Argumentative Essay!!!

Essay Due 11/2 (Turn In Google Classroom by Midnight)
Documents To Be Turned in 11/2 in class with printed draft of the essay.
Staple all of the documents together, but staple the final draft by itself!!!

Project Evaluation
“Room for Debate” & Pre-Writing Activity 30 points
Article Analysis Worksheets 25 each/50 points
Thesis & Outline-Rough Draft(s) 50 points
Argument Essay-final draft (summative) 100 points
Works Cited 20 points
Total Points Possible: 250 points

Argumentative Essay

Final drafts of the argumentative essay (summative assessment) are due Friday, November 2, 2018.  They must be submitted by midnight in Google Classroom or they will be considered late.  A printed copy must be turned in during class that day, along with all of the classwork.

8th Grade Team

All of the 8th grade teachers met and decided to have one syllabus for the 8th grade team.  This means that in our classrooms, we have the same expectations for our students.  We will be reviewing this the first week of school, and students will be expected to keep it in their INS for the school year.  A copy of the syllabus is attached for you to look at.

8th Grade Syllabus 2018-2019

This is my supply list and classroom expectations.

Supply List & Classroom Expectations

Welcome Back

Hello 8th graders!!  I look forward to having you in my language arts class.  Don’t forget about your summer reading, when school starts we will discuss the book talk you will be doing in class.