Lowrey 2017 Track Team

By Aya Beidoun


Track is an individual sport. It’s between the competitor and the clock.  Participants race against other schools in different types of events to see who the best team is. The coaches for the track team are Coach Lohaus and Coach Fawaz. They push team members to be better and they make everyone work hard.   The work is worth it because it helps the team get better and more focused for the meets.


There are approximately 130 kids total, counting boys and girls on the team this year. This year, track will be ending soon because Ramadan will start this year in May.  Lowrey participated in the Dearborn City Meet on May 24, 2017.  Lowrey Girls placed 4th in the city, and Lowrey boys placed 5th in the city.  Following the City Meet, will come the Track banquet.  At the track banquet team members enjoy and play basketball, go on the trampoline, and of course, eat food!


Lots of people wonder what goes on in track.  These are some of the events most track teams practice for; One of the events in track is the 2 mile run.  The 2 mile is a very important event in track. Participants run 8 laps around the track and are timed. Another event is the 1 mile. In the 1 mile, participants have to run 4 laps around the track, and are timed. A third event is the high jump. In the high jump, participants start to run at full speed,  then using a long silver pole the jumper has to launch themselves in the air with the help of the pole, and jumps backwards and lands on a trampoline.  Another event is the long jump-  jumpers start running until they reach a marker board, then they have to jump as far a distance as possible into sand, without falling, and landing on two feet.   Other participants run the 400 meter.  They run 1 lap around the track, sprinting as fast as possible to beat their opponent. Another sprinting event is the 800 meter. In the 800, runners make 2 laps around the track as fast as possible.  Another speedy sprinting race is the 70 meter. This is a straight, quick event- where runners run at top speeds to beat opponents for this short distance.  Last, but not least, is the shot put event.  In the shot put, participants use an 8 pound ball,  and participants have to throw with as much height and distance in the air as possible.  All events are challenging, and take time, concentration and practice to be successful.


Track is an amazing sport that allows participants to work on speed, agility, and stamina.   Although the season will end soon, the track team’s spirit will stay high!  Coach Fawaz shared the motto for the 2017 Lowrey track season, “Start Unknown.  Finish Unforgettable.”  This idea led to the way for our Lowrey track team to become a united family working toward a common goal.


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8th Grade Farewell

By Batoul Tarhini

Many came from different schools in 6th grade when we began our journey as Lowrey Middle School students. Unfamiliar faces soon became familiar, and the new faces, turned into something more…. New relationships thrived and turned into friendships. We have created countless, joyful memories that will forever be remembered. I would have never imagined that our middle school years would just roll by this fast. I remember when we first walked through the brown Lowery doors in 6th grade, frightened and scared, nervous about what was awaiting us. Little did we know that there was excitement soon to come. Middle school has been the ride of our lives (so far) and it’s so sad we have to let it all go. One memory I will never forget is the 6th grade A2 wars we had that occurred in either the hallways for tug-a-war or outside for dodgeball. Those were the best, and very competitive! I always loved the satisfaction of winning, especially as a team. Sooner than later, 7th grade started. This was the year we were finally eligible to join sports as well as NJHS. Thank you Lowrey coaches for helping take your players to the top! A special thanks to Ms. Fawaz for helping the NJHS students to collaborate to make the school a better place. Then, 8th grade finally arrived. Whenever an elementary or middle school student asked whether or not we were 8th graders, we would jump at the chance, to say with pride “Yes!” To end this year we enjoyed an unforgettable field trip to Cedar Point, and are all looking forward to the traditional 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony coming very soon. All in all, we had amazing middle school years, not to mention amazing middle school teachers! We are proud that we spent our middle school years at Lowrey, and are proud that we are Polar Bears!


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Follow Up on Pasta for Pennies

By Saja Aljanaby

Congratulations are long overdue to all Lowrey students who participated in the Pasta for Pennies Fundraiser!
Lowrey students, of all grade levels, have contributed to the Olive Garden Pasta for Pennies program. As many might know, our school raised money to support the Pasta for Pennies program so that it could benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ,also know as the LLS. In other words, Lowrey Polar Bears raised money to help find a cure for blood cancer.

The whole school competed to see who could raise the most mula in order to win prizes sponsored by The Olive Garden and the our school’s Student council. Our goal was $4000….. and drums please……….

The winners for each class and the prizes won were…….

