This week is a review week for spelling words and 4th grade decided to change to words to fit our students this week.

This is our new Week 12 list:
1. a lot
2. their
3. there
4. they’re
5. once
6. favorite
7. thought
8. very
9. your
10. you’re
11. environment
12. movement
13. migration
14. primary
15. secondary

Do not use the other list on the blog. This is the list that will be spent home tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Here is a look at our week:

ELA/Writing: In Writing, we are still working on the rough drafts of our opinion writing pieces. In ELA, we are finishing up text features and then introducing text structures (compare/contrast, cause and effect, etc.) You can ask your child what text structure they think their books have when they bring them home this week!

Spelling List (Week 12)
1. compass
2. latitude
3. longitude
4. certain
5. compatible
6. population
7. money
8. deposit
9. withdrawal
10. interaction
11. environment
12. movement
13. migration
14. primary
15. secondary
* We will not have a spelling test next week on the short week before Thanksgiving.

Math: We are learning about multiplying by 10, 100, 1000 and are soon moving into double-digit multiplication. We are working on Lessons 4-7 this week.

Science/Social Studies: In science, we are finishing our Mystery on Electricity and taking a science quiz. In social studies, we are exploring the Western Movement in the 1800s and the concept of migration. I am sending home a letter this week that will be homework in social studies. This letter is to do some investigating and see where your family has come from (ancestors). If this presents a problem, please let me know by sending me an email or remind message!

Important Dates:
– Conferences- Monday 11/18 (Due to Snow Day)

Math: (Lesson 4) (Lesson 5) (Lesson 6) (Lesson 7)

See the rest of you at conferences this Monday!

If you had a conference scheduled on Tuesday the 12th (snow day), it has been rescheduled for Monday the 18th per the district. Please let me know if this day doesn’t work for your schedule!

Also a message about conferences from our PTA

Hello Lindbergh Families,
Due to our very welcome (or unwelcome for some) snow day….and the cancelling of conferences, we are going to continue as planned with our meal schedule for conferences.  So tomorrow, just follow the dates of the signup genius and when conferences are rescheduled we will repost about the other meal.  Thank you if you have already signed up, if you haven’t but would like to bring something feel free to check it out and sign up.  Also, the teachers always welcome any treats, so don’t feel like you can’t bring it in just because it isn’t on the sign up.  As always, thank you all so very much for your time, donations and in helping keep our teachers fed on these very, very long conference days.  Don’t forget PTA meeting, Tuesday, November 19th 7pm in the cafeteria.
 Kind Regards, Danielle

It was great seeing everyone at the Holiday Boutique this weekend!
Here is a look at our week:

ELA/Writing: In writing, we are still producing opinion writing. This week, students are researching on their own and starting their own rough draft stories. In ELA, we are focusing on identifying text features in nonfiction text and discussing how text features help readers. *Reading logs are being sent home this week and need to be colored in nightly* We just got an update on Book-it (a reading program that is sponsored by Pizza Hut) and I was waiting to get their reading logs so we can start the process! There is a reward that happens when students read nightly for the whole month. This should encourage more reading and accountability with students! Keep checking to see book bags are being taken home nightly as well.

Spelling (Week 11): Our spelling tests will be on Friday. (Unless there is a short week/ days off). You can always find our words on SpellingCity weekly for extra practice. Students have been graphing their spelling progress in their LIM Binders and the tests are sent home graded on Mondays.
Week 11: (Please encourage studying at home, I have noticed a big decline in spelling scores overall the last couple weeks!)
1. conductor
2. harbor
3. cheddar
4. odor
5. avatar
6. elevator
7. collar
8. aviator
9. grammar
10. guitar
11. area
12. perimeter
13. length
14. width
15. unit

Math: We are working on area, perimeter, and multiplication this week. We have learned formulas for both area and perimeter. Encourage your child to use different formulas for perimeter on their homework! Our goal is to complete lessons 2-4 this week!

Science/Social Studies: In science, we are learning about electricity this week and we get the opportunity to create an LED flashlight using our knowledge of energy/transfer. In social studies, we are moving to discussing immigration/migration in and outside of the United States.

