10 Clues to Guess Who

By Mariyah Saleh

How many kids do you have?

  • 0 Kids

What are your favorite stores to shop at?

  • TJ Maxx and Target

What month is your birthday month?

  • June

What are your hobbies?

  • Reading,  Sleeping, Exercising                                                                                         

If you were given one superpower, what would you want it to be?

  • Instantly teleporting places so that I could travel everywhere around the world.

What is your Favorite sports team?

  • Tigers

Are you friends with any other Lowrey staff member(s)?

  • I am friends with all my co-workers, especially my teaching team!

What is your favorite celebrity?

  • Emma Watson

What is your favorite food?

  • Pasta

What is your favorite singer/band?

  • Florence & The Machine



The Lowrey Middle School National Junior Honor Society

By: Sarah Eljahmi and Sarah Hachem


The National Junior Honor Society is an international, nonprofit organization that allows students to reach out and help the community.  Whether it’s donating canned foods or cleaning up a local park, NJHS does it all.  Each year, a group of outstanding and committed students collaborate to improve the school and local community.  Ms. Fudwa Fawaz, the advisor of the NJHS at Lowrey Middle School seeks students who abide by the NJHS pillars. Only respectful students with excellent academic standings, leadership qualities, and voluntary services in 7th or 8th grade are eligible to apply. Students who apply must submit a response as to why their eligible, three teacher recommendations, and an activity sheet of their middle school services.   Ms. Fawaz received over 85 applications this year alone, and thoroughly read over them to decide upon who would make an excellent addition to Lowrey’s motivated NJHS group. After a week or so, Mrs. Fawaz picked out 20 seventh graders and 27 eighth graders.

After recruiting the new NJHS members, Ms. Fawaz organized approximately five

exciting projects and events they are expected to take on before the end of the 2017-2018 school year.  National Junior Honor Society members will be working on raising money to build two good-quality water wells in Africa. They will also run a clothes drive to raise money for the autistic community, and a food drive prior to Ramadan.  As far as improving the school, members will work in groups to cover Lowrey halls with inspirational murals, and promote charitable money-raising awarenesses. One exciting event NJHS members participated in was the induction ceremony for the newly accepted members. This was a special event in which NJHS members dressed up,  and were sworn into the organization. Other than current NJHS members, many others were invited to attend including parents, former members, and the National Honor Society President from Fordson High School. Finally, NJHS will be going on a thrilling end-of-the-year field trip!

NJHS is a wonderful opportunity to make an impact in the local community, to help

people in need, and take pride in these actions. Being in NJHS has a handful of advantages, too.  For one, it allows students to make a real difference in their school and community with the help of like-minded friends. Second, being a middle school member increases the chances of making it into NHS in High School.  Being a National Honor Society member is a major eye-catcher on college resúmes. Thirdly, these elite students will receive an honorary mention of their excellence at 8th Grade graduation and stand out with gold and blue tassels. NJHS is a phenomenal organization.  All Lowrey students are encouraged to strive and become part of this worthwhile group.



New Teacher Interview Ms. Nada Mohsen

By: Mariyah Saleh

Ms. Mohsen, our new Lowrey Middle School Social Worker, has already been making positive changes in the building since she started here, in her first social work position during the Fall of 2017. She loves helping student and staff members with many types of issues such as bullying, and peer mediation. To prepare for this job, she finished her internship at Dearborn High School. She earned her Masters degree in social work at Madonna University, but also has been able to specialize in schools as well. She is friends with all the staff members, which speaks to her friendly and welcoming personality.  Some experiences she has enjoyed so far include the really comforting staff members, the bullying pledge, watching all students make donations for good causes like food drives and Pasta for Pennies. She was involved with creating and displaying The Kindness Tree, this hilights students being involved in kind acts. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends and family, watching TV, working out in her home gym, cooking/baking, volleyball, helping students with problems, and learning new interventions to help students with different types of issues. Ms. Mohsen shared a little about her family, She has 3 stepsisters, 1 brother, 1 niece, 1 nephew, no pets, and she’s the youngest. Also, all her sisters are married except for one.  She hangs out with her family every month, play games, and eats dinner together. She also spends time with her best friend forever, Malak. Ms. Mohsen, our beloved middle school social worker, is bringing positivity and light to everyone at Lowrey Middle School.

