September 14

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CTE – Digital/Multimedia Technology

Michael Berry Technology classes provide students with knowledge and hands-on skills that will make them successful in college and/or future careers in design, engineering & technology.

Design Concepts Block

YEAR I – Student elects both Design Concepts 2D & Design Concepts 3D for this 2-hour block class. (See 2D & 3D below)2-HOUR BLOCK, YEAR LONG CLASS

YEAR II – In-depth, long term projects exploring historical styles, client-designer relationship, advanced design techniques, serial art, and development of the student’s personal vision and style.2-HOUR BLOCK, YEAR LONG CLASS


Design Concepts 2D Drawing & illustration skills, design composition, color theory, graphic design, web & animation, advertising, communication design, using Photoshop, Illustrator & Flash.1 HOUR, YEAR LONG CLASS

Design Concepts 3D 3-D drawing, rendering & illustration skills, design process, 3D aesthetics & sculpture design, 3D modeling and product design using Rhino 3D modeling software.1 HOUR, YEAR LONG CLASS
Design Concepts



Software Specialist  YEAR IUse a variety of advanced software programs to create custom graphics and maps, make professional web pages, create exciting animations, simulate complex aerospace missions, explore advanced 3D modeling while leaning the basics of game design and other in-demand I.T. skills.2-HOUR BLOCK, YEAR LONG CLASS

Software Specialist YEAR 2  – Complete a certification program in computer mapping/data management, pursue a select software package for advanced training applied to a choice career area.2-HOUR 2-HOUR BLOCK, YEAR LONG CLASS

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