Important Dates:
– Parent Teacher Conferences Tuesday and Thursday (11/12 and 11/14)
* A parent reflection will be sent home this week about student-led conferences. It was our first time doing them and we want your feedback to help us grow!!Please fill them out and send them back to school*

Math: (Lesson 2) (Lesson 3) (Lesson 4)

Have a great week!

Conference Dinner Sign Up

Hello Lindbergh Families, parent/teacher/student conferences are November 7th,12th, and 14th.  These are very long days for our staff and we are hoping to provide dinners for them with your help.  Below is a link to sign up for items.  Please be sure to read the details on the items as well as the dates (since we have three nights).  Thank you so much for your support.
Attention Lindbergh Homeroom Parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please be sure to check your email and the remind app for updates.ALL SPONSORS WERE DUE NOVEMBER 1stNovember 7th – 9 am basket wrapping in the cafeteriaIf you have your basket already wrapped that is fine but it must be turned in Thursday.  November 8th- Classes will take photos with each basket.November 9th- Holiday Boutique 9:30 am- 4pm !!!!!We always need lots of volunteers for this event so check the sign up genius to see where you can support your Flyers!!!!

Here is a look at our week!

ELA/Writing: In writing, we are continuing to work on opinion writing using different informational articles. We are going to choose our topics this week and start our own opinion stories. In ELA, we are continuing to work on finding the main idea and supporting details in an informational text.

Spelling: Our spelling tests will be on Friday. (Unless there is a short week/ days off). You can always find our words on SpellingCity weekly for extra practice. Students have been graphing their spelling progress in their LIM Binders and the tests are sent home graded on Mondays.

Week 10 (-cher words)
1. stretcher
2. bleacher
3. catcher
4. butcher
5. teacher
6. sketcher
7. rancher
8. researcher
9. preacher
10. voucher
11. factor
12. digit
13. multiply
14. divide
15. area

Math: Our math study guide will be due on Monday. Since we have no school on Tuesday, we will be taking our Module 2 Assessment on Wednesday. I will send our Module 1&2 books home on Wednesday. We are starting Module 3 on Thursday. Module 3 covers multi-digit multiplication and division. Our goal is to finish Lesson 1-2 this week, which starts with area and perimeter.

Science/Social Studies: In science, we are still focusing on Energy. This week we are discussing chain reactions. We are then moving onto Electricity. In Social Studies, we are starting a new unit, human geography. We will be discussing human interaction and movement.

Important Dates:
– No School Tuesday 11/5

Math: (Lesson 1) (Lesson 2)

Let me know if you have any questions!

PBIS Reward Celebration

Monday, November 4th

The October reward is playing games with friends.  Students in grades K-2 may bring in board games from home, but please NO ELECTRONIC GAMES!   Make sure to label the games with your child’s name. Also, only send in games that your child already knows how to play (suggestions include: checkers, chess, Memory, Connect 4, Sorry, Candyland, Uno, Jenga).  Keep in mind the reward is 30 minutes long, so help your child choose an appropriate game that can be played in that time.

Students in grades 3-5 have received permission to bring in their “electronics” as their game choice. The older students are very excited about this privilege!   Students may bring in DS games, iPods, MP3 players, tablets, etc. at their own risk.  We expect that students will only be playing “school appropriate” games.  Students who do not wish to bring in electronics may bring in board games.

Thank you.

Keep encouraging your child to follow “The Lindbergh Way!”

There is a link below to click on for more math resources to help support your child in learning new math concepts! Check it out!

We had a great presentation from DTE yesterday! Your child should have brought home an energy kit last night. There was also a paper that came home with it called Home Energy Worksheet.

Students have two weeks to complete this worksheet and bring it back to school. It will be due on November 11th.

Students receive a color changing pencil and a certificate for bringing this back. If 80% of students return the worksheet, our classroom gets $100!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Attention Families! 


Please turn in your tickets and money to your teachers! If you have any questions please contact Erin McNally at!

The success of this raffle will determine how many fun things the PTA can do this year! We want to thank our families for participating! <3