My stress relievers!

When I am stressed out I like to do things that tap into some of my five senses to help calm me down.  My top three things that I do when I am stressed out:

  1. Drink Tea. Just like my picture above, I love a nice cup of Yemeni tea! I especially love drinking tea on the porch; getting some fresh air and breathing in the smell of the tea, cardamom, and cloves really has a way of soothing me.  I especially love doing this on a rainy day!
  2. Listen to music.  Music helps to block out extraneous stimuli and calm my worries. Sometimes I just need a break from the task at hand and putting on some music is a nice way to
  3. Take a walk alone to clear my head.  I will put my headphones on and listen to some music on my walk.  By the time I get home I feel much more relaxed  🙂

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