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Week of September 30

Posted by on September 30, 2019


During the past two weeks all ELA 1 students practiced using roadblock strategies to read and comprehend a variety of fiction and nonfiction passages including article of the week (AoW), poems, and other texts.

Students took their first common formative assessment (CFA) who was addressing the skill of summarizing.

Students who scored partially proficient (PP) or not proficient (NP) were allowed extra practice and those who scored proficient (P) or advanced (A) were given extension (honor level) work.

This week students will be reassessed on the same skill on Thursday.

We will continue to practice roadblock strategies with special focus on Words in Context using this week’s readings.


Last week all ELA1 students took their mastery assessment for using Participial phrases in writing.

This week we will start practicing adding appositive phrases to our sentences so as to have a variety of sentence structures in our writing pieces.

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