Learning and Having Fun

The PTA will be selling Candy-Grams at lunch on Tuesday, February 11 and 12. Students will need to bring their pink sheet with them to assist in ordering. Each Candy-Gram costs $1.00.

The Candy-Grams will be delivered to classrooms February 14.

Students will need a cereal box to create their Valentine box. Many students have already brought in their box.

In addition, students are encouraged to create their own Valentines. We will vote for the most creative handmade Valentines.

The following students need to bring in the following for February 14:

Crackers and Sliced Cheese – Mia

Cut-up Veggies and Ranch Dip – Dania

Cut-up fruit, grapes, etc. – Hassan

Juice Boxes (21) – Abdullah

Plain Sugar Cookies for Decorating (21) – Sina

Frosting (two containers) – Noor

Second semester report cards will be sent home tomorrow. The winter NWEA scores will not be recorded on your child’s report card until the third card marking. I have stapled your child’s winter NWEA scores to their report card. Many students achieved their goal growth in one or more subject areas.

Please encourage your child to continue to grow and better their score(s) each time. NWEA and DRA scores are recorded in your child’s ‘My Learning Plan’ located in the front of their planner/assignment book. The key word is GROWTH. We are looking for students to make growth in their learning.

Check Out Google Classroom for Your Winter Break Extra Credit

Reminder- Students should email me when they complete their science fiction book. I will open Google Classroom, and they will be able to begin their book report slide show.

Thank you for donating your hair, Tala:)

Student Council

Holiday Raffle

Win a jar filled with holiday treats.

Tickets sold during lunch Wednesday and Thursday.


1 for $.50

3 for $1.00

Winners announced Thursday at the end of the day.

Second Quarter Progress Reports and being sent home today. Please review with your child, sign and return tomorrow (Friday, December 13).

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