July 29

Khan Academy/Clever

Hope everyone is having a good summer. If you sent me an email I tried to respond. All I know from my emails is that Clever doesn’t work, from the head of technology. Please just log in directly. If you need to make a new account, I would. The technology dept. is aware and trying to find a solution. Please keep up with your minutes. Maybe a log would be helpful!! Again the purpose of summer learning is to stop “Summer Slip”.

Here is what my email says regarding this:

Khan Academy is deprecating their “old” service and replacing it with something new. If you sign in to Clever, you may note a “Removal Pending” label on the Khan Academy icon. 

We will be removing our old application from use on June 30, 2020. 

June 2

Late Work

All Late Work must be emailed to me by end of day June 8th, for me to process and respond. If the work is done, I won’t know unless you email me. Also I’m makowsk@dearbornschools.org (There are two Makowski’s, I’m Kimberly)