Elementary 1st Place: Kibilko’s Class $323.48 (Olive Garden Lunch)
Elementary 2nd Place: Dillon’s Class $186.41 (Hungry Howie’s Pizza)
Elementary 3rd Place: El-Baf’s Class $185.25 (Pizza Lunch Sponsored by Lowrey School Student Council)

Middle School 1st Place: Wiedyke’s Class $413.62 (Olive Garden Lunch)
Middle School 2nd Place: F. Fawaz’s Class $366.24 (Hungry Howie’s Pizza)
Middle School 3rd Place: G. Makled’s Class $132.88 (Pizza Lunch Sponsored by Lowrey School Student Council)

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7th Grade End of the Year Field Trips

By: Sarah Hachem

This May the seventh graders went on two field trips.  The field trips were scheduled to be before Ramadan to avoid frustration. All 7th graders have accomplished a remarkable amount of achievements and work this year, and they definitely deserved these field trips!

7th Grade students paid $25 for the first field trip to C.J. Barrymore’s in Clinton Township, MI. The field trip date was May 23, 2017. Students traveled by bus at 9:30 a.m., and came back to Lowrey at 2:30 p.m. C.J. Barrymore’s provided many in and outdoor activity options including: an arcade, bowling, euro bungy, laser tag, golf, miniature golf, mini bowling, rock climbing, zip-lining, bumper boats, bumper cars, grand prix karts, indy karts, rookie karts, turbo karts, and water wars. All students were asked bring their own glass bottle free lunch. Candy and ice cream were NOT offered with the field trip, however they could be bought at concession stands.

The second field trip was located at Hemlock Park. This field trip was free because students walked to this destination. 7th grade students went on May 25, 2017. The Splash Pad was open. Students brought a glass bottle free bagged lunch to this field trip as well. Students brought electronics and any sport balls. Students didn’t bring anything with wheels.

Every 7th grader was encouraged to attend these end of the year field trips because of dedicated and tremendous effort this year! 7th graders HAD FUN!!!



By Saja Aljanaby

Lowrey has some very talented students!  There are a group of students who had the privilege to participate in a play created by themselves  (of course with the help of many professional people). The students started working on the show in January and performed only 3 months later. The journey all started with The Michigan Opera Theatre.  In November of 2016, Lowrey students were invited to participate and come see the opera Silent Night.  These students were involved in Mrs. Voelkner’s music classes.  Students got to experience opera and a live performance. The next step, to this awesome journey was that the students got to go to the Arab American National Museum, where they were welcomed to come to for a field trip. The students got to go to the Arab American National Museum to learn more about the aspects of Arabic culture that went along with the meaning of the show at the Michigan Opera Theatre.

This brings about the next piece of this awesome puzzle.   Lowrey students then later got to meet and work with professional theatre artists. The artists each came on a particular day.  This day was specialized and focused on that artist teaching Lowrey participants about their jobs, and some basic skills to know for the future. The amazing artists that gave their time to teach, share and support the Lowrey music program  throughout the show were:

  • Sherrine Azab (Leading Teaching Artist/Director)
  • Maria Cimarelli (Music Director)
  • Allise Alousi (Poet)
  • Adnan Charara (Visual Artists, Set/Props Designer)
  • Jenna Hamed (Costume Designer)
  • Michael Ibrahim (Composer/Musician)
  • Amer Zahr (comedian)

After experiencing all of the unique knowledge from these amazing professionals, Lowrey students started to combine these  many new priorities that are essential for actors and actresses, and their  creativity and wild imaginations to CREATE a play. The students were able to make decisions from costuming, to the scene content, and also create the characters. The play, all together,  had 8 short scenes which made it to approximately 20-30 minutes long.

The play passed along many deep messages and themes that were incorporated into the show. The students named the play “Arrivals” because in every scene, the students arrived at a new and important event in history that made them who they are today. The play had the students (actors) start in the pre-historic dinosaur ages, then to the first Arab-American to come to this continent( Zammouri), then onto a time their grandparents came to America.  Then the time fast-forwarded to the days each student was born, then time-hopped to our present days, and finally to the FUTURE!  Throughout the show there were mini speeches and songs that gave the show even more personality and deeper meaning. More Lowrey students also became involved-  the string students from Mrs. Voelkers other class and some Lowrey art students came to help decorate and design.

After rehearsing many times Lowrey students performed the show at Lowrey school,  and then were asked by the Arab American National Museum to perform there!   The show was a huge success according to many people watching.

