Updated CAFE menu

The updated CAFE menu thoughtfully categorizes strategies in the areas of Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Vocabulary. Each area has a “start with” strategy and then further breaks them down to support teachers and students as they select goals. Comprehension now has strategies divided into those that support active reading and analysis of reading. Accuracy is broken into word parts and word understanding. Happy reading!

CAFE menu

Shifting the Words We Use

Greetings!  The article, The Words We Wield, by Lori Sabo focuses on the importance of the words we use.  Think of the power you give by a simple shift from “I’m so proud of you,” to “You should be proud of yourself.”


Read The Words We Wield for more inspiration on shifting the words we use.


How to Organize Daily Literacy Instruction

Interesting blog post on the importance of focusing on outcomes…not activities.  Shanahan suggests steps to ensure that we focus on what students will know and be able to do at the end of a lesson.



Vocabulary Resources

At our last staff meeting we focused on explicit vocabulary instruction and Marzano’s 6 Step process.  This resource focuses on Marzano’s 6 step process to teaching academic vocabulary.  Check it out!