1. Present Progressive Verbs (-ing): these are words we use when an action is currently happening. For example, “She is sleeping.” Many of your students are working on using these types of verbs. One way to practice is to ask your student about what someone is doing in a show, book, or picture. An additional way to practice is to perform an action as ask your child about what you are doing (e.g., Pretend to sleep and ask your child “What am I doing?”). If your child does not use the correct “-ing” form of the word, model it for them by saying, “I am sleeping.”

For more ways to practice present progressive verbs, and for more information please visit:

Song to practice present progressive verbs

2. Past Tense Verbs (-ed): these are words we use when talking about things that happened in the past. For example, “I walked to the store.” There are two main types of past tense verbs regular past tense and irregular past tense. Regular past tense verbs end in -ed (e.g., walked, skipped, hiked, etc.). Irregular past tense verbs do not end in -ed. You can find a list of the most common irregular past tense verbs here: To practice, ask questions about what happened in a show, picture, or book, and model the correct grammar. For example, if you ask your student “What did he do?” and your student replies “He fall,” model the correct grammar by saying “You’re right, he fell down” and have your child repeat the phrase, “He fell down.”

For more ways to practice past tense verbs, and for more information please visit:

Song to practice regular past tense verbs

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