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The knowledge and study of human endeavors in creating and using resources, processes, and systems to manage the artificial and natural environment to extend human potential.


For educational purposes, the study of technology views the relationship of technology to individuals and society through a series of classes designed to help students explore, discover, experience, and analyze technology.

Technology Education is an organization of subject matter which provides action based experiences concerned with developing insights into technology; its evolution, utilization, systems and significance, and its social impacts.

Unlike specific technical skills which are required for an occupation and come later in the student’s education, Technology Education will provide the student with the knowledge to understand what technology can and cannot do in our complex society, and serves as the interdisciplinary link with math, science, social studies and other areas of education.


The goal of technology education is a technologically literate society.


Technology Education classes are structured to develop technological literacy, which is the ability to adapt to change, solve problems, make decisions, think creatively, and apply math science and concepts for other disciplines.

Without Technology Education, students are at a disadvantage as they try to make rational dicisions about their everyday lives. These transferable skills will address unforeseen outcomes of global technological growth in a world beyond imagination, enabling future generations to be competitive in a global community. Such basic and fundamental study is designed for all persons regardless of education or career goals; therefore, middle grades Technology Education classes benefit all students.

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