Wednesday, April 1st

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It’s April Fool’s Day. Today is going to be a nice day outside. I have a book from Mrs. Baydoun, you can practice the letter Nn in flour, go on a scavenger hunt and work on the happy numbers website. I would like you to be using the happy numbers website at least twice a week.

I will send the link on remind for our zoom meeting on later today.

Monday, March 30th

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Good morning everyone! Today I am going to have the children use a math website. I will take you through step by step how to sign your child up.

Go to and click on “I’m a Student”.

Enter the class number 438665 in the box and click go.
Click your child’s name.

Find your child’s name below and use that password to login to the website.

Your child will take a test to see where they are with their math knowledge. Please don’t give them the answers but make sure they take it. This is a website that I am going to ask that your child goes on every Monday and Wednesday. Please try to have your child on this website at least twice a week.

Letter N

Please make sure your child practices the letter N n.

  1. Letter hunt
  2. Write the letter in flour
  3. Take a walk and look on street signs and license plates

Wednesday, March 25th

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Math Bowling with Bottles

Use any pop bottles you may have in your house.

Using a small ball have your child bowl down the bottles, count the bottles they knocked down and then write the number down. If you want to challenge your child have them do it twice and add the numbers together. If you want have your child draw the dots under each number that they write down to help add them.

Letter Practice

Bb Rr- Today I would like you to practice the letters Bb and Rr. I’ve given you lots of ideas of how to practice the letters. Practice any way you like.

Read Aloud

Here is a read aloud of one of our favorite classroom books read by the author who wrote it.

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Week of March 23rd

Please continue to post pictures each day you are working. You may also feel free to do any activity that you want to practice the letter for the day. You will have a new letter each day to practice. These are the letters we’ve already done in school. Please remember to practice what each letter says.

Monday- Science Experiment Day/Letter P p

Science Fun

Today you will do an experiment with skittles! Watch the video on how to set it up and how to do the experiment. Can’t wait to see your videos or pictures on what the kids thought!

How did your experiment go?

Field Trip Thursday

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I am super sad that we can’t go on some field trips right now so I thought today you can go on your own field trip while at home.

Today is a field trip day. Everyone needs to go to Houston Zoo at

While you are there check out the Chimpanzees, Elephants, Giraffes, Gorillas, Leaf Cutter Ants, and Rhinoceroses. Take a picture of your favorite and write(draw) which one is your favorite. Then tell why you liked it.

Please make sure you are practicing your 1.Writing, 2.Reading, 3.Playing outside(social distanced) or GoNoodle.

Keep posting those amazing pictures of your activities! You will need skittles next week for a fun science experiment so plan ahead and try to get some the next time you run to the store. Have a wonderful weekend and see you all Monday.

Wednesday, March 18th

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Day 3 of At-Home Learning

I hope that you are all healthy and happy at home. Today I would like you to explore some fun math activities/letter activities that we were going to do in school.

  1. I wanted to start working on harder patterns with the kids. We have been doing AB patterns(blue, green, blue, green) and now I want to try ABC patterns(red, orange, white, red, orange, white) or (dog, cat, bird, dog, cat, bird)
  2. Watch this fun video and practice counting to 100!
  3. Build a fort!!! I want to see what kind of creations the kids can come up with. This is great for them recognizing spatial skills which is great for math!
  4. Go on a letter hunt around your house and find the letter E/e and letter D/d.
  5. Use playdough to make the letters or other objects in your house.
  6. Put pudding, rice, flour on a cookie sheet and have your child practice writing their name or any letters they know.

Please parents remember to post pictures on the Facebook page so I can see the kids enjoying their activities. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 17th

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! I hope you all wear some green and send me a picture. I am working on some fun activities for you boys and girls to do each day. Remember post pictures of your fun activity!!!

Today I want you to watch a book called “How To Catch a Leprechaun”. Do you think you can catch a leprechaun? I want you to make a leprechaun trap to try to catch a leprechaun.

****Parents (here’s your fun part) if you can get your hands on some gold chocolate coins, they have them at Walgreens, to put on the floor by your child’s trap overnight so that they can be surprised by it in the morning!! I did this with my kids every year and they love making a trap and finding coins, even though they didn’t catch a leprechaun. If you aren’t able to get gold coins then you could leave a few quarters by the trap. Please take a picture and share it on our facebook page so I can see their amazing traps!! Happy hunting.

Monday, March 16th Activities

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We practice a letter a week at school, so I am going to review the letter we’ve already done this year so that hopefully they don’t lose anything they’ve learned this year. They are used to this, and they do well with the consistency of repetition. Hopefully you will get to see how smart, funny, talented, and kind your child is. The first few days they may resist a bit, because it is new. Stick with it, and tell them Mrs. Manwell said they need to do it. 

Please feel free to share pictures of your child earning at home either via the facebook group, or remind if you don’t want to post more publicly.

Literacy Activities

Letter F f

  1. Go on a letter hunt around your house.
  2. Look at magazines and have your child either circle or cut out the letters they find.
  3. Go on a letter hunt outside for some fresh air! Look at license plates, signs and street signs to find the letter for today.
  4. Read a book with your child and have them find the letter of the day throughout the book.
  5. Watch these two videos for letter review and the letter of the day.

Read Aloud of the Day

Can’t wait to see your pictures of what you’ve done! Maybe you’ll even see a video of Mrs. Manwell on here!!!