Free Yoga for Parents

FREE YOGA for Parents

Attention Parents!
Please join us for 6 FREE Yoga classes at Nowlin School

Sessions held on Tuesdays, February 25 th to March 31 st from 6-7pm

Yoga Mats provided

Come and Relax with us through Breathing, Yoga and Mindfulness

Learn the self-care strategies our staff and 3rd through 5th grade students have been practicing this year

Each session you attend will enter your name into a raffle

Attend all 6 sessions and receive a brand new yoga mat

Sessions kick off on February 25 th with a family yoga night

Note: the remaining 5 sessions starting on March 3rd will be parent only Yoga

Here is the link to register:

Sucker Sale this Friday, February 7th!


Our class is having a sucker sale on Friday, the 7th of February.  The suckers are regular size suckers (i.e. tootsie pop/blow pops) for $0.50.  The suckers will be for sale on a pre-order basis and delivered to the classrooms on the 7th.  There will also be suckers for sale after school on the 7th. Please send in the amount you wish to order along with the money to your teacher by the morning of the 7th. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Movie night tonight

Come join us TONIGHT for a FREE Movie Night courtesy of the Nowlin PTA. Yes you read that right I wrote FREE. The movie starts at 6:00pm in the school gym.  

Bring Popcorn and candy snacks if you want. The movie will begin at 6:00pm sharp. Come and enjoy.  

(There will be no food sold at this event)