March is Reading Month

By Hawraa Alsaadi


March is an important month of the year. It is the month when everyone across the country has a chance to express their love of Reading. Throughout the years, Lowrey has made many traditions that are held annually to celebrate this important month. March Madness Basketball tournaments are one of the traditions at Lowrey.  Students were able to make teams with their friends and play against each other. Teachers also decorate their doors using a theme from a book. This year, students were also able to participate in several reading themed activities using a grid. Each square on the grid was a different way students could express their love of reading. The grid activites ranged from dressing up as your favorite character from a book, to writing an acrostic poem, to building a tent at home to read in.   Everytime a student completed an activity they were given a raffle ticket. At the end of the month, the counselors randomly picked names and those students who chose to participate won amazing prizes. The prizes were two Tropical Smoothie gift cards per grade level, a $30 Barnes & Noble Book Store Gift Card per grade level, and one Grand Prize. Congratulations to Mastora Momin who won the Grand Prize, an Amazon Fire Kindle. The Lowrey Polar Bears enjoyed their time celebrating the month of reading!  Special Thanks go out to Lowrey P.T.A., Lowrey National Junior Honors Society, and General Acid Proofing, Inc. for their generous donations to make Reading Month at Lowrey an amazing experience for all involved!


Choral Festival

By: Sarah Hachem and Mariyah Saleh


On March 24, 2018, three Lowrey students participated in The Michigan School Vocal Music Association Solo and Ensemble Festival. Banean Alkazal, Mariyah Saleh, and Sarah Hachem, performed two memorized pieces of music. The first was called “Afternoon On A Hill”, by Cynthia Gray. This piece was based on a poem by Edna St. Vincent Mallay. The second piece was “O-Desayo”, which is an Angolan folk song about the joys of friends, families and sharing time together. These were performed at the festival which took place at Monroe Middle School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The girls prepared for the big event by meeting with Mrs. Pegouske on Tuesdays, Fridays, at 7:40 a.m. before advisory, to practice their songs to make sure they were perfect. These early morning practices started in December 2017. While in Monroe, the trio waited until they were called into a practice room, accompanied by Ms. Pegouske and chaperones. After a significant amount of time, effort, and hard work, the girls were excited to perform in front of the judges. The trio was judged on Tone, Pitch, Rhythm, Interpretation, Presentation and Expression. The judges gave constructive criticism and explained what the group should improve on. They were rewarded with a second place medal! Mrs. Pegouske couldn’t have been more proud of them for their commitment and hard work. Pegouske stated, “ I am very proud of these students and their families for their commitment and musicality!” Congratulations to Banean, Mariyah, and Sarah! Thanks for representing Lowrey Middle School in such a positive way!

Lowrey Art Gallery

By: Hager Muthana

Lowrey’s Polar Express is so excited to announce that the Lowrey School Art Gallery will finally be starting to post pictures of awesome art created here at school.  Students will be able to submit their art to Ms. Kruger, Mr.Charara or Mrs.Wiedyke,with their full name, grade,and a description of the art piece. The gallery will highlight and showcase all different types of art created by Lowrey Middle School Students. Show your creativity and unique creations through Polar Express.  

Ayat Altahiri:

“I went with a theme that I haven’t seen a lot – colors.”

Saja Aljanaby:

 “The colors represent purity.  I feel comfortable every time I look at it.”

Shehra Hadi:

“I just wanted a chance to feel the purity and innocence of being a child again.  This showed HAPPINESS.”

M-Step and N.W.E.A. Study and Testing Tips

By: Hawraa Alsaadi

It’s that time of year again, standardized testing time!! Tests reflect all student’s hard work throughout the school year and all the knowledge they have gained. In order to prove to that this year was successful, students must be prepared in many ways. You need to let go of all the stress and review the curriculum. Lowrey Elementary and Middle School students will be taking the NWEA and the M-Step. Lowrey 5th and 8th grade students will be taking the M-Step on April 10 through April 26, 2018. Lowrey 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th graders will be taking the M-Step on April 30- May 10 2018.

Before Testing

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This quote is very self explanatory, it simply means if you don’t plan you will fail. If you don’t want to fail the tests- start planning.! When should you start you ask preparing? According to https://kidshealth.org, “Studying for tests and quizzes actually starts way before you even know you’ll have a test. Good study techniques begin in the classroom as you take notes.” You shouldn’t wait last minute to start studying. You should take notes so that that you can easily remember what you are being taught. This also provides you with a reference to go back to if you are stuck. During this crucial study time, you should also try to eliminate stress. It could be very hard to try to be stress free. Even if you are a very stress prone person, try to be confident of what you know and not second guess yourself. The night before any test, you should sit down and give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself, “I am confident of what I know and I will do great.”

Testing Day

The night before the test, make sure you get a full night’s rest and make that night completely stress-free. Try not to study too much the night before because you will give yourself anxiety and probably forget everything for the next day. When you wake up that morning, start the day and CHOOSE to be in a good mood so that you are happy and prepared. The morning of the test wake up early and make sure you are not late to class. Also, you must eat a good breakfast. Forget sugary cereal and eat something that isn’t going to make you crash midday. Some good breakfast ideas are a bowl of fruit, eggs, nuts, yogurt, oatmeal, and/or cottage cheese. These foods are full of protein, which can lead to greater mental alertness. Once you enter your class, take a deep breath and let all your nervousness go. Take your time and make sure you understand what you are being asked for each section of the test. Make sure to read ALL directions thoroughly. If you have extra time double check your answers before submitting your exam. Most importantly, do your very best and try your hardest.That is all anyone can ask of you.

