Shhh…it’s a secret!

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DuVall families, staff, and community

As you may have heard, Ms. Cathy will be retiring on September 30th. This is no the secret. In the 13 1/2 years that she has been at DuVall, Cathy has been the foundation of our school – working together with parents, students, and staff.  She has helped to calm students who feel ill or nervous, answer what’s the first choice for lunch for families, help staff members copy numerous papers, and many, many other things that helped us realize how lucky we have it with a caring, wonderful secretary.  To honor her accomplishments, I was hoping to have current and former students write a letter (or thank you card) to Ms. Cathy and have families drop them off to the office in the PTA mailbox by September 29th so that they can be shared with her on September 30th.  Also, I would like to have a slideshow for her to remember our school, students, families, and staff, so if you have any digital pictures, please e-mail them to me at by Friday, September 25th so that I can put together the slideshow in advance.  Thank you for all of your help,

Wednesday Work

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1:00 – You will be with Mrs. Poison to do the enrichment/technology lesson today. Here is the link to her blog: enrichment class

After your special area class:

1. Today you will watch the video on (click here) How to Send messages in Schoology. You will hear Ms. Cibasek explain how to send a message. Send Mrs. Moon a message in Schoology

2. 2nd grade:  Module 1 Lesson 1 Lesson 1 homework (found in succeed book)Due Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 11:59 pm

 2. 3rd grade: complete pages 5-6 in Succeed book. (lesson 1 homework)

3. Go  on ZEARN for at least 20 minutes. 

4. Read to self for 20 minutes – choose to read in a book (you can use Treasures if you’d like) or on EPIC.

5. Please check the testing schedule for today to see if you are testing with me today. 

6. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow morning at 8:55 (I will send a new ZOOM link to your email)

Tuesday Afternoon

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Here is what you need to do this afternoon: 

1. Go to Schoology

-click on COURSES, then click on your grade level (1st course icon)

– click on WELCOME and tell me your favorite color

– then go to the COURSE: Physical Education and watch Mr. Tapp’s video

2. Go to FRECKLE and practice for at least 20 minutes (any subject)

3. Read pages 117 – 142 My Name is Yoon in the Treasures book. 

4. Read to self in any other book you would like. 

5. See you tomorrow morning at 8:55! (same link as today)

Logging on

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For those who would like to, i have you enrolled in Freckle already to you can go explore the site. You will first have to do a pretest to determine your level. This will help them give you practice that is right, just for you.

Zearn is also up and running, although you don’t have to do this until we begin math next week. You will need the class codes to login.

Our ZEARN Class Code is: TJ8M6M

I have set it up to begin with lesson 1 at your grade level. I know the Treasures books I passed out are all 2nd grade level. For the first couple week we are working on routines and expectations so I wanted a text that everyone could read as a class. I will be collecting these books back when we begin our learning labs later this month. At that time I will distribute the grade level reading materials. I will send out an email later with the schedule for next week.

Please read the first story, David’s New Friends. We will use this story on Tuesday for our book talk.

Have a great weekend and enjoy having Friday and Monday off school!

See you at school

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Tomorrow morning from 9-10 is the day to come to the school and get your materials and supplies from me. I am so excited to see you in person!

We will have a ZOOM meeting at 10:30 so we can share our “numbers about me” paper. Look in your email tomorrow morning for the link. It will not be the same link as Wednesday. You will be given your daily assignment at the end of our meeting.

See you tomorrow!

Zoom today

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Students will need to check their email today for the link to our ZOOM meeting. Our meeting will start at 10am. I am so excited to see everyone’s faces today!!

Make sure your “All About Me” paper/poster is ready to share when we meet. Also, bring a blank piece of paper to the meeting (any kind of paper that you can make another poster with). You will also need an empty cup (any kind and any size).

BEFORE our meeting today, I would like you to listen to the read aloud. Then I am attaching a Google Form that I want you to fill out about the story. This story will get us ready for our share time on ZOOM.

The Most Important Book

Google Form

SEE you at 10:00am!

