and next week before the break. Please check Dojo, our Blog and Google Classroom for resources to help your child study and be successful.

Spelling Week 15_ Words with _on_ & _en_

Unit 3 Human Environment Interaction Quiz Questions and Answers

Science & Social Studies resources linked on our blog HERE


Upcoming dates: 

12/18 Roller Skating Field Trip! 10:30-1:30

12/20 Library

12/21 PJ Day, Class Holiday Party

12/17-12/21 – PTA Holiday Sale – students can buy presents for family members

12/22-1/6 Christmas Break

Holiday sticker/decoration donations

I know there are a lot of outstretched hands during the Holiday months, please do NOT feel obligated to donate.

We are looking for some fun donations to help our students stay engaged during December.

Basically we’re looking for winter stickers (gems, snowflakes, etc.)and some snowflake ornaments to decorate our door.

Here is the sign up link:https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0E45ACAA29A1F85-winter

Feel free to comment or message me with questions. Most items can be found for about $1 at Dollar Tree or Walmart.

You can ALWAYS send in holiday pencils and/or erasers (whatever the holiday)! Students LOVE getting them as prizes at the end ofthe week for good behavior/completing their work!

Week #10 11/5-11/9

Here are a few reminders and FYIs for this week:

  • We are starting flexible seating. Students will be trying Spheres as seats this week. They will decided on Friday if they’d like one as their permanent seat. Students may bring in their own Spheres (yoga balls) as long as they bring as frisbee with it.
  • We are in need of frisbees to use to hold the Spheres in place. Please consider donating frisbees to our class. We need 12 more total.
  • NO SCHOOL Tuesday, 11/5, due to election day. Please vote and take your child(ren) with you so they can see the process! Every vote matters!
  • We started Read on the Computer today in class during Daily 5. Students have a reading assignment for the week that they must read on a Chromebook or iPad during Daily 5 time. If they don’t finish the assignment during class it is then HOMEWORK and must be completed at home. Here is the link to our eTextbook for Social Studies. We do not have a hard book.
  • Conferences are 11/8, 11/13 and 11/15, you will be receiving a reminder card this week.
  • Our weekly writing this week is narrative writing. 
  • Spelling words are posted on the Weekly Spelling tab of our blog.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification on anything! I appreciate your continued support! 🙂 We have a great class this year!

Mrs. Brady

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