Happy Friday!! We had a great week of virtual learning. I have a few important things to tell you about next week:

Here is the schedule/weekly plan for next week:

  1. NWEA testing and DRA reading assessments will be starting in these new few upcoming weeks. 4th grade has decided to do all the testing virtually, unless there is a need to do testing in person on a one-to-one basis. Our plan is to start with NWEA Reading next week Tuesday and Thursday. We will be doing the test from 2:10-3:10 with a break in between. I will keep you updated on how it will look and give you more details as we get closer!
  2. Another important change on our schedule is Writing. In the afternoon, we usually do some whole group writing together and then students work independently. We do this from 1:20-1:55. We are still having writing during this time. However, some of the lessons will be live and some of them are going to be recorded lessons that students watch and complete on their own time. The recorded lessons will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:20-1:55. I will let students know ahead of time what to do (the recorded links will be on my Schoology page in the Benchmark course) So on those days, I may not see students “live” very often until the end of day check in at 3:30.
  3. Since testing is starting, the afternoons are going to look a little different for students. During independent time (1:55-3:40), I am usually there and available on Zoom for students to work and come ask me questions. On days that I am pulling groups or I am doing testing, I will not be available for students on Zoom. They will be doing their list of independent activities on their own and we will still check in at 3:40 at the end of the day as a whole class together.

Next week’s schedule has a mixture of seeing me in the afternoon sometimes and then working independently others times. We are trying to help 4th grade transition so that their “independent time” is more of them completing things on their own. Make sure to refer to the student checklist I send out and have on Schoology for students to ensure they are completing their independent tasks.

The last thing I wanted to tell you is that something has happened to my Zearn account, which is no longer letting me login! I have tried everything and even had the IT department take a look. The students can still access it, but I cannot go look at their progress. Therefore, I had to make a whole new Zearn account. I apologize for this inconvenience- this has never happened before and I have used Zearn for a few years now! So unfortunately, students will have to get new login names and a class code. I will start them where we should be in math, so they are not repeating too many lessons. I will email you their new logins and also send them their logins on Schoology.

I still have not heard word yet of parents being able to access Schoology, so please feel free to message me on Schoology under your child’s account for the time being or send me an email! I will be sending you the student checklist Sunday along with Zearn usernames. Have a great weekend!

Hi parents!

There is a half day tomorrow- school will end at 12! We will have our normal math time and stop at 11:45 (normal lunch time) to do planners and end our day. Let me know if you have any questions!!

Dear Parents,

A friendly reminder: Even though school is online now, attendance is still being taken. The same procedures as before for absences are required if your child cannot attend class. If your child is absent, sick or having technical issues please let the teacher know by emailing, going to parent connect and follow the instructions for absences, calling the attendance line 24hrs and leave a message (313) 827-6301. Please make sure you clearly state the date, name of the child, teacher and reason for absence.

Thank you for your patience and consideration during these trying times. We will get through this. Stay strong!!!!

Hi Parents! Happy Friday!

I wanted to share our schedule for next week so you can plan ahead! Towards the end of the weekend, I will also be sending you any updates/missing assignments!

Schedule for Next Week:

I also made a clear and visual time schedule for students. Sometimes they have trouble remembering in the afternoon where to go and what time to come back to me. I figured if they had this hanging up in their learning space, it could help!


Have a great weekend!

Hi Parents!

Yesterday, I encouraged students to download the Schoology app if they have a device like an iPad, phone, tablet.
Starting today, some assignments like math, I will ask students to take a picture of it and submit it to me on Schoology. The app makes it easier to do that.

Tonight will just be a test run. I want students to finish their problem set that we started together in class. It is on page 5 and the Must Do problems for them to finish are: 1 all , 2a, 2b, 2c, and 3.

Once they are done, try to take a picture of the problem set and submit it on Schoology.
This is where students will submit it:
1. Go to Courses and click Eureka math
2. Click the Thursday folder.
3. Submit the photo by clicking the assignment I have in the folder.

Here is how to upload a folder using the app:

I also made a video on how to submit an assignment if you aren’t using the app:

Please email me if you have questions!

Hi Parents!

We had a very successful first day! I just want to keep you updated on a few things…

Right now you do not have parent access to Schoology. I will get you access when Dearborn has it ready! I encourage you in the meantime to login as a student so you can see what is going on and help trouble shoot.

