April 30

7th Grade Math M-Step Tomorrow

All 7th grade students will have their Math M-Step tomorrow! Please be sure to get a good night sleep, and have a good breakfast in the morning.

I have attached a link for a practice M-Step below for you to review! You can do a practice, or practice using the variety of tools that will be available for you for the test.

M-Step Practice Site

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April 11

7th Grade – Percent Flipbook Words

7th Grade students, please find below the words and definitions for your Percents Flip Book.

markup: a percent added to the cost of an item to determine the selling price

simple interest: a percent of an amount borrowed that is paid to the lender in addition to the amount borrowed

tax: the percent of a purchase that is added to the purchase and paid to the government

gratuity: a percent added onto the cost of a service, for example a tip given to a wiater.

commission:  a percent of a sales amount awarded to the person making the sales.

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April 4

PSAT and Pizza (8th Grade ONLY!)

PSAT is only 5 days away!!!

As promised, I will be holding a PSAT review session tomorrow from 12-1 pm in the Team room.

If you are interested in coming please either email me, or send me a message through iBlog letting me know!

We will meet at the front doors of the Building at 11:55, and then head up to the Team Room shortly after that. YOU MUST BE ON TIME, or you will not be able to get in the building once the doors close!

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