Maples Drummers Blaqk Box 2019

The Maples Drummers participated in the NewGenFineArts 2nd Annual Blaqk Box Performance Event at the Dearborn Civic Center on Saturday November 9, 2019. It was a great experience and the crowd loved the drumming. All of the performers were fantastic.

Drummers on the Red Carpet with their Blaqk Box T-shirts.

Maples Drummers

The Maples Drummers were nominated to audition for the National School Board Association’s national conference. This is the beautiful video made by Dearborn Schools. A special thanks to all who helped but especially Erik Tschiggfrey for his expertise.

5th Grade Rondo Project

5th grade students worked cooperatively in small groups to compose and perform their own musical  “rondo”  form, using xylophones, drums and optional recorders. I have included one performance from each of the fifth grade classes.