There are 3 other tips that I suggest and high encourage to make these days online go smoother and easier:

  1. Have your child use Chrome (it is most compatible with Schoology)
  2. Download the Schoology App on your mobile device
  3. Download Zoom as an App in case of emergencies (power is out, poor internet connection)

I had students write in a notebook today as a planner. No homework unless they did not finish their independent activities in Schoology today. Here are the list of what they should have completed in Schoology:

  1. Watch the Mystery 1 Science Video
  2. Do the Science Discussion post questions
  3. Log into Zearn. Make sure you can
  4. Explore Schoology. Check your messages, look at the courses

As always, let me know if you have any questions!!

Hi Parents!

Just a quick update on what to expect this upcoming week. I have sent you emails of your child’s Zearn login information, please let me know if you did not get that email this weekend.

On Tuesday, students are starting their morning with me on Zearn. The Zearn link is on our Schoology page. Here is how students can find it:

  1. Go to Dearborn’s website
  2. Click student portal
  3. Click Schoology
  4. Have your child login (if needed)
  5. Click “Courses” at the top of the site
  6. Click the first course called “4th Grade” with my Bitmoji.
  7. The zoom link will be at the top of the page

I did send out the calendar for our week on the last post (From Friday) if you want to plan the week ahead.

Students will be doing some whole group sessions, some small group sessions, and independent time throughout the day. The mornings are more live sessions, while the afternoon is more independent and small group time. I randomized the groups this week until I get to learn everyone better. I will share these groups with students Tuesday.

I will still be using this blog until parents get access to Schoology (Dearborn did not give parents access yet). Once you have access to Schoology, I will post my updates on there!

Students will no longer be using Google Classroom!

If you have questions, please email me. See everyone at 8:55 tomorrow!

Hi Parents!

We made it through our first week on online learning! It went pretty smooth and we had a lot of fun together as a class!

I know there are a lot of updates and messages I keep sending, I am hoping those will slow down once we get more in the swing of things. My post today is to let you know our homework for over the Labor Day weekend, how students should get on Schoology for Monday, and our calendar for next week.

1. I posted a student survey for students to complete on Google Classroom. Once they hit the “Submit Button,” the survey will be turned in and complete. (Sometimes it can be confusing if it is turned in or not for students). I would like students to have these in by Tuesday.
2. I wanted students to practice logging into Schoology this weekend, since we will be using it on Monday. We will not be using Google Classroom next week for Zoom links and most assignments. I showed students how to log in today.
Here are the steps:
1. Go to Dearborn’s Website
2. Click Student Portal
3. Click on the Black and Blue “S” for Schoology.
4. If students have to login, they just login with their normal school logins

Once students are on the site, they click “Courses” at the top and they will see all of our courses. They need to go to the first course that says 4th grade with my Bitmoji. That is where they will find the Zoom link and Schoology Resources. Parents- I am also going to leave resources for you on this course.

I posted a slideshow on Google Classroom to help students navigate Schoology and get started.

Next Weeks Calendar:

We are starting out with a live whole class session at 8:55. The rest of the day will be broken up into small group times, some whole group lessons, special times, lunch, and independent times.


Please reach out to me anytime this weekend if you have questions!
Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Hi Parents!

As we wrap up our first week of online learning (can you believe how fast it went?!)- I am going to start introducing students to some new things we will be using.

  1. During snack/break time tomorrow, I am going to put students in the “Zoom Waiting Room” during our whole 10-15 minute break time. They will still be logged into Zoom, but their screen will go away.
    This does not mean that I am logging students off the Zoom session or that they need to sign back in. They are still going to do their break and eat snack and after 15 minutes, I will bring them back into the Zoom session. We are going to practice this because eventually when I see different groups of students, I am going to use the waiting room feature.
    I will explain this to students too! Please email me if you need any clarification!
  2. I am also going to slowly start to introduce students to Schoology. It is a new learning platform Lindbergh will be using. Tomorrow, I will show them how to log in and how to find our class items. Eventually, we are going to use Schoology for everything, but we are going to take it step by step!
    On Monday, students will join our Zoom session by going through Schoology.
    (It is the same link as always so if they are having trouble, they can just join using the link on the calendar).

Thank you again for all your patience! I will send a calendar out at the end of this week for our plan next week so you can plan and prepare.

Reach out anytime if you have questions or concerns!

We had a great first online day today! We had some Zoom complications with students joining the Zoom session, but I resolved all of those issues and we should be all set for tomorrow at 8:55.

I wanted to share the Zoom link again, it is the same as yesterdays (it will always be the same): https://dearbornschools-org.zoom.us/j/87617757499?pwd=eTlLbDNHSVE2b0tRQXF6dTJNSU5PQT09

I will also post this on Google Classroom tomorrow too for students!

Students will need a pencil tomorrow, their green folder, and their Leader in Me book. A water bottle is optional, but recommended too!

As always, reach out to me with any questions or concerns you have. Email is the fastest way to reach me right now!