These tests are important and must be taken seriously. Do whatever you can to successful be prepared. Below are some websites that can help you better study for your tests. Try your best and good luck.


Image result for study clipart

Muscular Dystrophy Green Out!

By: Sarah Hachem

Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is a rare condition in which a group of genetic diseases affect how a person’s muscles move. People with this condition find it difficult to walk, run, jump, climb, breathe, swallow, and get up from seated positions. Mostly boys and a fewer girls are affected by MD between the ages of one and six. Although there is no cure for the condition, people with MD use wheelchairs or learn different strategies to go about their daily life.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), a non-profit organization, aids those affected by MD by raising money. Last week, the advisor for the Lowrey National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), Ms. Fawaz, received an email from a friend asking to help raise money for the MDA.  Lowrey NJHS accepted the request, and set a goal for Lowrey Middle School students to raise money for three days.

On their first day of fundraising, NJHS sold pizza to students. On their second day of fundraising, NJHS brought mostly home-baked treats for a bake sale held during middle school lunch hours.  On their final day of fundraising, NJHS created a Green Out Day, in which middle school students were asked to donate, wear green, and take a group picture. Throughout the fundraising process, NJHS created a Muscular Dystrophy wall with MDA clovers to signify every supporter that volunteered without a reward.

Polar Express is thrilled to announce that the tallied amount that Lowrey Middle School raised entirely for The Muscular Dystrophy Association, was $700!  Congratulations Polar Bears, your donations have helped many with Muscular Dystrophy! Be proud of your donations and your association with this worthwhile cause!

Ms. Sorenson Interview

By: Sarah Hachem

Language Arts is the study of literature, composition, listening, and public speaking. Many people go into the field because they take delight in seeing others learn and expand in these four topics. This year, Lowrey welcomed a new 8th grade Language Arts teacher, Ms. Sorenson. Ms. Sorenson taught at two schools outside of Dearborn’s district before she came to Lowrey.  She taught at Franklin High School, a school in Livonia, Michigan, and Laurus Academy, a charter school in Southfield, Michigan. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Western Michigan University, and received her Master’s degree at The University of Michigan.

Ms. Sorenson forms friendships rapidly, whether it be with her co-workers, like Mrs. Younes (math teacher) and Ms. Fawaz, or students. While interviewing her, many of her students helped answer questions, which made it obvious as to how great of an impact she has on everyone. On her birthday, a plethora of her students planned to surprise her with balloons, streamers, a cake and a gift. This particular day stood out to her for many reasons: she didn’t expect anything was happening from her students, and she could spend her birthday with people who she cared for and had reciprocate the feelings. The gift symbolizes the Arabic culture. It was a gold necklace personalized with her name written in Arabic. Her students used it as a way to showcase their respect to her and wanted to introduce her to the language and culture. “I cried! It was the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me,” explained Ms. Sorenson. It has become her best experience at Lowrey to date.

Ms. Sorenson’s endearing traits have helped her stay close to her family as well. She grew up with her mom, dad, sister and grandma who still to this day are tight-knit. She even shares custody with her sister for their dog, Bella. (an Instagrammer!!) In her spare time, Ms. Sorenson enjoys kickboxing, working out, and binge-watching Prison Break. Ms. Sorenson is an amazing teacher who Lowrey is fortunate to have! Welcome to Lowrey Ms. Sorenson- we are happy and thankful to have you here!

New Teacher at Lowrey Middle School- Mrs. Maya Younes

By: Sarah Eljahmi


Mrs. Maya Younes is an extraordinary addition to Lowrey Middle School staff. She has been teaching at Lowrey for a year and a half and counting.  Mrs. Younes currently teaches 8th grade math, Pre-Algebra, as well as Advanced Math Enrichment. Despite this being her first full year at Lowrey, it is not her first year of teaching. She has had experience teaching high-schoolers at Edsel Ford and in The Westwood School District. Mrs. Younes has also managed to  fit in very well with the other Lowrey teachers, and is very close friends with Ms. Stephanie Sorenson. She’s also friends with Mr. Barlow, Mr. Saad, Dr. Hussein, and all the other teachers at Lowrey. To earn her degree, Mrs. Younes attended U of M Dearborn. Although Mrs. Younes has been here for only a short while, she says her most enjoyable experiences are being challenged with educating the advanced, bilingual, and Pre-Algebra students in her hours. Aside from school, Mrs. Younes enjoys spending her leisure time drawing, cooking, and swimming.  She is a mother of two wonderful children; her 14-year-old daughter, Lynn and 12-year-old son, Ali. Mrs. Younes has no pets and majority of her extended family is overseas in Lebanon. We are glad Mrs. Younes has decided to call Lowrey home, and feel lucky to have such a motivated math teacher here for all of the 8th grade students.


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