6th and 7th grade-

We will begin the NWEA Language Usage assessment on Wednesday, January 17.

Winter Break

Please work on the following assignments during winter break:

IXL: third grade- M.6 and E.2

ReadWorks: read the articles and answer the question

Mobymax: at least one hour per week (vocabulary, reading stories, and language).

Enjoy your break!!!!!




Dialogue Practice


December 18-22

This week students will learn about how to use dialogue in narrative writing. The use of dialogue is a great way to make writing more interesting. The expectation is that students will use dialogue in their writing once they begin composing personal narratives.

7th graders

Students will be working on the story elements of the short story, “A New Way of Speaking.” They are also learning about figurative language.

6th graders

This week, students will be working on a story map of the short story, “The Animal Bridge.” They will be constructing a mini-booklet on the following story elements: characters, setting, pov, conflict, plot, theme and mood.


Welcome Back!


6th grade- quiz on point of view on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

7th grade- quiz on figurative language on Tuesday.


6th graders have been learning about point of view.  They will be reading a short fictional story this week to determine the point of view of the story.  Students will not have a spelling test this week, but I will be sending home a reading comprehension packet for them to work on over Thanksgiving break.


7th graders took Cornell Notes on figurative language last week. We focused on similes, metaphors, and idioms. This week students will begin reading the short story, “A New Way to Speak,” and they will identify examples of figurative language. Students will take home reading comprehension packets to work on over break. No spelling test this week!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences will be held at Stout Middle School
Cafeteria on Monday, Nov. 13th and Tuesday, Nov. 14th between 4:00 pm and
7:00 pm. I look forward to meeting everyone!