Make your Own

Grocery Bag Jump Rope

Hi, Boys and Girls. This week Mrs Blasko would like you watch my video on making a jump rope from grocery bags. If you do not have enough bags maybe you can ask family and close friends if they have some you can have.

Please try and have your Jump ropes made by Friday October 1st, 2021. We will be working on our jump rope skills for the Month of October. It is going to be lots of fun

Virtual Learning Activity

K-2 P.E. Activity Lesson

Hi Boys and Girls,

Your lesson this week is to watch and listen to my Virtual P.E. Rules and the click on the activity that says scarf exploration. Try doing that activity all the way through. Please leave a comment on weather you liked the activity and if you understood my Virtual P.E. Rules. Have Fun.

3-5 P.E. Activity Lesson

Hi Boys and Girls,

Your activity for the week is to watch my virtual p.e. rules and comment on one thing you learning while watching the video. Your second task is to scroll through my blog and choose a homemade piece of equipment that you would like to make and make it. You will be able to show me when I come to visit next week.

Make your BackYard

Croquet Set

Your Croquet Set will require 2 toilet paper rolls, 1 wrapping paper roll, heavier tape 1 – 3 1 liter pop bottles. This will make 1 mallet. I have set this as the last project due on June 8th. This will give you time to collect your supplies. This is a fun easy game to play with family. Please use a paper ball taped up so they don’t break. if you want to make your croquet mallet stronger stuff all tubes with paper. This will make it much stronger and longer lasting. Have fun and Don’t forget to send me a picture of your mallet or mallets on class dojo or google classroom. Have fun and I look forward to seeing your croquet mallet.

How to fold a paper claw

How to make an awesome paper claw frisbee:

Making a Frisbee from Paper Claws

  1. 1Fold eight sheets of paper into paper claws. Use colored paper to make a colorful frisbee. You will need to fold all eight sheets into claws to create your frisbee.
  2. 2Insert the point of one claw into the opening of another. Use tape to secure each claw together. Continue inserting the claws into one another to create an octagonal shaped donut.
  3. 3Wrap the frisbee with tape. Use scotch tape or duct tape to give stability and strength to your paper frisbee.
    • Use tape to connect each claw together.
    • Wrap the entire frisbee using decorative tape to add stability and a design element.


Welcome to my blog. Please look through my blog and choose one piece of homemade equipment. Your job is to recreate this piece of equipment. Please send me a picture of yourself using this piece of equipment