Review for 2/14 Quiz

To review for tomorrow’s 10 question quiz, study these topics:

  • Eastern/Southern Africa
  • West Africa (Mansa Musa +  Mali)
  • Ming China (+ Zheng He’s voyages)
  • Tokugawa Japan

For the quiz, it’s important to know their main characteristics, and how they are similar/different.

Here is a quizizz for the first three topics (Monday-Wednesday).

Here is a quizizz for today’s topic.

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2/13/2020 World History Classwork

Today we wrap up our mini-unit on Africa and Asia before imperialism. Our last topic is the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan. For some context, watch from 4:46-7:18 of this Crash Course episode.

Then look through these documents and complete the prompts on this graphic organizer.

When finished, choose one of these options to complete on the back (excluding 5th and 6th hours).

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2/12/2020 World History Classwork

Today we turn to Asia prior to the arrival of the Europeans, focusing on the Ming dynasty in China and the voyages of Zheng He. For some context, watch the first 5 minutes of this documentary.

Then, read this article (highlight and annotate; 5 notes per side). After, test what you’ve learned in the last three lessons with this quizizz.

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2/11/2020 World History Classwork

As we continue to look at life before imperialism, we turn our attention to the Malian Kingdom, particularly its best-known ruler, Mansa Musa.

Read this article from the BBC. As you read, highlight/underline important information and make 5 notes in the margins on EACH side (so, 10 total notes).

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2/10/2020 World History Classwork

Before we begin our next unit, Imperialism, it is important to review what life in Africa and Asia (broadly speaking) was like before the Europeans enter the picture.

To that end, read pages 422-427 in the book. On a separate sheet of your own lined paper, take 2-3 notes for each of the 4 RED headings in the section.

Then, respond to questions 1 and 3-8 from the end of the section (pg. 427). You do NOT have to do questions 2 or 9.

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2/6/2020 World History Classwork

Today is set aside to review the Industrial Revolution prior to tomorrow’s 20-question multiple choice test.

Complete this review sheet, and make sure you know the meanings of all the key terms. Then, try this Quizizz to review topics from last week.

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2/5/2020 World History Classwork

Today we take a closer look at the most important capitalist thinker, Adam Smith, and the founder of communism, Karl Marx.

Using these prompts as a guide, watch the videos (linked in the PDF) and respond to all questions.

When you’re finished, practice this Quizizz to review the topics from this week so far.

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2/4/2020 World History Classwork

Today we start work on the final section of the Industrial Revolution unit: reform.

Read pages 734-739 from the book and respond to these questions.

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2/3/2020 World History Classwork

For the rest of the week, we’re going to look more closely at the impact of the Industrial Revolution, especially the social reform movements.

To begin, read these excerpts from chapter 25.2. Highlight.Underline and make ~10 notes in the margins as you read.

After that, read through these definitions from chapter 25.4 (we’ll complete the bottom portion tomorrow). Choose one term and complete this graphic organizer for that term.

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1/31/2020 World History Classwork

Today we held our Socratic seminars for the Industrial Revolution, the first summative assignment of the semester.

If you were absent or are unsatisfied with the scored you earned, see these instructions for the alternate assignment. The score you earn for the alternate assignment will replace your Socratic seminar score.

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