May 02

Important dates

Please mark the following dates on your calendar!

Wednesday, May 9th- Ethnic dinner. A permission slip was sent home earlier this week regarding the ethnic dinner. All attendees must bring a dish that feeds 10 people OR $3. If you decide last minute to attend, the cost will go up to $10 at the door so turn in those slips 🙂

Friday, May 11th- Field Day. More information coming!

Tuesday, May 15th- Mother’s Day celebration. A note will be sent home by the end of this week. Our class has decided to host a “Ma Spa” in honor of Mother’s Day! It will take place from 2:30-3:15. More information on that will be sent home in the note, just wanted you all to save the date 🙂

Thursday, May 31st- Field Trip. Permission slips were sent home earlier this week. We are going to the Henry Ford Museum! permission slips and $5 are due by Monday, May 15th. 5 chaperones will be allowed on the bus, but all are welcome to come in your own car! I will allow the first 5 people to turn in money to chaperone. So far, we have 2 confirmed chaperones.

Lots happening in May!! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions 🙂


Apr 25

Movie Night

Movie night will be this Friday from 4:00-6:00. It is a free event so come and enjoy a nice movie with your family! Students MUST be with an adult. Snacks will be sold during the movie 🙂

Apr 20

Care to the CORE

Monday will be care to the CORE day and every school in Dearborn will be participating in outdoor activities that help make our environment a better place. At Miller, 1st grade will be outside for 1 hour planting grass. Please allow your child to dress comfortably and in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty! They will be handling mud and other planting tools. Tennis shoes, pants, and their MILLER shirts is what they should wear on monday. Mr. Awada has asked for us all to wear our Miller shirts so please be sure to have them wear it!

Apr 12

Spring Concert

A note was sent home yesterday about the concert our students have been preparing for. It is next Tuesday, April 17th, at 4 PM.

My class has music two times a week and they have been working very hard preparing, learning, and mastering songs for this concert.

Please be sure to turn in the brown permission slip I passed out yesterday if your child can attend and there will be someone there to pick them up after the show. NOTE: if they do not return their permission slips by the end of the day on Tuesday, I will be required to send them home no matter what. So, please be sure to fill that out and return it with your child by Tuesday.

I will be staying for this concert and I am looking so forward to seeing all the beautiful singers in our class 🙂

Apr 12


Mr. Awada has requested once again that I reach out to all parents that pick their child up from school. Please be sure that you are waiting in the cafeteria for us at the end of the day. I know it is more convenient to wait for us right outside the classroom, however, it creates a problem for the students going from the gym to the bus. So, please pick your child up from inside the cafeteria! Thank you so much for your understanding 🙂

Apr 09


Due to the craziness before break I am using last weeks spelling list for one more week. Students will not get a new list this week. If you need the words again, here they are:











The test for these words will be on Friday, April 13th

Apr 09

Picture Day- Tomorrow

Picture day information was sent home before the break! If you would like your child to get a spring picture you may send money with them tomorrow. NOTE: Only students with money will be allowed to get their picture taken 🙂

Mar 29

Art Show!

Mrs. Saad has selected students from our class to display their work at the April Arts Dearborn art show! They have been working on a springtime picture in art the past few weeks and Mrs. Saad was very impressed with our class!. I would like to congratulate the following students as their art will be displayed;

Jihad Aladwer

Ayah Haddad

Amal Saleh

Zeinab Nasser

Haider Alidani

Saba Aldhoribi

The art show will be held City Hall Artspace Lofts from 6-8 pm on Saturday, April 7th. I encourage everyone to attend in support of their peers! I hope to see everyone there!

Mar 28

A message from Mr. Awada…

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Miller Elementary is using this Parent Survey as a means to elicit your beliefs and opinions to help target areas for the school system to improve and areas to continue to be effective. Your opinion is important to us, and we ask that you take the time to complete this survey.  The online survey will be available until 4/30/18. In order to complete the survey, please click on this link:

Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous and your honest opinions are appreciated. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact your school principal.  Thank you in advance for supporting our improvement efforts.

Your cooperation and support in completing the parent survey will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely,


أولياء الأمور الكرام ،


مدرستنا وجميع مدارس ديربورن في عملية تطوير و تحسين مستمرة و دائمة ،يعتبر خلالها الأهل  والأوصياء جزء لا يتجزأ و جوهري لسيرها. نستخدم استطلاع رأي متطور و خاص بالأهالي كوسيلة للاطلاع على آرائهم التي من شأنها المساعدة في استهداف المناطق الفعالة والمؤثرة على سير العملية التطويرية للمدرسة. رأيك مهم بالنسبة لنا،لذا نرجو منكم الاجابة على الاستطلاع  لإتمام هذه الدراسة. يتوفر استطلاع الرأي عبر شبكة الإنترنت. من أجل إكمال الدراسة، يرجى الضغط على الرابط التالي :

نؤكد أن مشاركتكم و اجاباتكم حول هذا الاستطلاع سرية ولن يتم معرفة شخصية من قام بالاستطلاع، و أن آرائكم الصادقة هي موضع تقدير. إذا كان لديكم أي أسئلة حول هذا الاستبيان، يرجى الاتصال بمكتب المدرسة. شكرا لكم مقدما على مساندتكم ودعمكم  لعملية تطوير و تحسين المدرسة

نقدر تعاونكم ودعمكم في إكمال هذا الاستطلاع و لكم جزيل الشكر.