Students will be NWEA testing Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure your students get a good night rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and is at school on time.

Khan Academy coach

Many students are completing their Khan Academy hours but have still not put the code for math coach. You MUST have me as a coach in order to recieve points.

If you are in 6th hour your code is : M3GCTXCS

If you are in 7TH HOUR, your code is : 6MA8CZDT

Please check your coaches tonight.


An hour of Khan Academy is due by every Friday. NWEA will be next week, working on Khan Academy is the best way to review for NWEA.

Winter Break Homework

Students should be completing two hours of Khan Academy for winter break.

Parents, please sign your child’s lesson 6 quiz.

Also, students that received any score less than 8 on the quiz should redo the quiz during break.

12/20/2018 Homework

Today we worked on adding positive and negative fractions. The homework for tonight is to complete pages 61-62 in the practice and problem solving book (PPS).

Also, remember to complete 60 minutes of Khan Academy by tomorrow.