Science Fair Projects

Good afternoon families of students grades 3-5,

This year your child will be required to do a science experiment. Requirements will be sent home Thursday. Please have your child search/brainstorm ideas that may interest him/her. The “Science Fair Project Getting Started” Idea Slip will be distributed Thursday and is due back before the winter break.

Thank you for your support!

Family Science Night

Dear Snow Families,

We are very excited to bring to Snow School our 5th Annual Family Science Night! It will take place on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. The evening will begin in the gym with the science assembly, “Dumpster Doug.” After the show, families are invited to walk through the hallways to view our students’ science project displays. Please save the date to celebrate our accomplishments!

Math Quiz

We will retake the Lesson 7 Quiz on Friday. Students need to know the following:

What is a multiple?
What is a factor?
What is different about a multiple and factor?
What is a factor pair?
What is a prime number?
What is a composite number?

The quizzes rely heavily on students knowing the material as well as reading and answering the questions with care. Please take the time to study with your child. Students may use their notebook and practice packet to study.

This Week – Revised

There will be a Social Studies quiz this Thursday. Students may use their notes to study.

The Science Quiz originally scheduled for this Thursday will be next week instead. Majetic/Shene will take it on Monday and Guadiana/Shene will take it on Wednesday.


This Week

Just a reminder, students will have a math quiz tomorrow. They have a packet and notebook to help them study.

In addition, there will be a Science unit test on Thursday. Today, students completed a study guide that they can use to prepare for the test.

Math Quiz

There will be a quiz over lesson 7 on Tuesday, Dec. 5th. Students have review pages to complete over the weekend which we will check on Monday. They also have notes in a (new) Math Notebook. These will be very helpful for them to use to study.

Clever Log-In Pointers

A few families have expressed difficulty with logging in to Clever from home. I spoke with a tech and he gave me a few pointers that may help.

  • To access the correct link for Clever, go to Dearborn Schools Website > Student Resources > Clever.
  • Make sure another user is not logged in to the browser you are using (Chrome, Safari, etc.). Your child must be logged in with their Dearborn Schools username and password.
  • Try clearing the browsing data (specifically cookies) from the beginning of time. This will log out any user who is logged in, so beware of that fact.

If you continue to have trouble and can bring your device to school, I’d be happy to help you try to log in.  Good Luck!