Checking In!!!

Hello Everyone!
I have enjoyed our Google Sessions that Mrs. Peltz and I have held with you last week. If I didn’t see you in a session, I will see you this week. For those that haven’t been able to be on a session, I have enjoyed talking to you on the phone.

I have checked with all of your teachers, and most of you are doing an amazing job keeping up with your school work! I am really proud of those of you that are working every school day. For those of you that are not doing all of your work, is there anything I can do to help? Please feel free to Dojo message me, and I will call or message you back!

Stay safe! Stay Healthy!

Mrs. Tennant


Happy Tuesday!

It was so nice seeing many of you at chromebook pick up yesterday! I hope you are enjoying this nice weather we are having! My daughter and I are enjoying making chalk drawings on our sidewalk.

I have been enjoying talking to each of you every week. Mrs. Peltz and I are trying to call you together, so that you don’t get as many interruptions in your day.

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful Ramadan!

Information from Mrs. Jakubik

Internet Service Needed in Home   <—- link
The district is still trying to get internet for ALL families in need.
New Learning Plan Letter April 20, 2020  <—– link

New Grading Scale for June 2020 report card:

2- Meeting:  regularly submitted work and attended check-ins

  • Accuracy of work assessed on standards/graded/recorded in MiStar
  • High participation

3- Progressing:  Submitted most assignments and attended some of the check-ins
4- Limited Participation: 

  • Rarely or did not submit work (may be required to attend summer school)
  • Rarely attended check-in sessions (may be required to attend summer school)
  • Family hardship during the time of instruction (summer support offered)


I hope this find you and your family healthy.

As the district has been forming it’s remote learning plan, the Special Education department has been working with the district and the state to determine how this will effect students with IEP’s. I have been in many virtual meetings the last two days learning how I will best be able to help meet the needs of your child with an IEP. Since it will be next to impossible to deliver the the full service described in the IEP in a virtual maner. The special ed team and I will be developing a contingency plan that will describe how we will provide service. In the next week or two, I will be messaging each of you to set up a time and to meet with you either on the phone or virtually to discuss this plan and allow you to give us any input or changes you would like to see. This will not take too much of your time. I look forward to speaking with each of you!

Mrs Tennant

Time to get back into a routine!


I hope you all had an opportunity to enjoy the nice weather last week. With Spring Break over, it is time to get back into a routine or schedule. This should include academic time to work what every your student’s teachers have assigned, time out side, some time helping you either by working around the house, helping cook or working in the yard and of course some play/free time.

Below is a link to IXL learning. It is a site that offers work in all academic areas at all elementary grade levels. At this point I am just sharing the site to give your students additional opportunity for learning. In the future I may actually assign different lessons to your particular student based on their IEP goals.