Day two – hoping it’s better

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I want to thank you for your patience yesterday while I fixed the technical issues on the links. I am hoping that today will have fewer problems. Fingers crossed!

Today your first assignment will be to access your school email account. Some of you may know how to do this already, while others need more practice. I am attaching a video that will show you how to read and write in your school email account. Then I want you to write me an email – from your school account. In your email tell me what is your favorite animal and why you like that animal.

Email video

Next I would like you to look through the slideshow I am attaching. These slides will take you through my classroom behavior expectations. Since we will have our first ZOOM meeting on Wednesday (tomorrow) I want you to know what is expected of you. I will send the link for our ZOOM meeting to your school email account tomorrow morning. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing your account.

Classroom Behavior

Please listen to today’s story. Reply in the blog post to let me know who you think is telling the story or the narrator of the story?

Read Aloud

Finally…I want you to create a poster all about yourself. This is something you will share with the class on our ZOOM meeting on Wednesday. I know the other 2nd and 3rd graders are sharing their work on Thursday, but I can’t wait to see you! Please show me your best work! You want to make a great first impression! I am attaching a video of what your poster should look like and what information I would like on it. You can be creative and use pictures and as many colors as you would like while making your poster.

All About Me directions

First Day of School

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first day of school! I am so excited to have you in my class this year. This week will be a bit different for several reasons: 1. We are online instead of in person 2. All your assignments will be posted here and 3. We WILL NOT be using Schoology until next week. I want to teach you some other resources this week then I will teach you step by step how we will use Schoology this year beginning next Tuesday, September 8th.

For today there are several links I need you to click on.

First I have a slideshow to share with you that will tell you more about what to expect for the start of this year. I also tell you a little about myself. I even included pictures – you get to see me and my silly family.

Opening Day Slide Show I have given access to anyone who emailed me. I am so sorry about the technical difficulty. Please email me if there are any other problems!!!

Next, I have a video of me reading my favorite first day of school book. Please listen to the book and enjoy!


After you have listened to my read aloud for you, please send me a comment below telling me how you feel about the start of this school year. THIS IS HOW I WILL TAKE ATTENDANCE TODAY!! So it is REALLY important to send me your thoughts.

Finally, we have the Student Online Handbook. This is from the district. Here is the message about it:

As part of our school’s orientation for this fall, please review the Student Online Learning Handbook and complete this form to acknowledge that you have read through and discussed the handbook and expectations.   Also, please list any questions you have about the start of the school year online.  Your questions, as well as those from other families,  will be answered on an online learning FAQ page on the DuVall School News Blog. Please fill out the form by Thursday, September 3rd.  

Click on the blue words to see the handout and fill out the form – this is you and your parent’s homework for today. (It’s the one day you can tell your parents that they have homework).

Look here tomorrow for your assignments for Tuesday. I will have a fun activity and you won’t want to miss it. I will also be calling all the families on Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure you have signed up for a time to talk.

Welcome Back Phone Call with Mrs. Moon

I will be having a ZOOM meeting with all of you on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I will be sending the link for those meetings later in the week. Thursday will also be the day to come up to school and pick up your materials that you will need from me to start the school year. I look forward to meeting you in person (with a mask) on Thursday from 9-10 am.

This is a short week with school from Monday – Thursday and all these are half days. This is what we are calling a “soft start” to the year. On Tuesday, September 8th we will begin our full day schedule and will begin to use Schoology – I will teach you how to use it before then. Let’s have a great start to a wonderful year of learning together!

Welcome Back!

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I am so excited to start a new school year! I am attaching a link to sign up for a telephone call to talk to you and your student. I look forward to the chance to say hello.

I will also be distributing school materials on Thursday, September 3rd from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Please come to the bus lane on Francis Street near Door 4. I will greet you and give you the needed materials for the start of the year.

Look forward to seeing you and welcome back!

Welcome Back Phone Call Sign Up

Welcome Back Parent Letter (same as from the email)

Welcome Back video (same as in the email)