This week you will have two zoom calls with myself and Mrs. Naji. I have sent out emails for tomorrow’s zoom calls. If you do not have a zoom call tomorrow Monday October 5th, log on to schoology and do the activities on there :)

10:00Kazem RazoukiRasmieh DabajehKazem RazoukiRasmieh Dabajeh
10:30Liliana ElatatMohammed MansoubLiliana ElatatMohammed Mansoub
11:00Mohamed AltairiObad MawryMohamed AltairiObad Mawry
11:30Essa AlrayashiNoor AlharbiEssa AlrayashiNoor Alharbi
1:00Sarah AbdullahShad AwnallahSarah AbdullahShad Awnallah
1:30Zein AlQadiHaya AltairiZein AlQadiHaya Altairi
2:00Shaima Al-WajihLayan RubaidShaima Al-WajihLayan Rubaid
2:30Jamila MansoubNoah ZindaniJamila MansoubNoah Zindani

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