June 9

Final Post of the 2019/2020 Year

Hi! In the mail you will be receiving report cards and $10 from the DogMan Musical field trip we were unable to attend. Chaperones, you are also getting your money back.

Please enjoy your families! I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to remote learning. It has been a challenge and we will forever be a part of history. All my love,

Mrs. Morrison

Summer Pictures…

June 7

Remote Learning Final Week!

1.I am continuing to do daily read alouds through the “reading” google classroom. I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (book 1) and began reading Aloud Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (book 2) last week. Have your child check it out if they have missed it.

2.Last week of school. If you are missing any assignments please send them to me ASAP. Report cards are due. Having said that, there will be no new assignments going forward. Many READWORKS assignments throughout the last quarter are “unsubmitted”. Double check their work. Also, Math should be as followed:

2nd Grade: Completed Module 7 through lesson 18

3rd Grade: Completed Module 7 through lesson 5

I would suggest working on the journals through the summer. The kids missed so much and this would help them come fall. If they finish, I will give them a present in September. Or, I can meet up over the summer for a “distance” ice cream visit.

3.Please send me a picture of your child having FUN and I will make a final collage post of the year.

All my admoration and love,

Mrs. Morrison

June 7

Parent Survey

School Reopen Committee Parent Survey June 5, 2020

The State, and our District, have begun the complicated and detailed discussion on the possible reopening of schools for the 2020-21 school year. These discussions will involve experts in instruction, operations, sanitation, transportation, food service, athletics, and many other areas that are part of operating a school district. Please know that any plans developed by the Dearborn Public Schools will need to adhere to directives and Executive Orders issued by the Governor.

Your feedback is required and valued in leading these plans at the district level. Please respond to the survey by June 12, 2020. Please keep an eye out for additional parent surveys in the near future.

School Reopen Committee Parent Survey #1 :


For translation assistance, parents may call 313-580-2532 from Monday June 8th through Friday June 12th 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.  Thank you for your feedback and support!

June 5


I am finalizing grades on Tuesday. If you have any missing assignments, now is the time to complete them. I would advise you to complete the math books by the end of the summer so that they will be ready in the fall.

June 2

Thank you to everyone who picked up your belongings!

Thank you for my Teacher gifts today, they were unexpected and so thoughtful and sweet. I loved all the cards and flowers and cool jewlery, hat, book mark and gift cards. I am a spoiled girl! I hope your kids like their Harry Potter sticker. I put mine on my kindle and my girls have theirs on their chrome books. But you can put them on a water bottle or anything! I hope that your kids learn to love to read like I do, and this simple sticker will remind them of 2020! A crazy school year I will never forget.

May 31

Remote Learning Week 11

Date to remember: This Tuesday, June 2. Student belongings’ pick up. 12:20-12:40

I will be volunteering so I hope to see your kids for the last time this year. I have a present for each student and I look forward to seeing them. I would suggest driving, their bags are cheap and already tearing! They had a lot of stuff left over! I did my best but I had to do it on my own and it took 3 days and 9 hours for me do get the job done. Thank you for your patience in all of this, there is no perfect solution. If you need to walk, bring a wagon:)

This week the students are responsible for Math, Readworks and Writing. Please see Google Classroom for directions. 2nd Grade I am waiting for some of your pictures for the assignment, please turn them in as soon as you can.

I am begining report cards on Friday, please double check assignments and turn any late assignments in ASAP.

Thank you. As this Country is enduring many crisis today, I thank you all remaining kind, forgiving, patient and hopeful. It has not been an easy road for any family and I believe that today more than ever I am blessed with the very best classroom in the world, with the very best parents. You should all take a bow because your children are thriving under your care and I applaud you. One more official week parents. Thank you:)

Finally: 2 Graders’ Dearborn History Field Trip Assignment (if you are late, send me the picture and I will add them)

Jafar at DuVall Elementary built in 1920
Aspen at the Henry Ford Greenfield Village
Lorna at Ford Field Park where Dearborn Homecoming has taken place for many decades, and this bridge is over Rouge River.
Hussein at the Dearborn Mosque
Amaya at the Ford World Headquarters
Gia and baby brother Randolph at the Bryant Branch Library built in 1921
Layla outside of the Wagner Hotel
Anya and Britta riding bikes through the Historic Morley Ave. Neighborhood
May 27

Student Belongings

DuVall Families,

As our school year winds down, we have scheduled Tuesday, June 2nd as a day to allow families to pick up personal belongings that have been left at school due to the shutdown.  During this time, we will follow the same procedure that was used during the distribution of chromebooks and math materials to allow families to get back personal items for students that were left in desks/coat racks.  Also, we will collect any music instruments, library books, safety vests, and other classroom items that were borrowed prior to the COVID 19 Shutdown.  As learning is still taking place, a future date will be shared when any chromebooks on loan will be returned.  Please hand any returned items to the staff member assisting you and  any items will then be returned to the building.

The procedure allows for parents to drive up to the bus lane on Francis Street near the preschool door (door 4) on Tuesday, June 2nd.  Parents/ Guardians must have a Driver’s ID.  A DuVall staff member will bring the parent the bagged student belongings.  Please follow the schedule of distribution for classes below so that we can have an orderly distribution of the student property  

12:20 – 12:40 Mrs. Morrison

2:40 – 3:00   Last call if you missed your time spot

Thank you for following the above guidelines and schedule for distribution to make this process possible as well as for the DuVall staff members who will be assisting during processing and distribution days.

Mr. ATtee

May 25

Remote Learning Week 10

Happy Memorial Day to you and your family. Happy Eid, to those who celebrate and happy almost summer!

This week, all assignments will be found in Google Classrooms. There is one last science assignment for the unit and year! Both grades have a social studies mini project this week. Again, final assignment for that class this year too! Math; next 4 lessons and in reading, the kids will be responsible for 2 readworks. Finally, they have a narrative writing assignment.

I am still turning in assignments and participation to Mr. Attee weekly, so thank you for responsibly turning them in. I will begin the participation report cards at the end of this week. Finally, I am going into Duvall this week to bag the student’s desks.

June 2nd is the day you may come and get personal belongings:

12:20 – 12:40 Mrs. Morrison

If you have library books , return them at this time.

Thank you! Have a fabulous week and enjoy the weather.

Mrs. Morrison