The lucky 7th grade students  who worked really hard to create and star in this successful play were:


Sajad Ali

Wafa Aljahmi

Saja Al Janaby

Mustafa Alkafaji

Tarq Alturki

Kassem Bazzi

Marwa Chbeir

Sadek Dakhallah

AliRida Fakhreddine

Mike Fawaz

Zainab Hachem

Eshaq Nagi

Abdulkarim Omar

Ali Saleh

Shayma Younis



Fatima Alhussaini

Hanan Alwaseem

Nasim Alwaseem

Zainab Elachkar

Dayanara Magdalenoleal

Ahmed Shreef


Visual Artists

Banean Alkazal

Rayan Ali Assi

Malak ElAmmar

Lowrey Boy’s Swim Team

By: Guest Writer- Reda Mazeh


The Lowrey Boys Swim Team had a challenging season this year.  Throughout the season they faced many challenges and hardships.  The team struggled with injuries, to teammates quitting, and even being removed from the tea.  However, the team took these obstacles and used them as their motivation to succeed and practice harder. Even though the boys may not have placed 1st in the Dearborn City Meet, they know as a team that they improved and attempted to be the best that they could.


According to one member of the team, “Coach Sabra was no doubt one of the greatest coaches we have ever had. He pushed us above our limits because he saw our potential, and spent the entire season making sure we reached our goals. He was serious when it came down to business, but he would always have a few jokes to lighten the mood. Not only is he an amazing coach, but an amazing role model.”  Obviously, Coach Sabra was respected by his team.  


Another team member shared,  “The team was like no other, we fought, we fell, we lost, and we won as brothers.  We were truly a family. The bond we all had between each other was unbreakable and I thank them for an unforgettable season.”   There were  days where some team members wanted to give up and quit, because they said it wasn’t worth it.  For those that stayed on the team,  the experience made them better people. They learned good sportsmanship, to be fierce and bold, but at the same time to remain humble. Team members learned to push through all the pain and difficulties.  These are lessons that will help any team members figure out how to face problems in life.  Lessons learned during the swim season will help with persistence.   Never give up no matter what!  Thanks Lowrey Boy’s Swim Team for an awesome season.



Mohamed Mohamed

Ahmed Omer

Fadil Dakhlallah

Sadek dakhalallah

Hudhaifh Saif

Issa Bazzi

Hussein Darwish

Abraham Muthanab

Mohammed Darwish

Waseem Mohammed

Mohamed Ahmed

Ahmad Alawy

Ishaq Musid

Maytham Althahaby

Mustafa Kabbani

Fahad Fatlah

Reda Mazeh

Reda Mahdi

Ali Hazimi

Youssef Sasso

Ali Ayoub


Lowrey Alumni: Mr. Harry Bogosian

Lowrey Alumni, Mr. Harry Bogosian, Shares His Experiences as a Lowrey Polar Bear 

By: Saja Aljanaby, Sarah Hachem, Hager Muthana, and Aya Beidoun

Near the beginning of this school year, one of our school secretaries found a license that belonged a former Lowrey student named Harry Bogosian in the building. As it turns out, last Fall, Harry took a tour around Lowrey while he was visiting the area.  When Harry was contacted about his lost license, Polar Express staff members used the opportunity to  reach out to him.  An impromptu interview happened,  where he started to explain Lowrey, as he remembered it, during his time as a student. Sensing the interest of our Polar Express staff members, after a few months, Mr. Bogasian generously wrote and sent pictures to further share his experience at Lowrey. He even included a Lowrey newsletter from 1946!

Harry was in plenty of classes at Lowrey, considering he was in the building from kindergarten through sixth grade. He listed the teachers he could recall in his letter. Some of these teachers include: Ms. Bake (his kindergarten teacher), Ms. Hagerty (his first grade teacher), Ms. Weissman (his third grade teacher), Ms. Zility (his second grade teacher), Ms. Biel (his fourth grade teacher), Mr. Bigelow (his fifth grade teacher), and Ms. Kiel (his sixth grade teacher).  He also remembered most of the elective teachers: Music with Ms.Hamilton and later Ms. Johnson, School Choir with Mrs.Cecil Coedy, Theater with Ms. Jakeno, and Swimming classes with Mr.Cady. Lowrey even had a part-time dentist when he was a student. Harry included that he still remembers his first violin lesson with Ms.Hamilton, and Ms.Johnson, and how Ms.Mackenzie encouraged him to read more. He still reads often, thanks to her.

