Dec 04

Book Fair- THIS week

We will be having our annual book fair this week. The book fair is set up in the cafeteria and will be accessible to students during their lunch time. This is a great way to add books to your family library! If you are interested, please send at least $5 with your child sometime this week for them to choose a book. We will be previewing the book fair as a class tomorrow 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!

Nov 17

Math Test- MONDAY 11/20

Good afternoon! I have sent home a  math study guide with you child today. Our math test will be on Monday, November 20th. I will not be checking it for homework but I do feel that it is a great way to prepare for our test as the test will look the exact same!

Nov 13

Mobymax and Myon

Many of the students have told e that their password and usernames are not working when they try to log on to MobyMax or MyON. This is because they need to access the site through the Dearborn schools webpage. I have included a link here to get you there faster 🙂


  1. click on CLEVER
  2. choose which site you would like to go on ( MobyMax, MyON, Khan academy, etc.)
  3. input the username and password that I have given you child

Hope this was helpful! I will be checking student minutes 🙂