8th Grade Field Trip

An 8th Grade Field Trip

Is coming on

Thursday, December 20, 2018

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Permission Slips will be coming out soon in your Language Arts classes. Don’t keep asking when, we will let you know.

Reminder to keep your behavior in check.  Anyone with three or more interventions (detentions, visits to SRR, or suspensions) will not be able to attend.

End of Week 5

Hello Families,

We are at the end of Week #5.  Our students are well in their groove.  What have we done this week?

6th graders visited the library, wrote short stories, learned about internal and external conflict, practice elements of stories, and practice their reading comprehension.

8th graders visited the library, wrote some amazing sequels to The Elevator, studied Mood and Edgar Allan Poe, and began reading A Tale-Tell Heart.

As we go into Week #6, be sure to check MiStar for the latest grades.