Lowrey Middle School

Eighth Grade Social Studies

Mr. Salamey

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Email: salamea2@dearbornschools.org

Course Description: U.S. History

The following topics will be covered in our eighth grade Social Studies class:

Unit 1: Our Colonial Heritage 

Unit 2: Setting the Stage

Unit 3: Forming a New Nation

Unit 4: Launching the New Republic

Unit 5: An Expanding Nation

Unit 6: Americans in the mid 1800’s

Unit 7: The Union Challenged 


  • Primary Resource: History Alive: The United States Through Industrialism (stays in class)
  • Other Resources: Primary and Secondary sources (articles, graphs, maps, etc.)

Necessary Materials

  • 1” Binder, 5 tab dividers, college ruled 200 loose-leaf papers, pens, colored pencils.
  • 60 sheets for classwork
  • 100 for notes
  • 20 for vocab and bellwork
  • highlighter, black/blue pens, glue, sharpener, INDEX CARDS (for exit slips), reading tabs
  • 4 Tabs must be labeled:
  • Bellwork
  • Notes
  • Classwork & Handouts
  • Vocabulary
  • (if necessary for other materials)
  • You will need to restock your binder with paper every so often


  1. Prompt– Must be in your seat and doing your bell work on time.
  2. Procedural– Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Prepared– Bring materials to class.
  4. Polite– Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
  5. Positive– Respect yourself, your school, your fellow students, and everyone’s property.
  6. If you are absent it is your responsibility to ask me what you have missed.
  7. You will have a binder check every three weeks or so. This will consist of checking Bell work and classwork as well as notes.
  8. uphold my 4 classroom rules.


  • Warning and/or loss of privileges
    • Documentation of behavior and actions taken
      • Detention with parental contact
        • Schedule parent conference with teacher/team/counselor
          • Referral to assistant principal or principal for further detentions/OSS


  • Regular attendance is very important for full comprehension of the material and for excellent grades.  However, in the event that a student is absent, he/she will be allowed a time equal to the absence to complete and submit the work penalty-free.  Each student is responsible for talking to the teacher to collect and discuss assignments missed while absent. Parents must call the office to report any absence. 313-827-1800

Late Work

  • Some assignments can be turned in 1 day late, but the score will be marked down 10% off (ex:… a 10 pt assignment will be marked off 1 pt…  a 20 pt assignment… loses 2pts, etc)

Grading Procedures

      • Formative
        • Bellwork/Prepared/Participation 10%
        • Classwork 10%
      • Summative
        • Tests/quizzes/projects 80%

*subject to change

Grading Scale

A+ 97% – 100% Reserved for exceptional work!

A’s 90% – 96%

B’s 80% – 89%

C’s 70% – 79% 

D’s 60% – 69%

E’s      59% and below