One distinct teacher that stood out in Mr. Bagosian’s mind  was Mr.Jack, Harry`s P.E teacher, and football coach. According to Harry, Mr.Jack would hit the students with a large paddle when they misbehaved. It was supposed to teach students a lesson. Although this seems extreme by today’s standards- it was common practice in the past for public school discipline. Harry claimed it never hurt. Interestingly enough, while remembering, Harry also highlighted another difference-  Lowrey used to have a gym for handicapped students. This gym provided all sorts of special equipment- like heated pools.  Mr. Bagosian also described some electives he remembers that are now a thing of the past- including home economics, wood shop, electric shop, metal shop auto shop, and mechanical drawing.  

Back then, when Harry was a Lowrey student around the year 1946, his 9A class had multiple field trips and activities to keep them busy. Some activities they participated in were; plays, field trips, comparisons, dances, and graduations. Back in those days, students enjoyed many school plays. For instance, the play, “A Piece Of String” by Guy De Maupassant and “Susan Goes To Hollywood” was also a popular hit. They worked hard to produce many more plays, and performed with teachers.

Lowrey students were lucky to have opportunities to go on field trips during Mr. Bagosian’s years as a Lowrey student; Today, Lowrey students still attend many of the same field trips. For example: Greenfield Village, The Henry Ford Museum, and trips to hear The Detroit Symphony Orchestra.  To conclude their years at Lowrey, Harry remembers they had a festival in June at Walled Lake. During the festival, they traditionally had a pie eating contest.

Mr. Bagosian shared that the former students of Lowrey had a good amount of popularity election contests while he was a student. Those contests were about how popular and admired the students were that attended Lowrey. The students got to vote for contests like: Most Popular, Best Dressed, Best Dancer, Prettiest Girl, and Most Intellectual Student. Back then, The Lowrey Light (the name of their student newspaper) used to hold these contests.

Before leaving and graduating from Lowrey, the students had a farewell dance and  had great time according to Harry and The Lowrey Light newsletter.  Instead of a dance to wish our 8th graders good-bye and good luck, the current tradition is the 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony.  

Mr. Bagosian was a student at Lowrey over sixty years ago.  Over six decades, Lowrey has transformed in many ways. Lowrey has changed its classes, teachers, students, and building design. One consistency remains.  Sixty years ago, and today, Lowrey is a school of pride, learning and quality.  Polar Express staff members and advisors would  like to sincerely thank Mr. Bogosian for taking his time to share his history at Lowrey School.   His kind and willingness to be involved is an interesting and educational lesson for current Lowrey Polar Bears.


Mr. Bogosian was kind enough to send all these pictures in the mail. Please click on any picture to enlarge!


Religious Diversity

By: Saja Aljanaby

The Religious Diversity Program for Lowrey students from 7th grade who get to go on journeys, in order to learn about different aspects of religious life.  The purpose of  this program is for students to explore different religions.   They are educated about the many aspects and specifics of different religions. Students who are involved in the program have already explored several religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, and their latest, Hinduism . There are more journeys ahead planned for these students.

Students are recommended by former teachers to be a part of this program.  Involved students have to miss out on the school day and arrive at Ten Eyck instead.  From there, a bus would take them to the destination for the day.  Each religion takes students to a different destination.

The students attend to learn about themselves and one another.  In order to help with that, the students are given a journal and a notebook to use while they are learning about a new religion. The journal is also an informational book, specialized for each religion.  It tells about how the religion encourages followers to live, what to  wear, how to pray, and the history of that certain belief. The journal portion of the book is also used to track down the student’s personal notes.  It also has a place to gather up all the stickers that the program provides to show the  symbols of the religion. The clip art with this article shows many of the images and symbols that Lowrey students learn about.

The students get to do many activities during the study of each religion.  If appropriate, they dance, listen to sessions, ask questions, and sing.                                                                               

Along with all of these new religious experiences, Lowrey students also participate in service acts. It’s an important part of the day because the students get to participate with doing a kind act for people who are in need, are sometimes sick, or even lonely.  Students provide help and some nice words to make someone else’s day.  To help, students get to sometimes draw, write sayings, and are sometimes involved in  hands-on things like packing a bag filled with sweet treats.

Lowrey students and students  from several other school districts all attend the journeys together at the same time. Which gives everyone involved an advantage of meeting other kids from different schools. Since all the students are there from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. there is also FOOD involved. Students who attend get to eat a vegetarian meal. With the meal they include: Hummus, falafels, bread,  and sometimes food that has to do with the culture and religion being studied that day.

Finally, students get to share their experience with others as well as writing it in their notebook. They sometimes write a poem, or a connection, and how they felt after the new experience.

Lowrey students close a religious journey day by going back to Ten Eyck and then going home.   Everyone involved feels they are growing from these different experiences.                                                                                                       

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