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Trike-a-Thon was a huge success this year! The kids had a wonderful time showing off their bike riding skills to all of us! We truly hope you get good use out of the adorable Olaf helmets that we sent home the day before. Thank you again to the parents who brought soo much food for our picnic as well! We all had very full bellies! 


Please remember that we don’t have classes next week because Ms. Baydoun and I will be coming to your homes. Can’t wait to see you.

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Bowling Field Trip

A huge thank you to the moms that helped walk us to the bowling alley and then helped us learn how to bowl at the bowling alley!! The kids had an amazing time! They were counting how many pins each person knocked down, cheered each other on and learned how to bowl. Even some of the moms learned a few things! It was a day well spent with a police escort! Thank you to Officer Fouad for stopping the traffic for us to cross Schaefer.

Next big event is the Trike-a-Thon this coming Wednesday! Come with your child at 9:00 with your child and their bike. Please no motorized vehicles! We will be handing out helmets to the kids on Tuesday. They can use that helmet or bring their own. We want the kids to be safe while having fun riding bikes! Please remember to bring food to share.

New Areas in the Classroom

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I’m excited to show you a few new things we have in the classroom. We are very fortunate to get a writing center for the kids to write letters. We have envelopes for them to put their letters in and take home.

We are also fortunate enough to have a doctor’s office. The kids received a new doctor kit and have been busily fixing each other and the animals.

Please ask your child about these new parts of the classroom and talk to them about what they like in these areas.

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Monday, March 26th

Dr. Seuss Week!!! This week we will be doing fun activities and you will be asked to do something different everyday! We hope everyone enjoys this week before Spring Break. See you Monday with your hats.

Monday * Wear your favorite hat day*

Tuesday * Wear your favorite color day*

Wednesday * Wear mismatched clothes*

Thursday *Pajama Day*

Week of December 11th

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This week is a short week. We have school Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We will all meet at Cotter for the exciting parent fair.

Please also remember to continue bringing in bottles! Thank you to the parents who have brought in several bags already. We have some fun events planned so we would like to raise as much as possible so that we may be able to add to our list of field trips.

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget your snow clothes. We are suppose to get a few inches starting tonight. Can’t wait to play in the snow.